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Black Eyed Children Urban Legend: Is It Real?

Updated on February 22, 2016
BEK: Black Eyed Kid: DON'T LET THEM IN!!!!
BEK: Black Eyed Kid: DON'T LET THEM IN!!!! | Source

An urban legend is a modern folklore containing either horrifying, amusing or intriguing stories that is passed around as true (and believable). Usually urban legends have vague information that sounds like it can be true when really it isn’t. Urban legends often take the form in chain letters, false malware alerts and viruses, and is used as marketing plots (like the Blair Witch Project film). Modern, popular and more recent urban legends include Slenderman, The Choking Doberman, Bloody Mary, Hook-man, etc. This hub is about the urban legend surrounding BEK, or Black Eyed Children.


This is a supernatural phenomenon and urban legend that first appeared in the late 1990s. It was first reported by Brian Bethal, a journalist/ reporter who spoke of his encounter with black eyed kids.

This happened late at night around 1996 in Abilene, Texas, where a two young boys first appeared to Mr. Bethal outside his car in a parking lot. He was inside the car and they demanded that he let them in. Mr. Bethal reported experiencing an intense terror at the presence of them. While one of the most peculiar thing about this encounter was the fact the boys had solid black eyes and not a trace of a sclera (the white part of your eye). After his retelling, sightings have been reported in Portland, Oregon and then all over the world throughout the years.

The true origins of Black eyed people is unknown but all the facts remain the same. The sudden appearance of children aged between 6- 16 years old. They have also been reports of teenagers and adults black eyed persons. Often traveling in pairs and appear under the guise that they are lost, need to use the phone, are hitchhiking or panhandling. They appear in isolated places and often at doorsteps at night. They also appear during rainy/stormy weather. While the Black Eyed Children are often seen playing games with each other and singing nursery songs like “He Jumped into a Bramble Bush.” They have quintessential feature of completely black eyes and pale sickly, sometimes bluish skin.


The Black Eyed Children are very insistent that you let them in your home or car and BEK’s speak is unusually eloquent and proper matter for their age. Their mannerisms are also unusual too. If you refuse to let them in, they become pushy and sometimes very angry. They won’t attack you physically, but their presence inspires more of an emotional/psychological attack. It also induces distress.

Their presence reportedly inspires unexplained/ unjustified primal fear and terror. The people that encounter them feel vague sense of urgent danger that does not go away for a while. There are no reports on what happened to people that let them in. P.S. don’t let them in.


In more recent times there have been several news articles and videos about Black eyed people. In 2013 Black Eyed children were featured on an episode of “Weekly Strange,” on MSN. While in late September 2014, there was an article in the Daily Star (a British tabloid) that speaks of the rise and alleged sightings of BEK’s all around the world.

Sceptics claim that Black eyed children, Black eyed people is nothing new or special. That it resembles and recalls paranormal stories about phantom black dogs.


Even though BEKs origins are unknown. There are speculations that they can be anything from aliens, angels, demons, ghosts, and other types of entities. There is a theory that black eyed children are the spirits of murdered children. While some people say that the fact that the black eyed children ask you to let them in suggests that they could be related to vampires. This theory makes a bit of sense since vampires (like BEK) must be invited in by their victims, have pale skin (like BEKs) and often appear/attack at night (again like BEK). All these are theories and their origins and purpose are not known or understood yet. Even so, for the witnesses that encounter Black Eyed People, their presence hints of a very dangerous harbinger that can provide harm to humans. Overall for peace sake don’t let them in!


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  • danicole profile image

    danicole 3 years ago from United States

    it is!!!! thank you for reading and commenting!!!

  • peachpurple profile image

    peachy 3 years ago from Home Sweet Home

    It sounds scary but pitiful for the kids