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College, School, And Goals

Updated on January 15, 2014

My Future, My Lovely Kids

Beautiful Evening Picture in Seattle Out with My Kids.
Beautiful Evening Picture in Seattle Out with My Kids. | Source

Never To Late To Go To School

College is a great experience at any age.  I am 32, going on 33, and I am about 5 classes away from my Associates Degree.  It is later on life but I am doing this for myself and my family. I have 2 little girls that look up to me, and I have a family that would love to know that one of their own has completed college.  Allot of people that I work with know that I am all about self help, self investment and also self studying and furthering your education.  Early in life I left a great school in the University Of Washington for personal reasons, and I attended a few other surrounding community colleges, and like with everybody else in the world LIFE happens.  I currently work for a wireless company and I am happy for the most part, but to get ahead to where I want to go I finally stopped putting it off and realized that school is the best place to be for me.  Its never to late to go back to school. I do not care what age you are or what subject you are interested in. I am interested in finance and computers, and real estate and tons of other areas.  I have studied the world of living and LIFE, and I can honestly tell you that I have a PhD in the art of LIFE.   I do not know everything, but I have studied numerous subjects on my own time and noticed that I have a knack for helping people and encouraging people to do things that benefit themselves.  School is my next endeavour for myself and my friends and family.  No matter what subject you are interested in there is some legitimate schools out there that can help you achieve that degree, or certification.  Schools like Strayer University, and other online college/universities programs offer certificates and diplomas.  With some jobs, a degree is not required, its the experience that you have.   I have a great lady friend, who dropped out of high school, didn't really know too much about computers, busted her azz and learned about computers and started working for Microsoft and has made some good money.  All without having to go to school, but some people are not like that and need the direction school has to offer.  Take a chance and take one class that you know you will like. Take a night class, take a day class, take a part time class, take a online only class.  Don't be intimidated with school work and homework and all of your other responsibilities. If you have always wanted to go back to school there are tons of options available to you to attend school.  My employer has a great program for going to college. They will prepay for me to attend which is great.  Check with your job about the education benefits available.  Most people do not even know that their company may even offer such benefits.  Check with your local community college and see what type of grants and programs that are available if cost is an issue.  Don't look at the short term, look at the long term.  Accomplish the goal of finishing school and earning that diploma in college, certificate or degree.  Opening up more options in your career future will only lead to happier days at work.  Can you imagine actually looking through the job postings and checking out jobs that you actually qualify for and not what you wished you qualified for?  

That can and will be a great feeling. You must take the first step and check out which local school works for you.  I prefer online only courses because it fits my schedule.  Most of my friends and co workers know that I have a full plate everyday on my schedule. I LOVE being a daddy, I love getting up in the morning, and I always love doing something new and learning something new because things are always changing.   Change is constant remember that.  I used to play the Atari 2600 and Coleco Vision, and now I play on a Xbox 360.  Time is changing so don't be afraid to try something new with school and a new direction in life and your career. We only live once and sometimes if fun to venture out in a new direction.  I would love to get my actual PhD, but I will be happy with my Associates, and a few computer certifications.    

And example that I want to share with my online community, and fellow Hubbers is becoming a contract specialist.  I never ever knew such a position existed until I started attending my current online school.  I saw a degree field for this type of position and I started to research it and what did I find!?!?!?  At least where I live, there are a ton of openings for this type of position.  I am actually thinking about minoring in such a position. With the government dishing out billions with stimulus money, and the economy slowly on the rebound, new contracts and opportunities are going to open up. And just from what I have noticed in my local area, contract specialist are in demand.  

My point of this Hub is simple:

Its never to late to go back to school to learn something new

Don't use excuses as to why you haven't gone back to school. I work full time and OT, I have two beautiful children, one is in martial arts, soccer and now basketball, and wants to learn to play the piano.  The other doesn't like to sleep at night, drools allot and loves looking at her hand and seeing how it moves and makes cute baby sounds especially when she is trying to talk.    Plus a beautiful girlfriend.

Life is passing us all buy manage LIFE better.  24 hours in a day use most of those hours for the best time of your life. 

Don't live for today, live for tomorrow

Its NEVER EVER To Late To Go Back To School


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