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5 Things Nobody Knows About the Universe.

Updated on February 13, 2018

The universe is vast, with many mysteries.

1. We do not know how big it is.

The universe is thought by many to be infinite. Although we can not ever see far enough to ever be certain. Light, which is the fastest thing in the universe, will never reach us from distant galaxies. Even if we had telescopes the size of our planet, the universe is just expanding to fast!

Solar eclipse.
Solar eclipse.

“Two things are infinite: the universe and human stupidity; and I'm not sure about the universe.”

― Albert Einstein

The Universe Is Expanding Against The Force Of Gravity.

2. No one knows why the universe is expanding.

The universe is expanding all around us at an ever increasing pace. No one knows for sure the what reason is for this phenomenon. Many attribute "dark energy" when talking of this, although no conclusive proof has been given for this mysterious force that combats gravity.

The Big Bang, Everywhere In One Place.

3. No one knows what happened before the big bang.

The "big bang" in astrophysics is the theory that the entire universe came into existence at one single point, and time, called the singularity. It then went on to expand exponentially fast with inflation. This singularity is the mystery, as no one can say what happened before, because there was no universe as we know it before!

“Tune your television to any channel it doesn't receive and about 1 percent of the dancing static you see is accounted for by this ancient remnant of the Big Bang. The next time you complain that there is nothing on, remember that you can always watch the birth of the universe.”

― Bill Bryson, A Short History of Nearly Everything

Kurzgesagt channel on youtube

The Big Bang To Now
The Big Bang To Now | Source

Space Just Got A Whole Lot Bigger.

4. No one knows what caused inflation after the big bang.

Inflation is the theory that the universe expanded exponentially fast, everywhere at once. At the big bang the universe was a single point smaller than any subatomic particle(plank volume). But an instant later was the size of a grain of sand. It may not seem like much but you can fit approximately 2*10^96, or a 2 with 96 zeroes after it, plank volumes inside it!

Why Is There Something Rather Than Nothing?

5. No one knows why there is matter in the universe at all.

After the big bang equal parts of matter and anti-matter were formed. Anti-matter is, as far as we know, the same as matter except has the opposite charge. Thus when the universe formed these particles should have attracted one another and annihilated. Many theories abound but no one knows why we exist at all.

The Universe.

This list could have gone on much longer, for the things we don't know about this universe far outmatch what we think we know. For as we discover new things we find more, and more mysteries. Mysteries dominate our understanding. The more we think the more we realize we don't know.

Some things we may never uncover, which is unfortunate. Who knows how the mystery will unfold. Will we discover that we are living in an elaborate simulation perhaps? Or maybe that our universe in just one of many in a grand multi-verse. These are thoughts that are seriously being considered even as I type this. Hopefully we will know for certain some of these ideas but it is possible that they will forever be beyond our grasp.


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      Sean Grimes 2 months ago from USA

      Thank you!

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      Alexander James Guckenberger 2 months ago from Maryland, United States of America

      I like this.