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A Simple Question! What is 1/2 of 8

Updated on January 27, 2015

What is 1/2 of 8?

I shall now ask you a simple question.

What indeed is 1/2 of 8, I ask?

Is it simply 4 or is it significantly more,

Is not 1/2 of 8 simply o or 0; I say!

Perhaps you could also picture 3,

Or visually a blatant - E.

Or could we add some flexibility (with or without ease),

And mention the inevitable that 1/2 of eight,

Could be digested as LEFT-OVERS,

Is there more? Now stretch that mind (not your stomach)!

1/2 of 8 could be simply the infamous and Spanish, pieces of 8

Now especially you mathematically inclined,

Indeed there is if we presume that 1/2 of 8 is E,

Then we can conclude since E = MC (to the second power),

Then logically 1/2 of 8 is the infamous equivalent to Einstein's famous equation...

1/2 of eight = MC (to the second power) you see...

In computer science I believe (Mr. Bivill could correct me) if a bit is 8

and 1/2 a bit is a nibble; can we conclude perhaps 1/2 of 8 is a nibble

Well, 1/2 of Hut 8 could be considered Hut 3 at Bletchley, England during World War II.

A most interesting place where "halving" or cracking occurred to defeat Nazi Germany...

Now 1/2 of 8 could be so much more,

Yet that is for another more ancient door...


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    • profile image

      Sherrilee Jarvis 5 months ago

      What a creative poem! I love it!

    • profile image

      John Connor 3 years ago

      Yes I tend to agree with your train of thought, Amber. Perhaps Creativity is in direct proportion to # of answers...

    • profile image

      Amber Hamil 3 years ago

      Extremely interesting! It almost seems as though the answers are infinite...

    • connorj profile image

      John Connor 5 years ago from Altamonte Springs

      I made the poem; yet the answers were accumulated by primarily reading...

    • HLKeeley profile image

      HL Keeley 5 years ago from Charlotte, NC

      Did you make this up yourself? This really cool and genius.