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Funny Mimes for ESL/EFL Students

Updated on September 4, 2013

Mimes for ESL/TEFL


Close Your Books

Mimes are a great way to let the students have a little fun or for 5 - 15 minute fillers. Here are a number of different scenarios which your class can act out. Don’t worry if you think some of them are too hard, it’s amazing how they manage to communicate even the most unusual idea.

Miming at the Restaurant


At a Restaurant

  1. There is a long black hair in my spaghetti. I am not going to pay for the meal!
  2. The bill is wrong; I didn’t order two bottles of wine.
  3. What do you recommend we eat tonight?
  4. I am allergic to sea fish. I just vomited.
  5. I spilt soup on my shirt, where is the bathroom?
  6. We booked a table for 5 and there is only room for 4.
  7. I am going to propose tonight, could you put some flowers on my table?
  8. My friend is choking, can you call an ambulance?
  9. My steak is raw; can you take it back to the kitchen?
  10. I don’t like jazz music. Can you change it to something else?

At a hospital

  1. Help! My friend is unconscious!
  2. My wife is about to give birth, where is the maternity ward?
  3. Where is the shop? I want to buy some flowers and chocolates.
  4. The left wheel of my wheelchair is broken.
  5. I have been waiting here for 5 hours and I have a broken arm. I need to see a doctor!
  6. My daughter was on a swing and fell off; I think she swallowed her tooth.
  7. I was cooking dinner and I burned myself with hot oil.
  8. My friend was drink-driving and he crashed his motorbike.
  9. I was working on a building site and I fell from a roof. I can't walk.
  10. I went to India. A mosquito bit me and now my leg is very swollen.

Party Mimes


At a Party

  1. Where is the bottle opener? I can’t find it.
  2. You look very nice tonight. I like your dress.
  3. Have you seen my friend? She is short, slim and has long hair.
  4. The police are outside. They want to stop the party.
  5. Let’s go outside for some fresh air. It's very smoky in here.
  6. There is somebody in the bathroom for a long time and I really need to go!
  7. This music is very depressing, why not put some dance music on?
  8. The neighbours are complaining about the noise. Can you turn down the volume?
  9. We have 3 hours to clean up before my parents come home.
  10. Someone broke the toilet in the bathroom. It doesn’t flush any more.

Hotel Problem Mimes


At a Hotel

  1. There is a giant spider in the shower.
  2. I am drunk and cannot remember which room I am in. I don’t have a key.
  3. You ring room service. You want cereals, orange juice, coffee and toast.
  4. Someone stole my credit card from my room. I can’t pay the bill.
  5. I think someone was in my room. My things are in different places.
  6. There is water leaking from the bath and the toilet.
  7. There is a bad smell coming from underneath the mattress.
  8. The people in the next room have been arguing for the last two hours.
  9. My bill is wrong; I did not watch a movie.
  10. I need an extra fold-out bed for one night.

Mimes about the Law


At a Police Station

  1. Arrest me! I am a serial killer. I have killed eight old people.
  2. I saw a drunken man speeding down the town. He crashed into a refuse bin and ran away.
  3. My neighbours are smuggling diamonds.
  4. I witnessed a robbery. It was three men with balaclavas. They were driving a white van. They robbed a bank.
  5. I want to make a complaint. I think my dentist is poisoning her patients.
  6. I won’t say anything until my lawyer comes. And I want to make a phone call.
  7. The children from my street are vandalising my property. They spray painted the word ‘PIG’ on my walls.
  8. Help! My child was kidnapped from her bedroom. They kidnappers want €1 million ransom.
  9. I witnessed a crime. My boss/colleague is stealing €0.01 from each bank account. Now he has €3 million!
  10. I was mugged last night. It was two guys. They stole my phone, my wallet with €35 in it and my handbag.

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