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Applying to Johns Hopkins University

Updated on December 5, 2011

Johns Hopkins University


Johns Hopkins Universty

Johns Hopkins University is located in Baltimore, Maryland. It is an exceptional educational institution focused on studying Science, Mathematics and is research oriented. The curriculum is challenging but the campus is rich with culture and is located very close to the capital of the United States. The campus is very diverse with a high professor to student teaching ratio. While each Ivy League School has its own certain appeal Johns Hopkins has perhaps the most cutting edge technology and research programs in the nation.

Admittance requirements are standard and should be referred to before making application but Johns Hopkins is looking for well rounded individuals who will be leaders and innovators in their fields of study.

John Hopkins University cultivates students and conducts research to present to the world. But beyond the campus walls Baltimore has a life of its own form the Preakness to the wonderful crab cakes to the Opera and the Cruises. It is close enough to Washington, DC to visit but not so close that a student becomes distracted.

But most of all John Hopkins University is one of the leading scientific research institutions in the world with campuses in Bologna Italy and China. The student who graduates from John Hopkins is prepared to lead an innovative path in their field of study through the application of science in the real world setting.

Fast Facts and Numbers to Know About Johns Hopkins University

Johns Hopkins has provided a quick reference sheet for you to review their requirements and a few fast facts about the Johns Hopkins University. It is the first University that I have come across to have this quick reference guide and I find it quite useful.

Although it is not entirely unexpected that this particular university would be so efficient to provide such a guide it is a world class institution. Please take a moment and read the quick fact sheet and see if John Hopkins University might interest you.

Making Application?

If you decide to apply to Johns Hopkins you will be in pursuit of a highly covenanted academic placement so I suggest you also apply to Harvard, Yale, Columbia, Dartmouth, University of Florida and Florida State University but not necessarily in that order or all of them. I recommend you always apply to five colleges.

In Conclusion

Please observe all requirements and deadlines for application submissions and while I did not mention it in previous articles it is not at all unusual to be required to interview before admittance. So if it is required, attend. I wish each and all of you the best and Good Luck.


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