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Adverse Effects of September 11 Attacks on America (Terrorist Attacks)

Updated on January 21, 2015
Adverse effects of the September 11 terrorist attacks on America
Adverse effects of the September 11 terrorist attacks on America | Source

The attack carried out by the wicked terrorists on United States of America has infringed many injuries in many Americans, and only God knows when the injuries will get healed. It is like a thorn in many Americans flesh till today. The damages caused by the attacks are many that the memory of the bad incidence cannot go out from the minds of many citizens of the United States of America. Even the non-Americans cannot forget the incidence in any way. It is indeed painful.

Example of the country that cannot forget the attack that lead to the destruction of the World Trade Centre and the Pentagon House (the headquarters of the United States Department of Defence) is Mexico. Mexicans are the country that has the highest number of immigrants into the United States of America. The reason why people immigrate to United States of America can be traced to better lives in the country. For instance, causes of poverty which may be much in some countries can be of minimal rate in United Stated of America.

The destruction of the World Market Centre and the Pentagon by the Islamic group believed to be the al-Qaeda, whose leader was Osama bin Laden, has many negative impacts on America. These negative impacts are discussed in this piece of write-up. At the initial stage after the attacks, Osama bin Laden denied and said that he knew nothing about the attacks but he accepted to be the brain behind the attack in 2004.

The Negative Impact of the Attacks on the World Trade Center and the Pentagon House on United States of America: What a Sad Incidence

The destruction of these structures has seriously affected United States a lot. These attacks which lead to the lost of not less than 3,000 persons (National Law Enforcement Officers Memorial Fund) and the lost of over 10 billion U.S dollars is still sounding like a tall story to many people. The negative impact of these attacks affects both the beautiful and the ugly; the ladies and gentlemen; the poor and the rich; and also to the big and the small; even the lower animals in United States of America confirmed that the incidence also affected them negatively.

The first negative impact of the two attacks is that they lead to high government spending in the United States of America. The American government did not leave the destroyed parts of the buildings to be like that; rather, they used the money they would have used in development of other sectors of the country for elevation of the destroyed structures by the wicked souls that have no human sympathy. In fact, these suicide attackers really made the government of U.S to have the reconstruction of the structures as one of the budgets they are to carry out every year.

The high spending by the government of the United States as a result of the September 11 attack also extended into the health department of the country for treatments of those whose systems were affected by the bad incidence. In 2011 alone, the government of United States of America allocated $4.2 billion to create the World Trade Center Health Program (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention). This fund would have been used into other areas for development but see what the attack cost the Americans.

The September 11 Attacks affects U.S Economy

Effects of September 11 attacks on U.S economy
Effects of September 11 attacks on U.S economy | Source

Starting from the time these incidence occurred, it became one on the challenges in United States of America as it is a demanding task. The economic status of United States of America was serious affected by the September 11 attack. It is not only that the attack affects the American economy alone, but also the economy of the whole world. I can remember how much shareholders make before the incidence, but since that incidence took place, shares do not contribute a lot to people who cherished it before. The destruction caused on the World Trade Center in the United States of America is one of the causes of unemployment in the United States of America.

Another negative effect of the September 11, 2001 attacks on the World Trade Center and on the Pentagon House is that it resulted to health hazards on the citizens and non-citizens of United States. Due to the explosion on the two structures, many properties got burnt on that day. As these materials were burning, there was evolution of toxic gases which were harmful to human system. These gases when reacted with human systems resulted to diseases. There are many who developed cough and other related diseases because of the incidence. Some citizens of United States of American who are dead today can have the causes of their deaths traced to September 11 attack due to toxic dust.

Approximately 18,000 people have been estimated to have developed illnesses as a result of the toxic dust (Shukman David on BBC News: September 1, 2011). Many who were living in the location of the attack or present when the incidence happened developed lung disease. A study of rescue workers released in April 2010 found that all those studied had impaired lung functions, and that 30–40% were reporting little or no improvement in persistent symptoms that started within the first year of the attack (Grady Denise: September 4, 2011 on New York Times report ).

September 11 attack is one of the causes of unemployment in United States. The government of the country has spent a lot just to see that the World Trade Center and the Pentagon House are put in order. This fund used in putting things in other would have been used to support job creation in U.S. Many whose properties were destroyed in the attack are unemployed. The World Trade Center would have created more jobs for the citizens if not for the fact that the booming of the market was altered by the terrorist attacks. Those who would have been employed by their parents and relations that run their businesses in any of these attacked structures lost both their lives and properties.

The September 11, 2001 attack on U.S is one of the causes of crime in the country. Crime is a form of corruption. As a result of destruction of the properties of many Americans due to the two fatal attacks, those whose people were affected and have no hope of how to make it in life find themselves into smoking, drugs and other acts that are not encouraging in life and affects the country negatively. After taking of drug by many Americans as a result of what the attacks caused, most of them go into robbery.

Another adverse effect of the September 11, 2001 attacks on Pentagon House and World Trade Center is that it seriously affected the educational background of most American youths. Those who learnt how to make money as students of United States of America before their gaining admission into tertiary could not make it any longer. Those whose people were affected could not complete their educations and hence dropped out on the way. Out of many of the youths who were affected by the incidence, only some who received financial youth empowerment which is a class of types of youth empowerment where able to make it till the end.

The September 11 attacks on United States put fear into security department of United States of America. The destruction of some parts of Pentagon House, which is the headquarters of the United States Department of Defence, put fear into many security forces of the country as many could not believe that such can happen to the World Power. Since that incidence, United States work hard on daily basis to ensure tight security standard in the country. The country security sector is more equip with the stronger weapons backed up with advance technology for protection purpose.


Many shed tears, some fainted, some undergraduates dropped out and others became automatically ill as a result of the September 2001 attacks on the World Trade Center and the Pentagon House. Discussed are the adverse effects of the September 11 attacks on United States which include unemployment, decrease in educational background of many, health challenge, crime increase, economic challenge, high government spending, and infringing of fear into security department of United States.


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