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2012 Apocalyptic Cataclysm, Conscious Ascension Or Both

Updated on June 29, 2013


Much like the mythical Phoenix we must reach a bottom to achieve a rebirth in consciousness.
Much like the mythical Phoenix we must reach a bottom to achieve a rebirth in consciousness. | Source

Worldwide Awakening

Whether or not you believe 2012 Apocalyptic Cataclysm, Conscious Ascension or Both will occur this year may very well determine the fate of the human race. This is a bold statement and yet there seems to be good scientific evidence to support either argument.

My contention is that both will happen and this article will explain why I think so.

If anyone has read any of my Hub articles they will know that I believe a Polar Shift is already taking place, NASA has confirmed this by saying that the Poles are moving at a gradual rate of 40 miles a year. The Ring Of fire is experiencing larger and more destructive earthquakes daily, along with rising Ocean levels and sinking coastlines.

By using critical thinking it is easy to determine that this is occurring, the recent fish kill in Norway is a perfect example as earthquakes pull the land apart whether underwater or on land this releases pockets of methane gas. Methane gas is deadly to lower life forms and any animals that school or flock such as fish and birds are killed in large quantities.

Researchers from Oxford University in the UK and Tomsk State University in Russia have recently discovered that a vast frozen peat bog in western Siberia, “the size of France and Germany combined,” has started to thaw, potentially releasing “billions of tons of methane, a greenhouse gas twenty times more potent than carbon dioxide, into the atmosphere.

Continued earthquakes will affect communications as underwater cables are severed. Because these incidents are unseen by the public any excuse can be given for these events, besides the truth. Often stories are created to keep the Sheeple from suspecting the truth of these events, boats capsizing in open water, ships running aground due to rising and lowering Ocean levels, flood waters not receding after rivers overflow or due to storms.

These and other stories are only being carried by the local media to prevent the public from realizing the 2012 Apocalyptic Cataclysm.

Many of these stories use just a bit of the truth to deceive the public, for example the recent mudslides in the Philippines. Many times no explanation is given for these events, allowing the public to come to their own conclusions or the explanation is hinted at but not given.

However many leading Russian scientist have been experimenting with what David Wilcock calls and I will too for lack of a better phrase, The Source Field. This Field links the human consciousness with everything that exists in our three dimensional World. Solid proof is beginning to chart the effect our minds have on the World we live in, with tangible results.

What I propose will happen in the near future is our minds along with our ever changing environment will create a completely knew way to live. Not only will the World we live on change physically but the way we think about it will also.

This will create a Conscious Ascension.

We will learn to communicate long distances without the need for electronic devices (telepathy). We will learn to envision our environment much differently than we do now and no longer be dependent on outdated energy sources (oil).

However because for the most part humanity is not prepared for this change, there will be the potential for large loss of life as we know it. The continents will rearrange themselves mostly through flooding, earthquakes and seismic activity. Weather will also play a big role as climates will change, however this will not happen overnight.

As more and more of humanity wakes up to this growing recognition of conscious and environmental change, it will cause a cascading effect over the entire population of the World and allow people to takes steps to prevent the coming potential disasters and 2012 Apocalyptic Cataclysm.

A recent study release by leading scientists states that it only requires 10 % percent of the World's population to believe in something for the majority to adopt it as true. Evidence is mounting on wide variety of issues that clearly show that not only has free clean energy been withheld from the public, but that we have the ways and means to feed every human on this planet easily.

That there are cures for most diseases and that we have the means to extend life indefinitely. That military technology is far more advanced than what the public sees and uses and that our financial structures are falling apart.

The latest Rasmussen Reports national telephone survey of American Adults shows that 69% say it’s at least somewhat likely that some scientists have falsified research data in order to support their own theories and beliefs, including 40% who say this is Very Likely. Twenty-two percent (22%) don’t think it’s likely some scientists have falsified global warming data, including just six percent (6%) say it’s Not At All Likely. Another 10% are undecided.

A growing trend not just in America but World wide shows that many people simple do not believe in evolution. A recent world wide poll of 24 countries shows that Turkey a largely muslim country, that over 60% of the population does not believe in evolution. America comes in second at around 40% of the population. This is a clear indication that America is waking up to the outright fraud our education system has perpetrated on us.

I was a little surprised by these numbers, but it does show in my opinion, that not only America but the World is waking up to the lies The Powers That Be have been spreading for so long. Don't get me wrong evolution is a sound theory it's just that for it to be true, we would still be a very primitive society.

There is simple no way for our civilization to have made the incredible leaps and bounds that we have made in such a short period of time, simply impossible without help. Our conditioning and lack of education has been so complete in so many areas that we simple are incapable of opening our minds to the truth.

I'm not just talking about technological advances either, I'm talking about how we process information, the written word, languages. Some of the simplest innovations such as farming have been easily dismissed as natural and yet this World changing event took place all over the World at the same time.

Either we share our inventions and innovations spontaneously on a subconscious level telepathically or we had help with this astounding leap in civilization.

Mount Etna

Recent Mount Etna eruption shows the continued Polar Shift is underway.
Recent Mount Etna eruption shows the continued Polar Shift is underway. | Source

As Above So Below

Not only is Ascension Necessary & Natural, it is also Evolutionary!
Not only is Ascension Necessary & Natural, it is also Evolutionary! | Source

Doom & Gloom

There is just as much information on the internet today spreading Apocalyptic Cataclysms than there are scientist refuting these claims. Fear can be a very effective tool to convince people on many issues.

The Powers That Be know that what we think is going to happen will actually be created from our own thoughts. So as many humans awaken to the geographical upheavals taking place on a global scale and spread the word of these events, via the internet and other electronic devices it in effect spreads fear and confusion along with information. This only hastens the 2012 Apocalyptic Cataclysms by the power of thought alone.

However the information superhighway is also a two way street and just as information and fear is spread at a pace unheard of even fifty or hundred years ago, it also allows for the awakening of the public to alternatives. Not only can we be prepared for these events but we also begin to realize how our minds and the way we think can control these events.

The uniting of opposites, the reconciliation of dark and light contained in the God-image, can only take place within the consciously realized “guilty man,” not the sanctimonious, ascetic, or self-righteous one – anyone who denies their shadow will only project it in some new form.

Daniel Pinchbeck

No longer does fear or apprehension rule our thinking and cloud our judgement, we are now beginning to realize that there are alternatives and we can prepare ourselves for these events. Evolution is in the way we think and how we perceive ourselves, the Planet we live on, our environment and how we react to it.

We as a species, must in essence self destruct to achieve a higher form of consciousness, much like the mythical Phoenix we must be consumed in the flames of our own making to be reborn. I believe this is the natural process of evolution and will be in the form of Apocalyptic Cataclysm of our own making during the process of Conscious Ascension.

This is what Wikipedia defines as the word Apocalypse:

An Apocalypse (Greek: ἀποκάλυψις apokálypsis; "lifting of the veil" or "revelation") is a disclosure of something hidden from the majority of mankind in an era dominated by falsehood and misconception, i.e. the veil to be lifted.

Stairway To Heaven

The Stairway to Heaven requires a rebirth of consciousness.
The Stairway to Heaven requires a rebirth of consciousness. | Source


It has been suggested that the prophecies of impending Cataclysmic Apocalypse is actually of an unconscious self fulfilling nature. I submit to you, that we as a society, are hastening these events as we awaken to the reality that we shape our World through Conscious Ascension.

This premise is that we need the impending physical disasters to affect the mental change needed to evolve. By forcing ourselves to adapt and change to global conditions it maybe the catalyst needed to create a mental change, not only in the way we go about our daily lives but how we think about our Universe and our role in it.

Consider for a moment the World in which we live, communication has made the Earth a much smaller environment where news travels instantly, yet less than 150 years ago in 1883 the eruption of the volcanic cone of Anak Krakatau caused massive loss of human and animal life. This series of eruptions in Indonesia caused 150 foot tsunamis and was felt and heard over 2,000 miles away in Australia.

My point, in those days news traveled slowly and many newspapers in America didn't report it until months after it had happened and yet this volcanic explosion effected the whole Planet, even lowering the temperature of the planet by one degree world wide.

My idea, and let me be clear this is not an original thought, is that through the pollution of our environment, collapse of our economy and the degeneration of our society we are hastening our own physical destruction to force ourselves to adapt mentally to a new way of living. Our own mental state of awakening and searching for truth while fearing and anticipating geographical upheavals is in effect creating that what we fear the most physical and mental change.

I suspect that the Mayans knew the cycles of time for this change to take place and by simple picking a date near to the end of this cycle allowed for a self fulfilling prophecy to take place.

Many current scientist and philosophers are beginning to understand how our consciousness creates our reality. In the book 2012 The Return of Quetzacoatl by Daniel PinchBeck, he offers his view of this idea in startling detail.

For the truth to be revealed, the false must die and so as our world begins to come apart physically the illusion of our reality is revealed. The Worldwide capitalist system that has served us so well has depleted our natural resources and polluted our environment and is beginning to collapse in on itself.

This has caused many to awaken to the illusion and question the current paradigm and to realize that materialism has no value. That Truth and Unconditional Love does have value and is worth not just considering but practicing on a daily basis. That only by giving and expecting nothing in return can we hope to create a World worth living in.

That consciousness is the technology of the living and by practicing the principles of giving and loving unconditionally we can arrive at a World wide truth.

So what were the Mayans really trying to tell us about the end of a cycle or ending of an age. Perhaps what they were telling us, is that greed and selfishness only works to a certain degree, but eventually the veil must be lifted.

I think that Apocalyptic Cataclysm and Conscious Ascension are one and the same, different sides of the same coin. My own personal spiritual awakening came after reaching a destructive bottom. I believe humanity must Descend to Ascend and this will involve physical as well as mental destruction.

Your Chance to Be a Prophet

Do you believe that 2012 will bring Apocalyptic Cataclysms?

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Do you believe 2012 will bring a Conscious Ascension?

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Is the Glass Half Full

Do you believe that both Apocalyptic Cataclysms and Conscious Ascension will happen spontaneously?

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