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Challenges in United States of America (USA) and Solutions

Updated on January 12, 2016

U.S Challenges

Problems of United States. The U.S challenges
Problems of United States. The U.S challenges | Source

What are the United States challenges or Problems?


Everyday, man is presented with many challenges to solve. In the offices of companies, managers have bunch of challenges to solve which are sometimes presented in paper. In schools, churches and other institutions, challenges show their faces through many forms.

Many may be surprised on this topic because they think U.S has no challenge. No country in this world that we live in is completely free from any challenge. No matter how clean people think any country is, there are always things that cause “headache” to either the citizens of the country or the country in general. In the other words, there are certain demanding tasks that many countries are facing or combating with.

United States as a country that is under the leadership of President Barack Obama is facing a lot of challenges. These challenges are both minor and major challenges. The way Africa, Asian, European, North America, South America, and Oceanic continents are suffering from one challenge to another is how America which belongs to one of the continents battles on daily basis with her challenges. In Africa for example, there are many challenges in Nigeria. Another problem that African continent has is the problem with the education sector of Africa.

In United States of America, the challenges that the country encounters are mainly economic challenge, environmental and moral challenges among the citizens of the country, especially the youths. These three principal points are to be divided into many branches in piece of write-up. Detail and proper explanations are to be made for the comprehension of the readers of this article. Also given are possible solutions to help tackle these challenges.

The Economic, Environmental and Moral Challenges in United States

The economic, environmental and Moral Challenges in United States
The economic, environmental and Moral Challenges in United States | Source

Unemployment in U.S.A

Unemployment Challenge in United States: Can It End One Day?

Unemployment is a major challenge that United States of America is battling with for years. There are many causes of unemployment in United States of America. As of December 2013, estimate of 6.7 percent of American citizens were unemployed (International Labour Organization). In January 2014, the estimate of unemployed Americans was put at 6.6 percent of the population (Bureaus of Labor Statistics of the United States). With simple calculation, it shows that in January 2014, unemployment in U.S.A dropped by 0.1% when compared with the result of the December 2013.

United States of America was hit by economic recession in 2007-2008. U.S. employers shed 63,000 jobs in February 2008 (Job Loss Predictions 2007), the most in five years. Former Federal Reserve chairman Alan Greenspan said on 6 April 2008 that "There is more than a 50 percent chance the United States could go into recession." According to a report from Bureau of Economic Analysis of United States, in September 2008, 156,000 jobs were lost in the country. As if that was not enough, the recession continued. In November of the same year (2008), employers eliminated 533,000 jobs, the largest single month loss in 34 years (Uchitelle, Andrews and Labaton 2008). The total number of jobs lost in United States in 2008 was estimated to be 2.6 million.

The truth is that many Americans are not happy as they expected that the unemployment rate in the country should reduce much more than that obtained in the January result. Accord to report from Bureaus of Labor Statistics, U.S economy added 113,000 jobs in January 2014. President Barack Obama of United States and his administration are making effort to see that more jobs are created for the Americans but it appears as if the effort is just making a little impact in terms of job creation, though the issue cannot be solved in just one day.

Youths which are the largest number that experience unemployment challenge should understand the importance of skill acquisition. They should go for more skills which should help them create more jobs for Americans as one of the solutions to unemployment in the country. Production industries should employ more citizens of America to ensure even distribution of wealth among them.

Any youth or adult can work hard and be self-employed. This is a better and good way through which one can make money and stop searching for jobs from one organization to another. Self employment offers many opportunities to those that practice them. Any American can get employed by writing online which is known as blogging or explore the other opportunities offered by internet marketing. Americans and non-Americans can signup on Hubpages and start making money from the website. The site charges nothing to any who wants to make money through online write. It is fun and it pays. It does not require any idea of computer language or technical skills.

Housing Challenge in United States

Housing is a challenge in United States as those who earn less from the jobs they do complain that the cost of buying or having a house from the government of United State is high. As it stands now many have been thinking on house to pay for their house bills. Those who immigrate into America are planning of how to travel back from where they came from as they cannot pay the bills any longer. American government and those who build to rent out to others should cut down the price of having apartments in any part of the country.

The rate at which Americans pay tax is making many go crazy. Many a times some lament that it seems as if the work they do in the country is only for the government to gather all they have labored for in the name of tax payment. On many occasions have citizens and foreigners in United States of America complained about the tax being paid to the government of America. Though tax is good as it is used in the national development and the payees indirectly gain from the taxes, the amount which is being paid ought to be addressed. Those who have families sometimes find it difficult to train their children to higher education because of tax charge.

Immigration Challenges in United States

Another challenge that United States encounter today is the immigration of large number of foreigners into the country. As more people troop in into the country, the country keeps on increasing in number. This increase in number encourages unemployment in the country as the little jobs available are being shared with the immigrants. This is a problem as it leads to job scarcity in the United States of America. The rate at which immigrants’ troop into U.S should be reduced to save the already existing lives in the country.

Nearly 14 million immigrants entered the United States of America from 2000 to 2010 (Immigrant Population at Record 40 Million in 2010" by Yahoo! News). When this population enters for just a period of ten years interval, what do you think will be the situations of the people that live there? Somebody can even fight just to get his own portion of cake because the population is much. In 2010 and 2000 alone, the population of Mexicans (citizens from Mexico) that immigrated to United States of America were 11,711,103 and 9,177,487 respectively (Sourced from 1990 and 2000 decennial Census and 2010 American Community Survey).

Environmental challenges in United States

United States of America have been experiencing environmental challenges. These environmental challenges include air pollution, water pollution and also earthquake which has claimed many lives in the country, made some homeless, made children motherless and fatherless, and at the same time left many parents with no kids.

Due to high growth in technology and industrialization in the United States, humans and aquatic lives have in one way or the other negatively affected. The release of harmful gases like sulphur and Carbon (II) oxide gas has made Americans to suffer from health problems. This health challenge caused by the release of hazardous gases from manufacturing industries in the country was one of the reasons that made the current president of United States of America to introduce what is called “the Obama Care” or “Affordable Care Act”. This was brought into existence by the president to take good care of the unhealthy in U.S. The U.S Health Sector is approaching 3 trillion dollars, or over 17% of the total GDP (The Four Major Challenges the U.S Economy Faces in 2014).

When Carbon (II) oxide released by electricity generators reacts with the oxygen in the hemoglobin this forms carbon (IV) oxide in the human system. When the oxygen seizes to flow as a result of the formed compound, this can cause serious problem in the human system and can automatically lead to death.

The solution to harmful release of gases in the U.S environment has to do with the regulation of the gases. Industries should produce with less harmful gases that may affect human health. Also, the industries that involve the use of harmful gases as the by-product during manufacturing should be situated far from where people of United States live. In addition to that, the workers who work in the industries should ensure safety precautions.

Earthquake as a type of environmental challenge faced by United States has been disturbing the country for years. In Oklahoma for instance, a lot of earthquake has been taking place in it in the recent time. On December 22, 2003 an earthquake that happened in California lead to two fatalities (U.S. Department of the Interior). On November 5, 2011 there was an earthquake at Oklahoma though structures were destroyed but no fatalities where experienced in that part of U.S.A. Statistically, the earthquake that occurred on 17th October 1989 at California resulted to 63 fatalities. These 63 that died in the incidence are nowhere to be found as living souls in United States today.

Moral Challenge in U.S.A

What do we have to say on the moral Challenge in the United State? The challenge of this category is rampant among the youths living in the country. Most of them do not have any control of themselves. In fact to be honest, some youths in United States can be equalled or a little bit different from normal animals when it comes to morality. Truly, morality among youths in U.S is decaying from day-to-day. Who is to be blamed for this failure among the leaders of today as well as that of tomorrow? One of the reasons why it is like this is because both the government and parents lacks the knowledge of the importance of youth empowerment, which includes moral youth empowerment. Those who are worried on the high rate of unemployment in U.S, which has many causes, forgot that immoral behavior among citizens can contribute to that.

In most tertiary institutions in the United States, the male and the female genders “live like dogs”. Notwithstanding that many of them study many books on how to achieve good academic record, they see themselves perform poor because the sins they committed in the secret places are still following them. What happens when students in universities and colleges of Education in United States call for parties? The point is that from the party, some males and females students at times sleep together after parties and indulge into immoral activities. I believe you understand the information I am trying to pass.

As a result of the filthy acts carried out by these students, the products of the bad acts tends to show in the lives of the females when they are not protected, which lead to the termination of the unborn babies’. Truly, many female youth students in high colleges in United States of America have turn their wombs to burial grounds. They fail to understand that if their mothers terminated them when they were still in the wombs, they would not have been existing by now. But one of the reasons why it is like this among the youths that live in United States of America is because they do not know the importance of mentoring. If to say most of these youths have good mentors, it would not have been like this.

What kind of dressing do we see among fathers, mothers, and youths put on in streets of America? Many have lost the tradition of neat and good dressing in the name of modernization. People do no longer know what is supposed to be worn inside the bed rooms and that which are to be worn in the outdoors. The ladies of United States of America now display the sensitive parts of their body which is only made for them alone to see to the watch of everyone that walk along the roads of U.S. In the side of the male youths and young fathers, some of them “display their dirty pants” for the public to see in the name of dressing style called sagging. Those who are members of this group fail to understand that sagging originated from prison, and by doing so, they make themselves prisoners. Indecent dressing among Americans is a challenge that the country is facing which is part of immoral challenge in U.S.A.

Still in line with the immoral challenge in U.S, what is the state in terms of morals of the U.S children? Is the moral among these children decreasing or is it of increase? The little children of United States of America no longer respect their elders when compared with how it was many years ago. The issue is that it appears as if this is gas spread in the air which affects every one of them. This challenge can be corrected by the training given to the children by their parents.

The major solution to all the moral challenges in United Stated of America is that the country should go back to God by instituting solid Christian religion in the land. There are other solutions to this but embracing God at first will help heal other wounds easily. This is not how our fathers who ruled this country before started. They started it with trust in God and with all sincerity. Today, many Americans take going to church to worship God as the thing of the old without knowing that their first strength came from God.

Racism in United States

Racism is a challenge experienced in United States of America. Though the world in her totality is fighting against racism as a human discrimination, there are still some elements of it in the U.S.A. It may not be observed at a level ground but calls for in-depth look for it to be observed clearly. The truth is that the pure white Americans are discriminating against those who have black skin color.

Years back in United States of America, there was when the blacks are perceived as “second devil”. The pure white Americans find it difficult to shear any thing in common with the blacks then. In the universities of higher learning, secondary and even in primary schools, how were the blacks seen in the United States? As a result of the inhuman treatment being given to the blacks, Martin Luther King, Jr., spoke against the way the blacks were treated. They are taken as novice and people who know nothing or less about the things going on in the universe.

White Americans should know that all including them that claim to be superior over the blacks where created in the image and likeness of God. They should believe that something good can come out of the blacks and stop any kind of hatred they have against the blacks. Above all, they should know that this is a free world and nobody in particular owns it. Also, government should set up solid punishment to any that practice racism for it is one of the classes of offence.

Another challenge in United States of America is serious decrease in religious practice. United States was initially known for her serious concern in Christian religion. But, what do we see in the country today? It is nothing but being less concerned about the things of God. Before, Christian priests are ordained in United States and sent to many countries in the world. Today, the reverse is the case. Priests are ordained and then sent to U.S because many are waxing cold on the things of God. If care is not taken, time shall come when the places of worship in America will be turned into places for technological advancement.

Hotel Abuse in United States

What I call hotel abuse is a challenge in United States of America (U.S.A). According to Oxford Advanced Learners Dictionary, a hotel is an establishment providing accommodations and meals for travelers and tourists. In United States, this definition does not hold in many hotels.

The hotels in the country are becoming something else. In many of these hotels, young beautiful ladies expose the sensitive parts of their bodies and dance in the name of entertainment. Many of them go to the extent of going naked without wearing anything on their bodies. Is this how the first fathers that ruled this country left it? When men that entered this kind of hotels feed their eyes with filthy things of this type, you see them behaving in an abnormal manner as they have got drunk with sin. To conquer this challenge, government should make a new Law that will prevent hotel owners from such dirty practice. But the issue is that most government officials who are to fight this menace are in turn the promoters of such thing.


Discussed in this topic are the challenges that the World Power, United States of America, has been experiencing for a long time. These may not be the only challenges that the country experiences, but among the principal ones. The challenges include: unemployment, housing challenge, high tax, immigration, environmental challenges, moral Challenge, Indecency, Racism, serious decrease in religious practice, and hotel abuse. Also given in this piece are the possible solutions to resolve some of the challenges in United States of America.


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