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A Cabin In Indiana On The Underground Railroad Where Eliza Harris Rested On Her Path To Freedom In Canada

Updated on June 27, 2016

A Marking Post On The Historic Site In Rural Indiana

The Short Plaque Message On The Marking Post

A Very Brave Hero From The Past

As the story reads, Eliza Harris was a very brave lady and a privileged slave to the wealthy Shelby family of Kentucky back in the American days of slavery. Eliza Harris is the lovely wife of Mister George Harris and both are the parents to a two year old son named Harry Harris. The entire Harris family lived on the Shelby plantation as slaves in those days. In the year of 1830, Eliza discovers that her slave master on the plantation is planning to sell her two year old son Harry to the unscrupulous slave trader named Mister Haley. Eliza Harris immediately gathers a few of her personal possessions, carries baby Harry in her arms, and swiftly disappears late on one cold winter night. The brave mother is carrying her baby along and hoping to make it completely across the frozen Ohio River. Across the river forms the border of Kentucky and Ohio- the south to the north- slavery to freedom. Eliza barely makes it across the river with her small child Harry before anyone can recapture either one of them. On her escape Eliza quickly runs and leaps across treacherous ice, cutting her feet to bloody shreds of flesh, simply in order to escape. She proves her strong motherly love and her strength of spirit by making a spectacular escape. Eliza carries baby Harry the entire way while saying to herself that she will either give Harry his freedom or give him a grave. She has promised herself and is determined that she will not allow her son to live as a slave. The Fugitive Slave Act makes it dangerous for Eliza to be at liberty in the north and the south. Any citizen who finds Eliza and Harry is legally obligated to return them back to there slave master. Luckily along the way Eliza and Harry meet many understanding people who are very sympathetic to there horrible plight and are completely willing to practice any type of civil disobedience to abundantly help them both. In order to reach Canada, Eliza cuts all of her hair off and dresses up as a man to cross over the border. Among the anti-slavery Quakers, Eliza is miraculously reunited with her beloved husband Mister George Harris and together with baby Harry the family crosses Lake Erie into Canada. The Harris family relocated to Chatham, Ontario Canada where there all finally at liberty and totally safe. Oh Hallelujah!!...Let freedom finally ring for the Harris family!!

The Small Cabin In Indiana Where Eliza Harris Rested

A Side View Of The Small Cabin

The Backyard View Of The Small Cabin

A Station On The Underground Railroad In Indiana

A small cabin fully surrounded by the massive cornfields in rural Indiana that is historically and officially known to be a station on the Underground Railroad where numerous slaves rested on their flight to freedom in Canada. According to past history, a couple visitors in particular who rested at the tiny cabin on there trek to Canada, went by the names of Eliza and Harry Harris. The small cabin located in a very rural area of Indiana is cozy, rustic, comfortable, and well heated. A decent size sleeping loft runs along the whole length of the upstairs and the downstairs living area is one large room. The stone fireplace gives off an adequate amount of heat and the wood-burning kitchen stove makes for the perfect spot to prepare hot meals at anytime. An old outhouse is located in the far corner of backyard as a bathroom facility, a hand well pump sits in the side yard for fresh drinking water, and many beautiful Tiger Lilly flowers dominate the sides of the tiny cabin.

The Stairway Inside Of The Small Cabin

The Stairs That Lead Up To The Sleeping Loft

Centrally located inside of the cozy cabin is an eleven step wooden stairwell that can be easily climbed up to reveal the sleeping loft of the cabin. It contains solid barn wood floors, walls, and ceilings. The sleeping loft is the darkest room of the cabin that was purposely designed to deliver an individual with proper sleep in the cover of total darkness. It is also the warmest room in the entire cabin since the fireplace is located directly downstairs and heat waves will naturally rise in an upward direction. The warm and toasty sleeping loft is completely capable of comfortably sleeping four to six people at once. Eliza and Harry Harris definitely would have received a good night of sleep here in the warm sleeping loft of the cozy cabin.

The Downstairs Living Area Inside Of The Cozy Cabin

A Fireplace Inside Of The Rustic Cabin

A Wood-Burning Kitchen Stove Inside Of The Comfortable Cabin

A Warm And Cozy Rustic Feel

On the first floor of the small cabin a person will discover one very large room with a stone fireplace located directly in the center of the room. The stone fireplace would have been used to effectively heat the entire cabin during the cold months of winter. There are only two average size glass windows in the room to allow for natural sunlight to shine inside of the cabin during the daylight hours. The cabins floors are made of barn wood and the walls are made from rustic milled lumber. Located in one corner of the large room by the backdoor is a wood-burning kitchen stove that would have been used to successfully cook and prepare hot meals for visitors at anytime.

A Hand Well-Pump Located Just Outside Of The Cabin

Beautiful Tiger Lilly's Around The Cabin

Outside In The Yard At The Historic Cabin

Walking outside of the small and historic cabin an individual will find a hand well-pump that would have been beneficial for the pumping of fresh water from out of the ground. The fresh water that was pumped would be used for cooking, brushing the teeth, bathing, and even for drinking purposes. A small outhouse with a wooden locking door sits on the far corner of the property that would have been used by visitors to appreciably relieve themselves in privacy. The great abundance of beautiful Tiger Lilly's growing around the outside of the small cabin gives the Underground Railroad Station a lovely landscaped appearance that even visitors today still highly adore.

The Main Routes Of The Underground Railroad

Escaping From Slavery Via The Underground Railroad

The Hoosiers Secured Freedom For Thousands Of Slaves

Large Multitudes of fine citizens from the state of Indiana or also known as ''Hoosiers'' played a significant role in securing freedom to thousands of slaves through the Underground Railroad. The main routes of the Underground Railroad in the state of Indiana began along the northern border of the Ohio River, which formed the general boundary between the slave state of Kentucky and the free state of Indiana. Basic routes for the Underground Railroad in Indiana went from South Bend to Posey, from Porter to Corydon, and from DeKalb County to Madison, with many beneficial stops in between cities. However, many modern day Historians seem to think that perhaps the path to freedom looked more like a spider's web than only just the main three distinct and highly known routes.

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