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Boarding School In Rome

Updated on January 17, 2012

Saint Stephens


Studying at Saint Stephen's In Rome

Studying in at Saint Stephen's offers high achievers the ability to travel overseas and study with a diverse international class. The curriculum is excellent as well as the school enrichment activities and the exposure to the Roman culture. Saint Stephen's is a preparatory school for European Schools. International student's attending Saint Stephen's can board. When these students aren't in classes they gather in a court yard in the middle of the school and to study and socialize. They also enjoy the rich culture, language, history and art of Italian society.

And while attending school abroad in a European Country in which English is not the primary language can be challenging, all of saint Stephen's curriculum and courses are taught in English with the except of course of foreign language courses.

A Wonderful Experience

Back in the 1980(s) was at this school. I highly recommend it for anyone who is so inclined. But this wonderful school is must be experienced to be appreciated.


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