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Are You Looking for Something?

Updated on June 28, 2018


The day we are born, we start looking for a thing that is unspecified or unknown. Of course then, our needs are little, so it is usually nourishment and care. But, as we start developing, the world showcases so many things that an eye can get fascinated by various things. These things could stretch from an apparel to a toy to a type of food. Needs are limited, so a toddler usually will not desire for something big.

Gradually as this toddler becomes a young adult, his horizon is boundless. He can see beyond the sky, identify territorials beneath the sand and the pebbles. There is no stopping!
Sure, since the world exhibits everything in color, then people who have eyes ought to see it, appreciate it and eventually a desire will lunge in if there is the affordability.

Success, Money, Comforts, is becoming the circle of life for all, thus leaving behind the moralities of our sheer existence.

But then after a few months, something new is discovered, and man acknowledges the new invention. Result: Discard the old and bring in the new!

Thus, the cycle of life continues.

We recognize that even though we have the latest in gadgets, comforts, and luxuries, there is that incomplete feeling within that makes us restless, fretful and discontent. That's when we start to look for something.

A Something that can relieve the antsy feeling within and help us get the real meaning of our existence.

Sunshine and Life

We all came to this earth with peace in our hearts. As time passed by, we developed hatred for something or someone. Our ego's clashed. We started to develop our likes and dislikes. We became opinionated. Since then our outlook on this world has changed. We don't care for the sunshine every morning. We take this Life so much for granted that we just run around for materialism rather than thinking of the meaning of Life.

Let's try to dig deep within ourselves and find what, where, why we do not consider this Life of utmost importance. Can those issues that we are dealing with being dealt without losing this precious thing given to us. We have this one Life, one chance to prove to ourselves that we are worth it by giving this breath the most value we can on this big wide world. Let's do it!

Looking for something?

So, next time when the question is raised, "Are you looking for something?"

Reply with confidence that you are looking for:

  • Compassion: Have sympathetic feelings for others in pain since no day is the same. We could also be wearing those shoes some day.
  • A Genuine smile: To be able to bring a smile on somebody's face by just holding a door out for someone. That priceless expression could even stretch your muscles around your cheek even if the person you helped were a stranger.
  • Empathy: The ability to understand and share the feelings of another.
  • Hope: This is one noun that when recognized and embraced, will help thy man keep treading upon his path no matter how curvy and bumpy the road is.
  • Contentment: Being content with whatever thy man has, and not coming under peer pressure. This will help man turn towards charity when in a blissful state. Lending a helpful hand to another individual can lead to contentment.


Man is smart enough to look beyond, and then why not look outside the window, and feel the anguish, pain and relentless of thy brethren and extend your hand. In return, we shall get something valuable that will take us satisfied to our grave.


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