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5 Tips to a healthy self-esteem

Updated on January 2, 2013

A brief overview

Self-esteem is the collection of beliefs or feelings we have about ourselves.Over time we file away information from our past mistakes, hurts and pains experienced or either successes gained through persistence. This is why it is important that children learn not to except failure and give up but to continue to be persistent until a desired result has happened. Many people define themselves by their past mistakes and they can never go forward because of guilt. People can also define themselves by the opinion of others this is why a person must be careful about who they allow to speak into their life. Many adults still think about the past pain experienced from school mates name calling and bullying and those files cannot be mentally deleted until the person refuses to agree with what has been said. Everyone has an opinion but the one that counts is ones own personal opinion because a person can never leave themselves. One of the first tips to a healthy self-esteem is to monitor what you say to yourself...

Be careful what you say to yourself

Be careful what you say to yourself

A person can be their own worst critic and it is this type of attitude that opens the door to a low self-esteem. What a person says about themselves is what they have come to believe through opinions of someone they trust, past and present failure where they simply have given up and a host of other things. Negative self talk can also come about because of body image. weight loss product abuse and cosmetic surgery abuse occurs when a person does not like themselves and if a person does not like themselves they will find it hard to get along with others. People who are mean spirited to others are that identical way to themselves and people who find it easy to engage in verbal abuse with others have found it easy to do so with themselves. Remember people are not who others have said they were on the negative side but everyone is unique and special because no one has the same voice or finger print. On a personal note someone needs what you and I have to offer. That old saying sticks and stones may break my bones but words will never hurt me is not completely true because words have stopped people from becoming all that they were designed to be, have caused violence and pain, have sapped the life out of individuals and they end up in prison or have become a prisoner in their mind.

Ways to stop negative self talk:

When you catch yourself talking negatively immediately replace it with something positive.

Use words that are not as intense as others for example instead of saying stupid, replace it with ignorant.

Instead of looking at issues from a glass half empty point of view, look at it with the glass half full.

If you do not want anyone to talk to you in a way that you may find offensive, that is an indication you should not either.

Don't set standards too high for yourself to accomplish

A person must come to know their strengths and limitations because not knowing or not taking it seriously can lead to failure toward attempted successes. Create realistic goals and objectives. And avoid engaging in activities simply to make an impression.

Don't set standards too high

Make a habit of helping others

Making a habit of helping others causes a person to feel good about themselves, and it also helps one to take their mind off of themselves. When a person helps others they will find themselves being helped in return, and that within itself also helps a person to feel good about themselves. The benefits of helping others include:

A good feeling about oneself

A sense of accomplishment

A feeling of being needed

An opportunity of being a positive role model

Make a habit of helping others

Be spontaneous and affectionate

Showing love is very important for self-esteem because a person can have all of the other elements but achievement without love equals low self-esteem.No man is an island and everyone needs to be loved. Showing love means being patient, kind and longsuffering. Love is not selfish but selfless and a person showing love will have it shown in return.

Be spontaneous and affectionate

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