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Bubblews Scams Writers

Updated on January 14, 2016

I wonder what it will profit an establishment to make quick money by scamming people and then spoil his reputation throughout his life time. I am putting this article down based on the personal experience I once had with the so called revenue sharing site, Bubblews. My heart is full of bitterness as my long time spent energy was wasted in vain. I do not want any writer to write on the site and at the end leave the site regretting because the pain I passed through is enough.

Personal Experience with the Revenue Sharing Website called Bubblews

I began to write on Bubblews in the year 2013. The site’s minimum payout as of then was $25 (twenty-five dollars). I was very excited to find the site that shares revenue by 50/50, but at the end left the site very sad.

I began with writing of jokes in the site and all my articles were in accordance with the site’s terms and condition. Later, I began to share important news which was all originally written by me without copying anything from any website on the internet. On daily basis, I earned not less than $1and I was very happy with that. But was that happiness completed at the end of the process?

Bubblews homepage
Bubblews homepage

The Stress Encountered in Bubblews

As I observed that I earned more on Bubblews whenever I checked at my earnings section call “bank”, I began to give more time to Bubblews than Hubpages, which is the best revenue sharing site in the world as far as I am concerned (Hubpages). I could spend six good hours on sit reporting important news on Bubblews just because I wanted to accumulate more from the site. In some cases, I decided not to eat just because I wanted to make good cash from Bubblews.

When I reached Payout on Bubblews

As I reached payout on Bubblews, I did not apply for the site to pay me because I felt I needed to accumulate more money, so I decided to write more to accumulate more earnings. When the earning reached $36, I applied for payment through check as the site was paying at $25 then. I was waiting for up to two good months for the check to reach me through the address I applied but until the moment am reporting this piece, nothing that resemble check has been mailed to me. This is more than eight months from now. The question is: what is still holding Bubblews from paying the cash to me? I decided to write to the site management for up to four good times reporting the issue but no feedback had been received from the team.

Peoples Opinion on writing on Bubblews

Statistically, many online writers reported that Bubblews have paid them before. Some reported that they have been receiving much more on their online payments through the site. Are those who have been paid by Bubblews in personal relationship with the site owner? Are they from a particular country with good reputation? Does Bubblews choose those they pay at random? Out of all these questions, I think that Bubblews choose those they pay at random. So, to avoid story that touch, do not write on that site or if you have been writing on the website, it is better to quite right now to avoid “had I know”.

Another group of writers on Bubblews reported that Bubblews had not paid them for once irrespective of the fact that they reached the payout and applied for their payments. This is witnessed through the writing people put in their websites, and this topic is added to keep on spreading the “good news” of the scamming observed in the website.

According to an online author that understood the importance of skill acquisition on writing, he stated in his personal blog that he wrote to Bubblews on many occasions concerning his inability to receive his payment but the site management did not reply any message to him. I wrote that he understood the importance of skill acquisition in writing because he detailed out all the important information through his article.

Better Places to Write Apart from Bubblews

  • Hubpages
  • Squiddo
  • Ezine Articles


Hubpages is a revenue sharing site that has a lot of skilful writers. The site is a good place for professions and beginners who want to share what they know for the world to read. The site encourages the importance of education, and that is why they have what is called Learning Centre where they train the writers on what it takes to publish on the website. Any who wants to write on the site can signup. Students who want to learn how to write winning essays can be train on Hubpages because the learning centre tutors writers on tips on writing successfully.


Squiddo is another revenue sharing site like Hubpages. Hubpages is a better revenue sharing site as the writer takes 60 percent of the money generated from advertisers while Hubpages goes with 40 percent. For Squiddo, it shares revenue 50/50. But on October 2014, Squiddo merged with Hubpages and the site is not working right now.

Ezine Articles

This is another revenue sharing site like Sqiddo but it requires high writing skills. The site shares their revenue on 50/50 standard. You as a writer of the article take 50% of the earnings made by the advertisers while the site owner (s) goes with 50%.

Comparing Hubpages, Squido and Ezine Articles

The three sites share revenue but hubpages is the best among them. Hubpages issues sub-domain to the users while the other two does not. Again, Hubpages pays 60% of the earnings to the hubbers while the Ezine Articles and Squiddo pay by 50%. In summary, I have had personal experience with Hupages and I can assure you that Hubpages pays well.


The power and the importance of information in every society cannot be over emphasized. I want to tell you to quite Bubblews if you are searching for revenue sharing site to work with. Bubblews scam writers and therefore do not try risking your effort by joining them. Instead of wasting your energy there, divert it to more important places.


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