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Aldebaran - Nazi - N.A.S.A. Pt.2

Updated on March 3, 2013
Nazi V-2 Rocket
Nazi V-2 Rocket
NASA First Rocket
NASA First Rocket

The Nazi Regime

In part 1, I told of how it has been speculated, that Germany may have had assistance from Aliens, from Aldebaran, to find new technologies. 

At the end of World War 11, President Trueman assigned the Office of Strategic Services [OSS], under the auspices of the Joint Intelligence Objectives Agency [JIOA], to recruit German scientists. Not only would this help to advance the US knowledge, it would also deny the UK and Russia of German technology.

Although President Trueman had specifically stated that no Nazi supporters were to be included, to some extent the J.I.O.A., ignored this and deleted some of the scientists' histories, replacing them with more acceptable ones.

Most of these scientists were best known for their work with the German V-2 rocket, that had successfully been used in the bombing of London. These rocket scientists were fully integrated into the US society and were some of the founding employees of the North American Space Agency [ N.A.S.A. ].

The first rockets sent into space by N.A.S.A., were little more than giant versions of the V-2 Bomb.

There can be no doubt, that Nazi technology and perhaps some Aldebaran influences played a substantial role, in the initial success of the American Space Program.

What happened to the Nazi Bell?. It has been speculated that as SS Doctor  Ludwig Stupfegger, who was the scientist in charge and SS Martin Borman responsible for overseeing the project, also disappeared, perhaps they perfected the device and used it to escape somewhere in space............or time.


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