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Best Backpacks for High School: Top Roomy Picks for 2015

Updated on December 29, 2014

JanSport® Classic Big Student: VIDEO REVIEW

Video Reviews for Top 3 Backpacks for School

The best, top-rated backpacks for school are the backpacks that have large, efficient load capacities, lots of internal compartments, extra pockets, special removable pouches, adjustable load-stabilizing compression straps, an adjustable waist belt, and overall durability. A typical backpack will have just under 2,000 cubic inches of usable space. That's enough room for most people. For students, that's enough room for 4 or 5 textbooks, a few binders, and some other smaller items.

JanSport® makes a superior backpack that can handle larger loads for those who may require this extra capacity. The Big Student backpack can carry 5 or 6 textbooks along with several notebooks and binders. There's even room for a change of gym clothes, room for a laptop computer, and space for lunch. It all fits quite nicely in this huge backpack and for less than $50.

JanSport Big Classic Backpack at

JanSport® Classic Big Student Backpack for School

If you're a student who just needs a little extra room, then this backpack is for you. Unlike most similar backpacks for school, the Classic Big Student has two large, roomy interior compartments and a utility pocket located on the front. The back panel is fully padded for additional comfort and the well-designed "S-curve" shoulder straps are extremely comfortable, even on those days when you have to wear a backpack more than usual.

Because of the additional inner compartments, there is plenty of room for a laptop computer as well as several large textbooks,  notebooks, or any other smaller items. Students who purchased this backpack stated that it was very sturdy, had plenty of space, and was very comfortable. If you have a long walk to and from a bus stop, or a long walk across campus each day and need to carry a huge load comfortably, this is the backpack for you. About $40.

North Face® Jester: VIDEO REVIEW

North Face® Jester Backpack: VIDEO REVIEW

North Face® Jester Backpack is a Great Backpack for School

It's a pretty typical backpack that can handle an average load of textbooks and other school related items. The large main compartment is roomy enough to handle several large text books and binders. There's a handy accessory pocket on the front with a key clip and some handy mesh side-pockets for water bottles. There's a removable hip belt and a stitched foam back panel for added comfort on those long treks across campus or through the woods.

The great thing about this backpack is that it can easily double as a daypack for those unexpected brisk day hike into the wilderness. This backpack is one of the highest rated by Consumer Reports. It's made of durable 600-denier and 1200-denier polyester for exceptionally long life.


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You Don't Have to Spend a Lot to Get A Great Backpack

There are so many available options for backpacks out there on the market today. Sometimes the massive number of available choices can seem a bit overwhelming. Here's some guidelines when considering backpacks for school. First, just forget about all those movie theme or animated cartoon character backpacks that seem to be available at every discount or grocery store in the U.S. For the most part, these backpacks are cheaply made and won't last very long.

Instead, do some research and find out who makes the top-rated backpacks for school. Most good backpacks are simple, basic models that have stood the test of time. Manufacturers like JanSport®, North Face®, and L.L.Bean® are just a few of the best. Buy just about any backpack you may buy from any one of these companies and you can rest assured it's going to be well-designed, durable, and practical.The JanSport® Classic SuperBreak Backpack - World's Most Popular Backpack

JanSport® is probably the best known of all the makers of backpacks for school. They are best known for their simple, basic design and overall versatility. A very highly rated backpack by many consumers, this backpack is perfect for school. The SuperBreak is super durable and lightweight with a single large inside compartment for books or a laptop computer. There are several smaller pockets for pens and other smaller items.

Unlike most bags of this size, the SuperBreak has exceptionally light padding on the shoulder straps. This padding, although less than typical shoulder straps, is sufficient due to the overall light weight of the backpack. This popular backpack for school is available in 45 colors and patterns, offering enough choices for even the most picky student. It's no surprise that this classic and simple backpack is the number one selling backpack in the entire world - and it costs less than $30.



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