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The Future of the Human Race

Updated on December 28, 2012

The Chinese Olympics have been long gone now, and the world is still in a pretty good mess. I still maintain that - archeologists digging up the overpopulated planet in another couple of thousand years, or however long it takes to get back to some resemblance of civilized man, will come to the ultimate conclusion that the Chinese Olympics were the turning point. Whether they actually work out, from all the new futurist stadiums and building that dot over Beijing that there was a world event, is yet to be seen.

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Comparing America to China

The archeologists will probably come to the conclusion that China was the dominate country at the time as American buildings were already in decay and had been for a number of years. I don’t know how they will decide what actually caused the collapse of civilization. What was the final straw that brought civilization to its knees in possible around 90% of the globe.

Archeologists are still bringing up reasons why the Roman empire finally collapsed.

But when it did it took the remnants of that civilization on average about 1500 years to pass the technological advancements of the Roman era. So my grandchildren and possible my children will see a very different world from what is around them now.

What is so strange is most people on the overpopulated planet just don’t have a clue about what is going on. Global warming is the most talked about topic on the planet, but it is only one of the more serious problems that will overtake civilization in the very near future.

The planet is running out of water, oil and food and all we are worried about is the temperature rising over this century. But things that are going to determine the future are happening all around us, now and we are doing nothing to survive the future.

Are our beautiful cities going to crumble beneath our feet?

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