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Mermaids and Aliens

Updated on March 2, 2013
Cross the Ocean in 2 hours?
Cross the Ocean in 2 hours?

The Log

There is a story of a ship from Brazil, belonging to the Company Bennete. It is said that within 2 days of it setting sail from the port of Itajai in Brazil it was spotted by the Australian coastguard.

This may, on its own, sound incredible as it would be impossible for any ship to travel that far in just 2 days. The whole story of this final voyage of Marlin 2 is even more incredulous.

The story is supposed to of been made from the taped log of the Captain.

The ship seemed to be being followed by some strange creatures that had the appearance of mermaids. The ships technician James Kollen was reportedly able to communicate with these creatures. They told him they wanted the ship to follow them to some unknown island and gave him a map to follow. This map was unintelligible as the directions were written in an unknown language.

According to the log, the crew made what would turn out to be a fatal mistake; they captured one of the “Mermaids”. A huge wave appeared about 200 meters high with what seemed to be the image of a giants’ shape within the water and the ship was surrounded by the creatures. The Captain tried to send an S.O.S., but the radio was not working and their GPS seemed to have been altered. This was the last report in the log.

Burnt Remains
Burnt Remains

The Story

The ship had set sail on August 16th. The ship was found on August 18th.

It would appear that the crew and the creatures had started to fight and during this time a fire had started. The crew were all found burnt along with the burnt remains of one of the creatures.

Marlin 2 was found by Captain Peter Houner. Pictures were taken and the remains of a strange map was found floating in the water near by.

Immediately after the discovery a black unmarked helicopter appeared and four men from the helicopter supposedly confiscated all the photographs and other evidence. Captain Peter Houner was taken to a military base at Janner, Australia and has never been heard of, or seen since.

This story was reported by the journalist Merlon Frougers of the Australian Daily News.

Within 2 hours of the story being printed, all copies were bought up by CYRSON a company owned by the United States Government.

What is the truth?

It has been said that Mermaids and Tritons [the male of the species], came to Earth as pets of visiting aliens. Some of these “pets” escaped and have been hiding in the Oceans ever since.

Are the US and other governments aware of the existence of these beings? If not, then why was there such an immediate and robust reaction to these reported events.

Now, in July 2012, after an Animal Planet Documentary was aired, Animal Planet, Discovery Channel and according to yahoo, the US Government are trying to say that the article was just a hoax. Really? what is the truth, who knows and why aren't we being told? Will the truth ever come to the surface (pun intended).


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    • Jaymighty2 profile image


      7 years ago

      awesomeness sorry don't know what else to say thats some awesome writing. tales of merfolk must come from somewhere.

    • taterbugpbj profile image


      7 years ago

      Really interesting stuff combined with great writing. Very enjoyable.


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