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All About Earrings

Updated on March 12, 2012

Throughout history, earrings have been used to serve more than decorative purposes. Way before earrings are considered as a fashion statement (think BC times), it was used culturally to trace the cultural identification—ethnic group, for religious practices—i.e. fertility purposes, and for social status—certain women are privileged to wear certain beads.


Among sailors, a pierced ear meant that they have sailed around the world or had at least crossed the equator. Furthermore, it was believed that they wear gold earrings so that in the event that they drown and that their bodies would wash up on shore, they still could afford to have a proper burial with their earrings as payment.

In the Roman Empire, wealthy women used earrings as a status symbol. Craftsmanship and artistry flourished allowing them to use semi-precious stones like sapphires, emeralds, turquoise, and aquamarines in their designs.

By the middle of the 20th century, earrings reached the pinnacle of its popularity. As evidence distinction between conservative earrings that could be worn during day-time and glamour earrings exclusively for evenings was quite diverse. However, by the 70s, line distinction became blurred as styles merged and earrings are no longer exclusively worn in the day or night.[i]

Today, earrings are still a great fashion statement either in formal or casual occasion, business or everyday affair to reflect an individual’s personality.

[i] Kathol, S. (n.d.) Earrings: History and Style Guide. Web.

HOW TO: make a simple dangling earrings

Making earrings is easy, therapeutic, and fun. It only takes a few materials and you could end up making variations from a single pattern.


Some basics in making handcrafted earrings: beads, pliers, fish hook, findings, eye pins and head pins


assorted glass roundel beads
assorted glass roundel beads

Play around with beads by combining them together--this works best if you're the visual type of person. If you're the organized-type, you would opt to draw sketches of the pattern you would like to create before you would start beading as this help ward of frustration and manage expectation.


A. Use the eye pin to create a chain of beads. To do so, thread a bead on an eye pin. With the use of a pliers, bend the rest of the pin 90 degrees.

B. Still using the pliers, cut the rest of the pin and leave only about 5mm length, this would be used to make a second loop.

C. To make the loop, use the round nose pliers.

D. Repeat the procedures to make a second threaded bead and attached it to the first. Do so again until you have achieved your desired pattern and length.

E. For the last bead, thread it using the head pin.

4. Attach the fishhook to the findings

5. Then attach the threaded beads to the findings.

Finished Project: Simple Dangling Earrings



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