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Fate or Destiny - Don't Live at the Mercy of Fate.....

Updated on January 22, 2020
Think about it.....
Think about it.....
Excuses Hinder Progress
Excuses Hinder Progress

Note: I am not a supporter or non supporter of the Romney's - they just happened to be the politicians of topic on the radio that morning. The principal of the article has absolutely nothing to do with politics, it is a lesson in self worth and a get it done attitude.

Two Types of Thinking

There are two types of thinkers related to our fate in life. The first group are those who believe that each individual, for the most part, controls their own destiny. The other group believe that they have no control over their lot in life and are at the mercy of fate.

This morning a man called in to the Dennis Miller radio show to whine about Ann Romney "probably having a maid" while she was raising her five boys as a stay at home mother. He went on to say that people like the Romney's cannot possibly understand the average American citizen because they had been "lucky" enough to be rich and never have to struggle in life. The caller then shared the story if his"rotten luck" and how it has ruined his life. He told of how he had worked for a large communications company and was earning $25.00 an hour. He said life was good and he had planned to work for this company until he retired. Living the "American Dream."

But then his dream was shattered, the firm sent all the good paying jobs to foreign countries where the labor was cheaper. He felt cheated, his career was stolen from him and now he was forced to work manual labor for a little more than minimum wage. As he put it "it isn't fair" the Romney's have all this money and don't really have to work for it but his dreams were ruined in an instant through no fault of his own. Is his story depressing? Is it one that saddens you? Is it something we wish didn't happen? Yes to all of the above. But we are not promised anything in life other than the proverbial "Death and Taxes." This man needs to pull up his boot straps and stop whining or he will be sentencing himself to a life of depression and poverty.

This man has choices yet he feels like he is doomed by his fate and stuck with what life has dealt him. Mitt Romney didn't get wealthy because he had good luck.(Just an addendum- There are published reports that Romney donated most of his inheritance from his father to charity. Everything he now has is due to the work he himself has done). The winners of the Boston Marathon didn't win because they had a lucky penny tucked in their tennis shoe. People get wealthy or win the race because they want it bad enough to make it happen. They put in the long hours, work harder, do whatever it takes to make sure they achieve what they want. They set goals and make plans. They plot their course and set sail. Luck has little to do with success.

There are some who do suffer extraordinary situations that throw up roadblocks in their lives but we always have choices. We can choose to take the minimum wage, hard labor job because we were laid off or we can choose to pursue something different. This man could have learned a new trade, he could have started his own business, he could have went to college or trade school. He did none of these, instead he whines that he is "forced" to work hard labor jobs for minimum wages.

Life is about choices not fate or destiny. If you are on the path to your dreams and suddenly a fence is built in front of you - you have a choice. You can choose to climb the fence or you can settle for where you are, stranded behind the fence because that is the fate you were dealt. I say "start climbing" and don't stop until you reach your goal!

Mind Flowers
Mind Flowers | Source

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