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Where to Buy a Wireless Rain Gauge Online

Updated on March 25, 2012
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Gardeners and farmers must know how much rainfall they received to produce the highest yields. Even if you do not farm or have no garden, it is nice to know how much rain came down. A wireless rain gauge is the best way to record rainfall amounts while keeping your feet dry.

Rain gauges come in all varieties. Plastic tube rain gauges for the garden are cheap. They do a good job of telling you how much water your sprinkler spread over your garden. I use them all the time so I am assured of an even watering of the entire garden. They are cheap so I can place them throughout my garden. Since it is necessary to use several at once to gauge how much water fell on each section of the garden from the sprinkler, they are a good choice.

The biggest problem with plastic tube rain gauges that you stick into the ground is that you have to tip toe through the mud to read them. Again, for the garden they are a low cost solution that works well. When I am out in the garden, I am already wearing clothes that can get dirty.

Outside of the garden, you do not need a lot of rain gauges. One behind the house will tell you the rainfall total for your area. I do not feel like walking in the wet grass so I recommend a wireless rain gauge. They are inexpensive and are very accurate and they empty themselves.

I have a small hobby farm and need to know how much rain fell in my field. Since rainfall totals can vary widely over short distances, I can not trust the readings from TV or the radio. A wireless rain gauge does the job.

I useĀ an Oregon Scientific wireless rain gauge in the field behind the barn and the Chaney Instrument 5-inch Capacity Easy-Read Magnifying Rain Gauge in the garden. I prefer the easy read of magnifying rain gauges as my eyes are not the best. For me, it is important that I get an even watering over my entire garden. I use a forest gardening approach where I have a lot of plants close together. They all need the right amount of water.

Buy an Electronic Rain Gauge Online

Where to Buy the Right Rain Gauge Online

I placed a good selection of wireless and other types of rain gauges around this article from Amazon. I think Amazon is the best place to buy because of their free shipping, guarantee, and return policy. I am comfortable buying from manufacturers and retailers when Amazon is the conduit.

Amazon also lists search results by price. The best, most relevant, products are listed first. Retailers that want the top spot need to offer quality products at the best price. Everyone that lists products through Amazon must abide by the free shipping policy.

I want to spend more time in my garden. Running around town looking for what I need is wasted time. I can shop at Amazon, find exactly what I need, get the best price, pay no shipping, and have my order in a few days. There is no other choice.

Buy a wireless rain gauge today from Amazon. I recommend Oregon Scientific wireless rain gauges. They have served my needs well for longer than I can remember. As long as you are at Amazon, pick up a pack of rain gauge stakes for the garden. Trust me on this, get the magnifying kind. It is so much easier on the eyes.

A wireless rain gauge also makes for the perfect gift. Buy a wireless rain gauge from Amazon today. Get a second wireless rain gauge for a friend. It is a gift that will give for years to come.

Buy a Tipping Bucket Rain Gauge Online


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