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Successfully Applying to Harvard for Fall 2013

Updated on September 1, 2012



Applying to Harvard

For every student that has a dream, ambition and fortitude to achieve their goals, Harvard has an academic placement. It is perhaps the most unique school of its kind in that it offers it students not only the best national education they could receive but also ranks amongst the best academic institutions internationally. But it isn't all about the academics, Harvard offers an exclusive membership amongst the brightest and most talented group of individuals in the world.

So why Harvard? Quite simply it is the academic institution which places its graduates at the top of the employability lists and gives social connections last a life time.

Could I attend Harvard?

That is a good question. Harvard has very liberal criteria for admittance. The traditional requirements must always be met for admission but there are some non-traditional requirements as well. Harvard looks for a variety of qualities in their applicants and they most almost always have financial assistance programs for well qualified applicants.

If you would like to attend Harvard I would suggest you make application and see. Be certain to follow all the applications requirements including deadline dates and completed application packages

One Last Suggestion

Universities are often vacant in the Summer for obvious reasons. So if you don't believe you can be accepted through the traditional application process which I highly recommend then you might want to attempt admission through a Summer School Program. Harvard offers a variety of Summer School Programs which are easier to obtain acceptance to then their traditional programs.


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    • JT Walters profile imageAUTHOR

      JT Walters 

      7 years ago from Florida

      Hi Ubani,

      Actually they have financial help for everyone. It is really quite a liberal school and they believe in giving everyne a fair shot especially someone from the region of the world where you live. You should apply!! Do it now and live the dream of being a Harvadian. I have quite a few friends who went to this school and they loved it.

      All My Best,


    • ubanichijioke profile image

      Alexander Thandi Ubani 

      7 years ago from Lagos

      Quite useful information. Great job. ??I will like to ???? about the expenses. Maybe the cost for an international student. Thanks

    • profile image

      jt walters 

      8 years ago

      Hi Max Havlick,

      I was a professor at a young age and my family is well associated with people in academia. I also have been friends with people who are Harvard graduates.

      But I was only a friend of people who attend Harvard. I came from a family of nine and we all were in college at once so I went on full scholarship to a state school. All my friends attend Harvard, Yale or Oxford.

      I became a faculty member of a University in Florida at a young age and almost finished my PhD. I am looking into programs to complete my PhD now. So writing hubs about Ivy League Schools was second nature.

      I am glad I have finally written something that makes sense to you :-)!! I have prattled on in these hubs. But I am use to writing 200 pages of publishable material each semester as it was required in graduate school.

      I have never applied to Harvard. But my family has worked for nine presidents and they were Rutherford B. Hayes appointees so I think if I tried I might be able to get in. I have an heirloom signed by Theodore Roosevelt and William McKinley I have been working on preserving in which I have completed all the research. It also documents the rise of the Rough Riders and the Buffalo Soldiers. It is a really unique piece and it is my German family Bible. I am a Bosch.

      I was in contact with Wallace Dailey at Houghton Library and he was not interested in the piece nor was he interested in me or the heirloom showing up at Harvard. Funny we always considered ourselves Hayes people and not Roosevelt people. I have had personal appointments in my life time as well with individuals for the time shall remain unnamed but if you looked at any of the articles on the Rough Riders you would be able to figure it out. I am surprised you haven't read those articles.

      I am glad I finally wrote something you could understand :-). I am a frighteningly complicated woman so if you can decipher my hubs you are a brilliant man:-). Staff positions in the Division of Engineering and Sociology? What did you do at Harvard? Because I have studied engineering and it has very little to do with Sociology. You didn't like my articles on Thermodynamics or Particle Physics? They are hobbies of mine as well as biochemistry and molecular chemistry. They are introductory hubs for the novice to interest readers into studying these fields of Science.

      Funny, I haven't found a placement for finishing my PhD yet but the doctor is just in my nature. I never stop studying, researching and publishing.

      You have to look at helping others as a responsibility of the elite. I do. I am probably never going to be paid for those hubs on Harvard and Yale or the advice I give applicants to those institutions but if we all work to our highest level the world will be a better place. We have a country full of people with potential and none of it is being realized right now. My goal is to finish my PhD and to help others realize their potential. I am not much of a money person. In a family of nine you get use to living without things.

      If I do seek admission at Harvard may I contact you later? Right now I am in talks with another Ivy League School and me waiting to hear back from the Dean of Graduate Admissions.

      Thanks for reading, commenting, deciphering and rating.

      It will be nice to get to know you.

      All MY Best,



      As you can see by the length of my response the dissertation will not be a problem for me.

    • Max Havlick profile image

      Max Havlick 

      8 years ago from Villa Park, Illinois

      Ms. Walters, I finally found a hub of yours I could understand. Just kidding! But you are a serious person.

      When were you at Harvard? I had staff jobs at Div. of Engineering and Social Psychology 1972ff, then ran a typing service in Harvard Sq. that advised applicants to Harvard, Rhodes Scholarships, and the like, and had a high batting average. I just helped a bright junior originally from Albania formulate a plan to get into Harvard for graduate study, and I like that kind of work immensely. Pay is dismal, however, but they always agree to pay me later on, then rarely do. I help them anyway.

      I teach applicants to imagine they are Dean of Admissions, or chairman of the department, or whatever, and think what kind of a person would they want to apply for a fellowship in their program, what background, what training, and so on. This seems to help them get ready for the things they will have to do to make a serious application to Harvard.

      Of course, I have many more concrete suggestions based on my experience with administrators and professors in the Harvard-MIT environment.


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