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Spiritual Channelling Your Spirit Guide Part Two

Updated on September 23, 2011
The writer presenting an entertaining story to a group of Probus members in May 2010
The writer presenting an entertaining story to a group of Probus members in May 2010

Channelling Spirit Guides - We all have these abilities within us

So to Spiritual Channelling - Your Spirit Guide

As you become more spiritual in nature, whether that be through doing good works, earnest prayer, serious meditation, or whatever, you will gradually discover that you are opening up innate abilities such as clairvoyance, clairaudience, channelling spirit guides and the like. We all have these abilities within us. They evolve as we evolve. They gradually come into manifestation. We are advised not to seek them for their own sake. These extra senses are meant to become our tools. They are ours to use. But it's best to use to them not only for our own benefit, but for the benefit of all.

First test the spirits for their authenticity

Should we decide to dabble in the esoteric simply out of curiosity, it is quite likely we will come up against spiritual beings on those levels closest to the earth plane. Here you could be fooled by very ordinary departed souls who will delight in having a joke at your expense. You see, if they want to, they can see you. But unless you're a particularly gifted clairvoyant you can't see them. This is how it has been put to me. Such souls have no interest in you as a rule. But they begin to take interest, if you do. What draws them is your thinking about them.

All sorts of grandiose claims might be put to you: they are Napoleon Bonaparte, Cleopatra, Genghis Khan or even Jesus Christ. It is surprising how gullible people can become when they start being able to record messages from 'the other side.'

There can also be danger here

There can also be danger here. This is especially the case if those dabbling in occult matters start taking messages from people who were of very nasty character whilst living on earth. Such might claim to be God, or some such, and order you to do certain things you know are wrong. They might even take over your mind as a 'voice or voices' in the head. In the Bible this is known as possession. Treat it seriously. Refuse to take part in any action you know is immoral or evil. If you don't do what you're bidden, such entities quickly lose interest.

We attract what we are, and that includes people

Your spirit guide?

Broadly speaking, the sorts of soul or entity you attract will be in direct proportion to your unfolding spirituality. The higher your level, the higher their level. If you seek the truth, want guidance, are very sincere in your desires and your motives are selfless, you'll quickly find yourself being given guidance by entities from somewhat higher planes. An entity might give himself or herself a name. Quite likely it won't be their real one. They can ascertain from your aura- which they can see at will, I suspect - exactly where you stand from the gullibility, intelligence and spiritual levels. I've a dozen or more books on my bookshelves by best-selling spirituality authors who refer ad nauseum to the validity of their guides. Nearly all these guides seem to have extraordinary mystical-type names

My experiences with spiritual channelling began way back in 1968

Channelling Spirit Guides: I began with Automatic Writing.

In my own case, I commenced automatic writing - it used to be called mediumship in those days - in 1968. For a month or so I was fooled around with by mischievous lower-level entities, who had me do all manner of stupid things. They were doing it for a laugh- at my expense. Then an entity (U.R.) claiming to be my spiritual guide, and two lesser guides, the latter claiming to be friends from former lifetimes, were my companions via the automatic pen (typewriter, actually) for the next twenty years or so. By that time, I'd commenced serious meditational practices (1986) A new guide was introduced- Hector. He stayed a while. Then another. The claim was made that they'd gone as far as they could with me. There was really not that much more they could teach me, was the message I was getting. Frequently I was told that I had many people on the "other side" keeping an eye on what I was doing. One had to wonder if this was wishful thinking, vanity, or the actual truth? Then I was introduced to my Higher Self, or my Highest Self. And it is that stage that I am at now. Though I'm still contacted by spirits claiming to be separate from me.

Whatever you believe you ultimately receive in your life

This is not meant to be a book on automatic writing or channeling spirit guides. I've already completed quite a number of these. But I would like to see what my Higher Self has to say about what I've written here. So I ask my Higher Self, right at this moment, to respond if He/She/It will.

Immediate response :

"You are going to be a great success, in that you're endeavoring to convey a lot of generalized information to as wide an audience as practicable. You will not, however, convince many that what is happening now is not you, Arthur Thomas Ware, writing consciously. That will only be known to those who are ready and able to believe it.

"You see, Tom, belief is the key here. Whatever you believe you ultimately receive into your life. If you don't believe it, it will not arrive.

"My advice to you and to your readers is to always be aware of what is habitually within your and their minds. Be conscious of your thoughts. Think happy thoughts and you will have a happy life.

How do you think happy thoughts?

"How do you think happy thoughts? You imagine yourself doing good things for other people: helping them out, giving them small gifts, educating and teaching them, being kind and caring. If you imagine these things, you'll do these things. If you do these things, the natural spin off is happiness. It comes from feeling good about yourself; loving yourself. When you love yourself entirely and without reservation you will love everyone else. When you love everyone else you will be happy, and you will radiate happiness to all around you. That is the Law. My Law.

You give out what you have inside

"You can always show up at a place being miserable. You will then make everyone else miserable. You give out what you have inside. So by eliminating the angst, the hurt, the anger, the rage- all the negativity that is held within your mind-body, that is the ego, by purifying yourself, your purify your world. And the purer the world, the purer and more glad to be alive in it you all will be.

Know that you truly can have anything you want- anything! Choose happiness. Choose light, love and laugher. In that way you will be happy all the days of your life, and remain happy even as you come back to what is the essential you - Me.

Goodbye for now, and I wish you well in your writing..."

I hope you enjoyed reading Spiritual Channelling Your Spirit Guide Part Two.

Keep smiling and think happy.



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