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Spiritual Channelling to find your life purpose.

Updated on August 10, 2012

Channelling - It's a learned skill

The writer has had over forty years experience with automatic writing
The writer has had over forty years experience with automatic writing

You, and everyone else, has a spirit guide - some more than one.

Welcome to Spiritual Channelling to Find Your Life Purpose.

Even a happy life cannot be without a measure of darkness, and the word happy would lose its meaning if it were not balanced by sadness. It is far better to take things as they come along with patience and equanimity.

Carl Gustav Jung

A Hub of this type would not be complete unless it contained a little about the subject of Channelling. "Channelling what?" you might ask. Are we talking ghosts? Departed loved ones? channelling spiritual guides and mentors? Or are we talking the very highest part of ourselves- our Highest Self? And the answer has to be: all of these. How can it not be? Our essence is that which creates the universe. The Observer brings it into being. This is what quantum mechanics is telling us, if I am interpreting various famous scientific writers correctly. We turn the wave forms into particles. We are part of a "Self Aware Universe," a part of it The All. Roberto Assagioli says we are "a centre of consciousness with a will," and that sensation, emotion-feelings, impulse-desires, imagination, thought, and even intuition, are but elements of us, "elements of the mind."

We are part of Universal Mind

We are part of Universal Mind. It may be an infinitesimally small part, but like one individual water-atom amidst an endless ocean, we are no different, in our essence, from the rest of that ocean. This is the Divine Dichotomy. This is the big riddle. We are unique, separate, discrete beings, yet we are also a part of The Whole. So when we channel a spirit, be it the soul of our dear departed maternal grandmother, the outlaw Billy the Kid, Mother Teresa, or a spiritual guide who we name or who provides us with a name, or whether we just refer to our guidance as my Higher Self, it is all valid. If you can think it, it exists somewhere. If you can think of someone, they exist somewhere. There is no such thing as no thing. There is no such thing as nothing.

Spiritual Channelling Your Spirit Guide - Does a character in the mind really exist?

Suppose you are a writer of fiction. You imagine a character and write about him or her. Does the character really exist? As far as you and I living on this earth plane is concerned, "No." that character is imaginary. It's just something in the mind. But it has to exist in the imagination and the imagination is another dimension. It is not a "No thing." That dimension must be able to hold shape and form, otherwise you'd never be able to get anything tangible about your character into you own personal mind-space. You create it. And although not of this earth, it does, at that time, exist.

To be happy, we need a philosophy of life we can live with

What the hell has all this got to do with happiness? you may ask. A lot. Why? Because as an intelligent, questioning human being, you cannot attain to happiness unless you can discover, or adopt, or claim a philosophy of life that you can live with. If you think your life is purposeless, that you are just born, shop, suffer and die, you'll find yourself becoming increasingly unhappy as time progresses. A purposeless life is an unhappy life. As a young man or young woman you might put your analysis of your own life on the back-burner for a while. But eventually the specter of death and final annihilation will raise its ugly specter. Your ego won't like that. It won't like it at all.

We need to realize we're part of The Whole

However, when we begin to realize that we are part of The Whole; that the essential us is an immortal spirit, the natural corollary is happiness. "Ah, there is a point to it all." Wonder what it is as far as I am is concerned? And at around that point you start to become a serious seeker of the truth. Serious does not mean unhappy. On the contrary, it arouses hope. Hope turns into anticipation. Anticipation turns into belief. And belief eventuates in knowing.

Oh, and knowing isn't an intensified belief. Knowing comes from experience! Once you've experienced who you are, doubt is forever removed.

Spiritual Channelling Your Spirit Guide continues in Part Two of this essay. Please let me know if you like to read this sort of stuff.



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  • profile image

    Tusitala Tom 

    8 years ago

    Thank you, Billie. That's the sort of feedback needed to keep me placing more on Hubpages.


  • Raging Bull profile image

    Raging Bull 

    8 years ago from Melbourne, Australia

    Keep up the great work, excellent subject matter! Look forward to reading more. Thanks for sharing your insights. Billie


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