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American Mystery

Updated on August 1, 2011



Every State in the US has its freshwater lakes. Most, especially in the North West, have found that although the water in these lakes is fresh a species of jelly fish has found a way to thrive in this environment.

These jelly fish, that are usually an ocean variety, have some how adapted to be able to live in fresh water.

It is not known how they managed to first get there or how they have been able to survive having reached but as was said in “Jurassic Park”: “Life will find a way”

So, if it is possible for one species to find a way and survive the transition, then why not others?



There are now stories emerging from Oklahoma, of two lakes that contain at least one Octopus each.

These lakes are man made and contain fresh water.

Although the Octopi are not considered to be the giants of seafaring legend, capable of capsizing ships and dragging them to the bottom, it is thought that they are a danger to humans.

Supposedly growing up to four feet in length, they are reportedly responsible for several deaths in the lakes. It is said that, although not a threat to boats, they can entangle themselves around swimmers and drag them under the water where they drown.

Over the last few decades, increasing numbers of deaths have been attributed to these creatures. Locals now warn travelers of the perils of swimming in their lakes.




Although Octopi corpses have been found, no proof of the existence of these creatures actually living in the lakes has been found. Proof of the jellyfish has though.

As I have said, if one species can find a way, why not others? What sea creatures can we next expect to find in our lakes?

The true mystery is not really how they find a way to survive in fresh water but more how do they get there in the first place?


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    • Barbara Kay profile image

      Barbara Badder 6 years ago from USA

      I hadn't heard about the jelly fish being in the lakes before. I think some people bring home animals for pets that they shouldn't from other states. When they get too big or they get tired of them, they dump them.

      An alligator was found in Michigan and the winters are just to cold for them here. People do dumb and selfish things.