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Living Healthy: Homemade Deodorant

Updated on December 30, 2017
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Kim is a Master Gardener from Montana. She promotes self reliance & healthy living. She studies botany and historical plants and their uses.



Over the last few years I've experimented with soaps, lotions, cleaning products, health & beauty products, shampoos, conditioners, make up, and deodorant. I wanted to replace my chemical laden products with natural and effective home made products. I didn't want to relinquish my tried and trues without a comparable substitute.

Most of our store bought products contain chemical additives and synthetic fragrances. Both of which I am highly sensitive too. I either break out in a rash or can't stop sneezing followed by the mother of all headaches.

I'm a GIRL! I like long baths and smooth skin and scented candles, and make-up. I like to look and smell good. I can purchase wonderful all natural products from various natural grocery stores, but they can be pricey. I 'm conservative. I seek quality over quantity, and like things to be simple.

I want my cake.....and I want to eat it too....

Psssttt.......... I'll tell you a secret.......I've never really worn deodorant. I rarely sweat so I never wore it. I thought I was weird until I read this write up on commercial deodorants and anti-perspirents, aluminum, and how bad they are for you. Suddenly I was thankful that I always dismissed that particular morning ritual. Besides I hated the white streaks left behind on my clothes.

Why make your own

It turns out.....we are supposed to sweat. Not dripping, pour down your sides sweat, but yes, we are supposed to sweat. Sweating is one of many ways our bodies remove toxins. It's natural. When you apply anti-perspirents you stop your bodies ability to remove toxins and clog pores. When you use deodorant (not anti-perspirent) your body can still safely sweat (breathe). Commercial deodorants, though, still contain chemicals, which are absorbed by your skin when applied to your underarms.

Sweat smells.......well, sorta.....sweat shouldn't smell. Unless something is wrong. If your sweat smells bad I would advise looking at your diet first. What is it that your body is trying to remove? Under arm odors are usually caused by bacteria and are easily combated with bacteria fighting oils and a change in diet. As I have gotten older, I have noticed a few changes in my own body. I perspire more than I used to and occasionally, a faint odor, usually after I have consumed excessive amounts of sugar. Having an understanding of your diet and what your body is telling you can impact your health. If that doesn't work, I would ask your primary care physician what could be causing the offensive odor.

For the rest of us, making our own is simple, inexpensive, and most of the ingredients can be found at the grocery store. Plus you get to customize your product for your needs. Bonus!


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Coconut & Shea ButterAdd Attowroot and Baking soda and whisk until smoothEssential OilsPlace in Jar
Coconut & Shea Butter
Coconut & Shea Butter | Source
Add Attowroot and Baking soda and whisk until smooth
Add Attowroot and Baking soda and whisk until smooth | Source
Essential Oils
Essential Oils | Source
Place in Jar
Place in Jar | Source

Au Naturale Deodorant

  • 1/4 c Coconut oil
  • 1-2 TBL Shea Butter
  • 1/4 c Baking Soda
  • 1/4 c Arrowroot
  • 10 dr Essential Oils, (Optional)


  1. Using a double boiler, melt coconut and shea butter. When melted, remove from heat.
  2. Add Arrowroot and Baking Soda, and blend well. Blend until temperature is warm but not hot.
  3. Add essential oils.

What you will need:

Double boiler

Glass bowl

Measuring cups

Rubber spatula




Gather everything you need first. Most kitchen creations go smoother when you are prepared. Choose your oils, have spatulas handy, ingredients measured, and containers to put your final product in.

Place your coconut and shea butter in the bowl, turn the heat on low, and wait. It will take some time. Don't let your boiler run dry.

Coconut oil: Is the main fat in this product. It is naturally emollient, and contains lauric acid which kills odor causing bacteria.

In my opinion, the least refined the better. This means your coconut oil still retains the majority of its natural virtues. It also means your final product will be firmer once cooled. I use Nutiva™. I can purchase it in bulk, and it is certified GMO free.

It is way cheaper in the long run to buy in bulk when available. Coconut Oil never expires and there are many uses for it in everyday applications. Buying in bulk is cheaper. You can purchase Nutiva™ Coconut Oil in bulk by following the link provided.

Shea Butter: is an interesting textured fat. It needs to be warmed to use. It is naturally emollient. It soothes and softens the skin. I personally thought it made the deodorant too soft. Almost slippery, so I lowered the amount the original recipe called for.

This ingredient is optional. (If you choose to pass just add a little extra coconut oil.) You don't need very much and it shouldn't expire. This item is not found in all grocery stores. you can usually find it at natural or organic groceries. Our closest natural grocery store is 34 miles away, so buying online can be easier at times. You can purchase Shea Butter by following the link provided.

Add the baking soda and arrowroot and blend until smooth. I use a kitchen whisk.

Baking Soda: is natures best cleanser, hands down. From scrubbing kitchen sinks to delicate skin, baking soda does it all. In this case, baking soda absorbs odors, much like the box in your freezer.

Arrowroot: absorbs moisture leaving your skin silky soft. Arrowroot has many household uses so don't be afraid to buy big. It's also useful as an effective talcum powder for baby butts. I use Bob Mill's brand because I can get a large bag.

Once cooled somewhat, add your essential oils and blend well. The product should still be warm but not hot. Of course you can use whatever oils you choose to customize your product. There are hundreds of essential oils to choose from. Below are a sampling of ones I found useful in fighting odor or killing odor causing bacteria.

Lime: as well as other citrus oils, fights odor causing bacteria.

Tea Tree: is an anti-fungal and anti-bacterial essential oil commonly used to fight fungal infections

Eucalyptus: is an anti-bacterial, anti-fungal, anti-parasitic, anti-inflammatory and aromatic essential oil.

Once blended and cooled pour into your chosen container. I prefer wide mouth 1/2 pt mason jars. I just apply with my fingers as needed. Ball™ also makes plastic lids which are easier to use for beauty products than the steel bands. They are reasonably priced and attractive.

I prefer canning and preserving jars for many reasons. The main one being that I can reuse them over and over again. I can use them for preserving foods, storing spices, as attractive containers, arts & crafts, and many many more uses. Combined with the plastic lid my products take on a more classy look. The plastic lids can also be decorated and dolled up with a glue gun and some ribbon.

I discovered something about clean up that is kinda important. Grease and fats clog we don't want to just put our bowls and whisks in the sink or dishwasher right away. I found that wiping all my bowls and utensils with a paper towel prior to washing them minimizes the grease and fats going down the drain. Over time, grease and fats accumulate on the inside of your septic pipes causing drainage problems that can become expensive. You don't want that.

I am fairly confident you'll never buy commercial deodorants again after using this. I still rarely use deodorant, but when I feel the need, I reach for this. It is everything I have ever needed, light, invisible, fresh.

These also make great gifts for friends and family. There are many online places to buy or make cute labels to print your own. You can also find actual deodorant tubes for purchase if you prefer the authentic packaging. I never minded applying by hand.

Thanks for joining me today, I hope you are as pleased with your new product as I was. Watch for more healthy living tips in the future from my profile or follow me. Please leave your comments and questions below.

Thank You, From our house to yours.......


© 2017 Kim French


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