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"Bullying - It's Time to Take a Stand"

Updated on December 23, 2015
HELP the bullied! STAND UP against bullying! SPEAK UP against bullying!
HELP the bullied! STAND UP against bullying! SPEAK UP against bullying!

What is Bullying?

Before we venture out to the concepts about bullying, it is better to understand first what is bullying. In this modernized world, there are many things that can happen to our children that we don't know about. One, for example, is this bullying. Have you ever wondered why your child is going home sad or terrified at school? Have you ever wondered why your child always wanted to be alone in his/her room? Well...that might be a case of bullying. Bullying is clearly defined as the use of intimidation, harassment and abuse towards others, forcing them to do what the bully wants. Simple, right? Well, we can define bullying by many simple meanings and understand them easily but its effects and causes are far more complicated than it seems. Bullying expresses forms of hatred and miscommunication towards others. Bullying doesn't only happen once or twice because bullying is evident that when it happens, this behavior repeats itself over and again! Bullying starts with small acts but when repeated, it may go all the way up to the point in which psychological emotions are affected. And from this point, the victim might end up having problems in life.

Bullying didn't start its way out during the 20th century nor even the 19th and 18th century! In fact, we should not even blame our parents if we are bullies ourselves! Bullying comes from the need of attention. It is not our friends who we should blame, not our parents, nor our teachers, but we should blame ourselves because bullying starts out and ends with us!

In the present day world, bullying is present worldwide. Even though some schools and constitutions have explicitly stated in their laws that there should be no acts of bullying (punching, kicking, shoving, or any form of harassment and abuse) to be observed in places such as parks, school grounds and the like, but bullying is still present all over the world. Why is it worldwide? You ask. Bullying cannot be prevented by laws that would suffice for years or even decades because bullying spontaneously starts, as I have stated, in simple acts that show signs for the need of attention. Laws only prevent significant cases of harassment and lessen its causes, but either way, the laws do affect and help in the prevention of bullying! Let us all be aware of this serious case. Let us be active in the prevention of bullying! SAY NO TO BULLYING!

Do you understand bullying now? Well then, let's go to a more severe type of bullying presently in the modern world.

Bullying is killing our kids. Being different is killing our kids, and the kids who are bullying are dying inside. We have to save our children whether they are bullied, or they are bullying. They are all in pain.

— Cat Cora

"Say Hello to Cyberbullying"

This generation is praised for having technology on its side and also for the development of a better foundation in our society today. This generation is called as "Generation Z" and we hail this generation because our lives are made easier by the gifts that technology and science gave to us. Better yet, technology made this generation come true! It is very spectacular to see that all of us are having merry moments with our gadgets. They help us connect with different people in the world! But in some cases, we misuse our gadgets. We abuse its purpose, to make the world a better place. Some of us use our devices for malice, such as cyberbullying. Due to the convenient uses of our cell phones, we could quickly go to websites that are popular today such as the ever-growing Facebook and the endless streaming video site YouTube. The question is how is cyberbullying related to Facebook and other social networking sites? That is easy to answer and by answering that question, I'll give cyberbullying its meaning. Cyberbullying is a form of bullying that does not require physical contact towards others but rather than using social networking sites and gadgets. Social networking sites such as Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn, are three of the most popular social websites today and these websites' purposes are to share, communicate and be informed of the news and information today. Teens are the widely known users of these sites and teens also have the most cases of cyberbullying.The new form of bullying takes place in the world of cyber-space in which everything is possible to do and achieve. We can change the whole world with just one click of the mouse!

Every day, many teens are still cyberbullied, and it can be observed through their posts. Some of their posts involve the use of insults or backhanded compliments to other people. Now, these victims, in turn, are affected by the posts because they seemingly quite know that they are the ones who are being targeted by the bully based on the victims' experience, perspective, and view of the post. Cyberbullying is also present in social networking sites besides their posts, and that is the comments section. In the comments section, there are many things going in there. There may be conversations and arguments that may end up in bullying each other such as answering each other back by the use of filthy words. The comments section is used for discussions, conversations and well...comment about the post but it is not used for bullying others. I have seen many comments on the posts of my friends on Facebook saying bad things about the one who posted it. It saddens me that the comments used should be compliments, suggestions and sometimes, an arguably reply but not for insulting others by mean words. For we all know that, in fact, it is already cyberbullying. Another example is the loss of privacy. Let's say one of your Facebook friends posted or shared a photo of you that is private and said insults about you. Would you not get affected? Would you feel a sense of shame and anger? This is an example of cyberbullying already.

Cyberbullying doesn't only come from the internet itself. Sometimes, text messaging via the cell phone can be a threat to others. One can say vulgar words simply by sending a text message to the victim. This is already an example of cyberbullying. Cyber bullying is serious nowadays because a lot of people are already influenced by the use of the internet. Many can abuse the wonders of the internet, and this is one of the reasons why cyberbullying is present. To summarize things up, all that I'm pointing out is that cyberbullying is a more dangerous type of bullying because not only one person can be affected but a whole lot of others! Also, it is very shameful that everyone can see the bully's post! Think about the others. Do you think they want to see posts that are meant to target the feelings and emotions of other people? Do you think they want to see obscure words? Do you think they wanted to say about you that "Ah! This person is naïve! Just like a child who's still immature to think about others!"? NO! Of course not! So, the next time you are about to bully a person on the internet, think about what you are going to do. Is it for the benefit of others? Won't I hurt other peoples' feelings? Would this post be able to help change the lives of others for the better? Remember that words really pack a large punch. If destroying your computer, tablet, laptop or whatever device you have stops you from cyberbullying, then do it. It is better to destroy those things rather than having to hurt others.

Know Respect

Two people paying respect to each other
Two people paying respect to each other

Let Me Share Something

Back when I was in 3rd grade, I have been a victim of bullying. There were many times that I walked home crying because somebody took my lunch money. There were also times that my classmates threatened me to do their home works and projects, or else they will beat me up. One of the worst cases of bullying that I will never forget in my life was this: This event happened when I was in 4th grade. It was past a few minutes after dismissal time. I decided to buy some food with my friends outside the school campus. After a while later, we went back to the school's campus because we decided to eat our food there. My friends and I have enjoyed our meals and had a great time with each other. Then, there were three high school students who came up to us and then just sat next to us. They stared at us with glaring eyes. We were all having an awkward moment since we didn't know them yet. Then all of a sudden, one of the high school students stood up and grabbed my food and just threw it onto the floor. The same with the other two high school students, they grabbed the food of my friends and threw it onto the floor. After then, they called us a bunch of 3rd-grade losers. My friends and I made a swift decision and went straight to the prefect of discipline. There we reported the incident. The next day, we met the high school bullies who threatened us, and they offered an apology. My friends and I didn't accept their apology but after a few days, we were all friends. Currently, those high school bullies are now one of our new buddies. They've changed their lives for the better. I've learned a thing or two about bullying from those days. Sometimes, bullies are only cowards and lone wolves who are waiting for a friend who would brighten up their lives, help them, put on a smile on their faces and most of all, a friend who will stay right by their side no matter what happens. I'll admit that bullies are bad, but they just need someone in their lives. I have been bullied for several months back during my elementary years, but I had the courage. Courage to stand up and to speak up was all I need to be not bullied. I AM SICK OF BULLYING! For my entire life during my elementary days, people kept saying mean things to me. Some of those were fat, ugly, lazy, dumb, gay and all the other mean words you can think of! I am just sick of it. I asked help from God to guide me and give me courage. I tell you that if you have this courage, use it. It is not only the better for you, but it would also benefit others. Let yourself be an inspiration to other people who are kept on being bullied every day!

Bullies befriend other bullies because, in fact, both of them accept that they are loners in life, and they need someone to accompany them. Why do they team up with other bullies? You ask. Well, let me put it up to nature. Normally people who have the same interests, likes and hobbies are friends. For example, if a gamer finds another gamer, most likely, both of them would be friends. If someone likes PewDiePie, from YouTube and another person also likes PewDiePie, then the two friends are easy to cope up with each other. It is the same for bullies. Since they can't find anyone with their same interests, they decide to join other bullies. As a student, I speak for those who are victims of bullying. I can't stand the world being filled with bullies and poor children who are traumatized at school because of an awful harassment and continuous abuse of the children of society. Today, many people still hope for the cure for bullying. But not everyone knows it. It's only learning to appreciate others.

My teachers told me once that in order for peace and harmony to be present, once must learn to understand others. Be considerate to other people because you don't know what had happened to their lives. As I have stated, I have been repeatedly bullied throughout my elementary life but I never gave up. I have been smacked down by many of my classmates, and my lips bled severely many times. I didn't eat lunch times back then because a bully would always take my lunch money. Every morning, my classmates always tried to take my assignments and copy it. Afterwards, they would just leave it anywhere they want to. I will never forget those times of such pain and desolation in my life. But I never gave up. I always thought of the day that my painful moments will end. To all the victims of bullying, if you are planning on ending your lives, take a moment to reflect on your life. Can't you see the wonders that God bestowed upon you? Can't you see how special you are? You are unique and perfect in whatever ways you can imagine! Release the inner beauty of yourself. Be brave! Stand for what you are fighting for. Just like what Samwise Gamgee said to his best friend Frodo in the Lord of the Rings trilogy. He said: "There's some good left in this world, Mr. Frodo. And it's worth fighting for!". Sam is a perfect model of being a loyal friend to Frodo. If you think that there is nothing for you stored in the future, you're wrong. God has a lot in store for you in the future. Never give up! Be brave! Stand up! Put a smile on your face! Be happy! God is always with you no matter what, and He wants you to be happy!

I also went to this type of pain, but I tell you never to give up. I'm pointing to all the people reading this article! Let the inner beauty in you shine upon others so that others may also learn to shine theirs upon others. Remember what I have said: "Never give up! Be brave! Stand up! Put a smile on your face! Be happy! God is always with you no matter what, and He wants you to be happy!"

You Make the Choice!

Who do you think needs help? The bully or the victim?

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Bonds of Friendship

My friends and I wear bracelets as symbols of our ever-lasting friendship. Together, bullies don't stand a chance!
My friends and I wear bracelets as symbols of our ever-lasting friendship. Together, bullies don't stand a chance!

You Can Count on Me!

I'm sure everybody has friends, right? Because with friends, your life will be complete. Friends are always there for you. They cheer you up, protect you, spend their time with you and be crazy with you! Your pals are like your family. They know your interests, likes, routine and many more of you! We say that they are special for us. Well, how about for bullies? Do you think they deserve to have friends? Do you think they should be alone forever? Well, that's what friends are for! To make your life more colorful, more vibrant, and more lucid so you can understand what life is all about. Bullies deserve to have friends, but they are having a tough time finding one. Bullies are problematic in life. They are actually misguided from their journey.

Having friends has its perks. If you have a large group of friends. Bullies will probably attempt to avoid you. But if they think they have the upper hand then maybe they will try to harm you. I can only reassure you of this: Keep on having many friends as you can, the more, the merrier! Try to avoid the actions and misguided ways of bullies. If you see one, try if you can befriend the bully. If they refuse, then keep it up! Sometime, sooner or later, that bully will be a friend of yours! As long as you have the courage everything will be okay. Treasure your friends not because of who they are but treasure them because you care, appreciate and love them!

A Video That Will Touch Your Heart


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