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The College Hobbyist: A 5-Minute Guide to Throwing a Huge House Party

Updated on September 24, 2013
Throwing a big college party
Throwing a big college party

So You Wanna Throw a Party?

So you think you've had your rites of passage? Well, its time to earn a stripe, break in your pad, do a service, or whatever else it is we can use to rationalize some reckless good times. It's time to get down, and the absolute top of the agenda is to set a day and secure a location. IF this is your own house then party proof your house, this means: All valuables locked away in a single, more difficult to reach room, the same goes for pets. Decide which bedrooms if any will be open or closed; locks are your friend here. Hang up some lights in your yard if you have one, and close off your garage or clean it up very very well. Also be prepared to spend the good part of the following day cleaning, but trust the work and trust the let's tally up a few Van Wilder points.

Promotion and Setup

Make sure to promote your party on Facebook via Facebook event. You do not even necessarily need to be the one to set up the event, although you should always be at least a mod to monitor invites.

Make sure people know what to expect from drinks to addresses. Make people more than aware of any theme you might give your party and emphasize if your are providing alcohol or if its BYOB. If you have something awesome like a DJ, Bounce House, or Hot Tub, keg(s), vending machine, trampoline, dancefloor, or anything else super fun, make people aware of it!

In many cases it is even better to pass this job on to your most popular female friend if it is sheer size and numbers you are aiming for. College girls are the queens of Facebook

Kegs are an excellent way to provide liquor for the party and regain lost funds if needed. Solo cups can be sold while the kegs are still fresh and often time you can simply charge at the door if the promise of hundreds of beers is a guarantee on the other side.

Never second guess yourself or sell yourself short when it comes to awesome amenities. Things like kegs, bounce houses, and loud sound systems are much more accessible and even affordable than most would assume. Often times promise of these kinds of fun things makes fundraising for your party a breeze so you can deliver far more than people ever anticipated.

When you push things to their real potential amazing things can happen. My most recent two events had NFL Players and Reality TV stars at them respectively, both hosted as college house parties. And this is completely by accident as a result of massive word of mouth. We want to make your party the biggest and most fun thing going on in your town that given night. People should need excuses not to be there, not reasons to show up.

Get a DJ to slay the night..or learn to DJ! Check my other hubs for more tips on this coming soon!
Get a DJ to slay the night..or learn to DJ! Check my other hubs for more tips on this coming soon!

Music, Dancing, and Lights

If you don't have a DJ at your party or if YOU are the amateur DJ for the evening then I can't stress enough the importance of your playlist. Once the sound system of your party reaches a certain level the stereo loses its peripheral role as background music and takes a central position on the direction, mood, and possibilities of your party. At a certain point, with the right amounts of people, dancing will become a major if not the single biggest element of the party and music will be the fuel that keeps it going.

Make dancing not only possible, but encouraged and central at your party. Strive for loud music, open space, and many fun people before you worry about the location you purchase beer from.

The critical transition in partying from a very early age into the rest of your life is the intention. We are no longer doing this to get drunk, high, low, blacked out, whited out, fucked up, or trashed, but to have fun. The infidelity associated with your first beer is something left behind in high school because now the difficulty of achieving these mind states is simple.

Party to have fun; Use Substances to get loose. Not the other way around. Involve yourself in all aspects of your party whether or not its your favorite circles to keep yourself not only in constant action but to make an appearance around most of your guests. For example, If you don't want to play beer pong turn down all offers to be partners and don't sign up if there's a list, but slip outside to the tables and sink a celebrity shot for your friend while you're tapping the keg.

Party Music

What gets you bumpin' and grinding?

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Jack, Jerry, and Morgan

So it's the day of your party and your event is set with hundreds of rsvps, your stereo is setup in a large empty room, and its time to pick your poisons for the night! Beer? Jack Daniels? Captain Morgan?

You are given a couple excellent options here:

1) Keg or KEGS: If you want a lot of beer for low hastle, a huge selling point for your party, and decent value for your money get a keg. Don't be afraid of the pricetag here; you definitely will get your money's worth in both beer and aesthetic at the party. More kegs for a heavier keggerator. Stack em as you slay em.

2) Liquor: This is the number one BYOB party favor and tomorrow morning you will be cleaning tens of empty liquor bottles from your floor. People love to get drunk very quickly. For this reason its always a solid decision to purchase a couple liquor handles or fifths to have, but expect people to bring them. Buy premium bottles for the closest friends and funnest girls, cheap liquor to sit on the counter.

3) Packaged Beer: Cans, Bottles, Hand grenades, these are pretty much an industry standard, but unless you recycle these are an absolute bitch to clean. Expect hundreds whether or not you buy them. However, you can never go wrong with racks of cheap beer. Again it never hurts to have a six pack of quality beer in the mini fridge for the partners.

4) Wine: Strictly personal preference. Wine is somewhat of a quality driven alcohol and once faded quality loses a lot of weight if its not liquor. It'll get you drunk and not in a dirty way like vodka will. I never buy wine before a party but I never turn it down in the heat of the action either. Nothing wrong with a glass or two of wine to kick it off though if you wanna keep it cool.

Personal Notes: I almost ritually fill at least one keg, buy a bottle of premium gin, like Tanqueray, for myself and friends, toss $5 at a canned or bottled beer run and let everyone else do the rest. The party will gain a lot of momentum very quickly, and alcohol will be a non-issue if you do your part first.


Prepare for a more-than-killer time, and a good day of cleaning and recovery to followup. You've invested the time and money for a massive visceral experience, you've earned a day of solace at least. Please feel encouraged to comment and leave feedback and check out my other hubs for related material!


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