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Updated on August 22, 2012

Good Neighboor?

What happened to this policy?
What happened to this policy?


What ever happened to this motto used by Sam Walton? WalMart isn't for us or the USA, as a matter of fact it isn't for you the consumers, producers, or employee's. As of Aug. 13th 2009 Walmart and Sam's Club and subsidieries operates in 9 countries including the US, and 4 territories. Totaling more then 8,000+ stores, 2.1 million employee's and a combination of more then $400 billion in sales. The truth is there is a darkside to Walmart that they try to cover up. As it is well known Walmart is one of the largest sources of outsourcers. Mainly to China and other countries that have lower pay rates. In 2000 Walmart sent over $12 billion dollars to China for products making up for more then 10% of the total amount traded with China. I can only imagine what that number is today.

Why Walmart is bad for suppliers

Any company that provides from WalMart should know that they intend to slash costs by $3 billion a year. What does this mean to you? In order for your company to keep there contract with WalMart they need to cut costs. As a consumer which will affect me less a company that cuts a few employee's or getting less value out of my product? Tell you the truth in the publics mind if it means saving money they would rather get the same product for less. Therefore in order to ensure this happens your company will more then likely lay off people to keep that nice contract WalMart offers. Another option which takes place quite often is WalMart will look elsewhere i.e. oversea's to save those few pennies.

Why WalMart is bad for the Consumer

You will notice WalMart has a good neighbor policy. Truth is how many of those product that are in a WalMart were actually made in your area? Broaden the idea perhaps state? Nation? Truth being in your area if your lucky maybe a few items it depends obviously on your location. WalMart carries probably about 100,000 different products. That is going on the light side I believe. With the majority of them coming from various other countries. Just think everytime you buy from WalMart it isn't helping your local economy it's being sent away. As the world fights sweat shops why do we support the biggest provider of sweat products? On average a product that sells for about 15 dollars on a WalMart shelf only cost $0.18 cents to make. Please I urge you take a look at these reports do you want to support a company that expects this to save money? Women and Children are beaten and starved all over less then a quarter an hour? These articles are not fabricated they are the truth. It is up to us the consumers to bring back American jobs. Shop local, buy local know where your money is going. Look on the back of the next product you buy notice where it is made. Show that you support American owned and American made products.

You the Employee

WalMart has no respect for you either. As stated before WalMart looks out for WalMart and you fit in to serve that purpose. From 1999 to 2005 Walmart had over 44 class action lawsuits in 31 states involving hundreds of thousands of employee current and former who had there wages and hours abused. In two well noted instances Walmart was found to have actually deleted or wrongly adjusted time cards. Here are two confirmed reports of this :


These are just some examples of WalMart doing what it can to save a buck. If this corporate giant really supported you the employee don't you think it should offer more then an average pay of 8.23 or $13,861 a year? ( ) This is a so called fortune 500 company in an industry where there is about a $2 an hour pay difference. ( ) Does Walmart really care for you or do you just serve a purpose for there agenda? Make a stand demand competitive industry pay. My personal experience

And Finally why WalMart is bad for the community

As of March 2005 WalMart had about 27.7 million square feet of store's sitting empty. For a better idea imagine the size of a football field now multiply that by 500 and your still not there. To make matter's worse Walmart included a clause in there Non-Binding Letter of Intent, which says under Section 19, Restrictions: "The demised premises cannot be used for a discount store, wholesale club or drug store/pharmacy." Doesn't this put a damper on competition, in order to compete a new company has to come in and destory more of your precious land to build. Also take for example the fact that Bill Gates the worlds wealthiest man has donated over half of his wealth back to charities and research while the Walton family combined has donated less then 1% of there wealth. You might say well WalMart the store itself has donated to my local community and yes while its true, this is a cover up. Most area's where donations take place are area's that are actually against a WalMart coming in so to bolster there appearance in the area they offer more to the community to ensure they weasel in. Walmart averages around $47,000 a year in donations, however a store costs communities ten times this amount in various forms of government asistance. In a report in 2004 it was found out that $1,008,000,000.00 in government assistance and writeoffs were given to 91 stores. That much to only 91 stores? The Walmart employee's themselves have the right idea they donated over $5 million dollars for an emergency fund to help other employee's in case of a disaster such as fire, tornado or flood. How much did the Walton family donate to this fund? $6,000 instead that same year the Walton family spent 3.2 million in political contributions.

And Finally another reason why Walmart is bad take a look at this that just happened this past week in order to develop a new Wally World. 40 families in a mobile homes park are going to be displaced just to make way. I've personally been to Marion, NC it has a population of about 5,200 people and already has 4 locations within a 25 mile radius. One being in the city of Marion itself. To make things even more terrible the City Manager tells local news that the sale will take place. The city is so positive to displace 40 families they have raised 1 million dollars to help close the deal and pay for the extension of water and sewage to the new location.

Again I ask you IS WALMART FOR US?

-Thomas M.

Aug. 13th 2009


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    • profile image


      6 years ago

      if your afraid of not seeing scholarly books. use something called the internet lol. theres plenty of websites out there that sell books. amazon is one. Plus walmart sucks when it comes to selling books theres like one lane and its all romance lol.

    • puddingicecream profile image


      7 years ago from United States

      Interesting and informative hub that points out the negative effects of Walmart on consumers and supplies. For a free market model, Walmart's ability to outsource and cut costs shows that it's doing well. However, for the nation as a whole in terms of jobs and such, it's horrible. Its ability to sell books at such low prices will drive local bookstores out of business. These local bookstores tend to have rarer and more scholarly books that will then be out of reach to consumers. For people who can barely make a living, they have no choice but to buy from Walmart, where goods are much cheaper than other stores. However, for those who can afford to buy slightly more expensive goods and want to be able to sleep well at night, then Walmart is not the place to go. I definitely agree that Walmart employees are treated horribly, forced to "clock in" only for certain times and when they do work overtime, they are not allowed to document those hours or be paid. Money over ethics and morals.

      @jamie fritts - Can't wait for that book.

    • profile image

      jamie fritts 

      7 years ago

      I've worked for walmart for almost 20 years. I was in upper management for the better part of the latter. I can't complain about the wages, or the lack of female mangers. Throughout the many years I was rewarded and given many promotions for going above and beyond. I'm not a disgruntled employee, nor was I fired from my job. I was given a choice. I was to chose between my family or my career. My wife became disabled and I had to miss alot of work, to help with her and my three children. Since I made a good wage, I now had a large target on my back. I did everthing I could to keep my job. Since I had a medical intermediate leave, my absences were allowed, but not without harassment. My supervisors pursued a different route. They began to coach me for not taking my meals on time and not taking the appropriate time for these meals. No excuses, they told me, it was state law. Even if I clocked in early to help customers, or to handle management affairs. Or that I was told to do so, by my manager. What happen to the customer first approach. I was later given a decision making day, for clocking in thirty seconds too early, to handle a security situation. If you, as an associate, make any hardships for walmart, they will find ways to make your life hell. One day I want to write a book about the truer walmart, titled "the frown behind the smilly face"

    • profile image

      Detest Wal-Mart 

      8 years ago

      It is good to see that more people are starting to realize how bad Wal-Mart actually is for our country! Keep spreading the word before it is too late...

    • profile image


      8 years ago

      Keep writing. We can win. Inform the public.

    • profile image


      8 years ago

      A good articial. Saddly Wal-Mart is a hell hole. No morals, no ethics and crap merchandise. The problem with most Americans is that they do not understand that Wal-Mart is costing the Government and them Billions of Dollars. Driving up the cost of everything. And sending American cash overseas. As well as American Jobs. Shop at American stores and not a China retail outfit. Which is all Wal-Mart is today.

    • DRG Da Real Grinc profile image

      Felix J Hernandez 

      9 years ago from All over the USA

      There is so much about Wal-Mart to be known. Informative Hub. I was thinking more of the environmentally and socially destructive Wal-mart. I say we keep digging.


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