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Best Backpacks for High School Kids: Roller Review

Updated on May 24, 2014

Find the Best Backpacks for High School and Middle School Here...

Best rated backpacks
Best rated backpacks | Source

Best Backpacks for High School and Middle School Students

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You need a backpack for school and you need to know a little bit about backpacks before you go out and spend a bunch of money. Well, you're in the right place. The sheer number of backpacks for school available for purchase can be rather overwhelming at times. Rather than go out and just buy a backpack for school, why not take a minute and learn a few basic things about backpacks. I guarantee you'll save some serious money in the long run.

Stay Away from "Theme" Backpacks

Those big retail stores are pushing those backpacks with the latest and greatest cartoon character, motion picture star, or latest hit TV show. Guess why they're doing that? Because they have literally thousands of them in a warehouse and they need to sell them. Stay away from the hype and fancy marketing. It's not a good idea to but one of these type of backpacks. Chances are they are made of sub standard material and will probably not last very long.

Classic Backpacks are the Way to Go

There are several manufacturers out there who make a durable and stylish backpacks for school or work. JanSport®, North Face®, and L.L. Bean® all make some top-rated products that will last a long time and won't cost an arm and a leg. JanSport® has one called the Big Student Backpack for larger loads. North Face® makes a pack that is very popular with college students and can be found on just about any campus in the world. It's the North Face® Recon backpack. These classic style backpacks are not going to have all the fancy pockets and features of some of the more expensive backpacks, but they are a greta value for a little bit of money.

Wheeled Backpacks for Long Hauls

If you've ever had to go a long distance with a loaded backpack, then you know how heavy they can get. Rolling backpacks are an alternative for most folks with a heavier load to carry. There are some drawbacks with the wheeled packs. If you have ever tried to go up a long flight of stairs with people rushing in both directions, then you know how difficult a rolling backpack can be at that time. Uneven surfaces, curbs, and gravel-paved surfaces may also present a challenge for wheeled backpacks.

• You can find a video review of the North Face® Recon backpack here.
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