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Updated on November 8, 2016

Natural laws govern and dictate how things are and what the things can be. They are invisible and unalterable. They exist before the Big Bang. All that had happened, are happening, and will happen follow these laws. With laws, there is order. With order, there is purposeful development. With purposeful development, there comes life. With life, intelligence emerges. With intelligence, we, the human beings, are able to visualize these laws and build a man-made world by following these laws. But, in order to live a meaningful and purposeful life with order, we need to have laws of our own to protect the weak from the strong and the innocent from the wicked, to settle conflict and dispute in business, to prevent domestic violence and child abuse at home, and to punish sexual harassment and discrimination in the work place.

Natural Laws

After 7000 years of efforts, we have unraveled many natural laws that govern and dictate all aspect of activities on Earth as well as in the Universe. We have compiled and documented the findings in the following knowledge bases for ease of further research and development:

  1. Quantum Mechanics – It explains how things work on a subatomic level, how the Big Bang started, and the eventual formation of the Universe,
  2. General theory of Relativity – It explains the structure of the Universe, the relationship among the space, time, mass, and the invariant speed of light,
  3. Classical Mechanics - It explains how, what, and why objects move on Earth with predictable velocity in a well-defines space and independent frame of time,
  4. Biology - It explains how, why, and what make things stay alive and function in different ways,
  5. Chemistry – It explains how, why, and what make in-animated matters interact with one another to form new matters with new characteristics, etc.

Human Laws

In the animal world, life is governed by one simple law – survival of the fittest. Only the strong, healthy, and the flexible has a better chance to live to maturity, to reproduce and to pass on the genes to the next generation. But, this law no longer applies to us, the human beings. To make our civilization and man-made world endure, flourish, and blossom, we have to come up with laws of our own to govern every facet of our life:

  1. Civil Laws – They prevent people from using violence to resolve dispute or conflict of interest. They convince people to be patience, diplomatic, to use negotiation and compromise.

  2. Criminal Laws – Serious offenses (murder, rape, robbery, kidnap, etc.) are punished with imprisonment and sometimes, death sentence.

  3. Labor Laws – They protect workers from being mistreated by the unsafe working environment, long hours, low pay, sexual harassments, etc.

  4. Contract Laws – They ensure that business can be conducted fair and square between the strangers, the rich and the poor, the professional and the novice, etc.

  5. Intellectual Property Laws – They encourage people to be creative, to innovate and not to have to worry about their original ideas to be exploited and or copied without their consent.

Laws and Order

Without our laws, there will be disorder, chaos, and unrest as the weak falls prey to the strong, the poor is exploited by the rich, innocent people is at the mercy of thief, gang, and murder, business chases profit without regard to the damage to the environment, etc. Our complex and ever expanding size of the laws are judiciously documented and impartially enforced by the government agencies. Without natural laws, the Big Bang will just be an ordinary explosion. There will be no Universe, stars, Sun, Earth, and life. We do yet know where these laws come from and who created them. We only know that these laws are omnipotent, omnipresence, and omniscience. It all started with the Big Bang spilling out the ingredients that will be molded into the Universe we know. Over times, trials and errors, mix and match, stars emerged and grouped into the galaxies one of which gave birth to our solar system. After 10 billion years, our Earth was created and the journey of life began.

Laws and Progress

For us, the human beings, to emerge on Earth are no trivial matter. A billion things have to come together in the exact, precise, and prescribed process. The natural laws make sure that things move in the right direction just like how our laws provide a stable, peaceful, and orderly passage to enable our civilization to move forward. We possess both creative and destructive powers. We come up with better ways to grow drought tolerant, disease resistant, and higher yielded crops. We build bridges, roads, factories, and machines to process the crops into food to feed the expanding population. We created arts, music, and literature to raise our spirits. But, they can all turn into rubbles by the battles and wars we wage against one another due to greed, jealousy, prejudice, etc. Our laws are intended to rein in the flaws in the human nature so that our civilization will not move backward to the Stone Age. We do not know who is enforcing the natural laws. We know that they are there by observing and by understanding what works, what does not, and how things work. We can and want to do many things and the natural laws dictate how and what can be accomplished.


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