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Come Back to Your First Love... Someone Loved Me First?!?! Who Could That Be? (7/26/2016, Message#33)

Updated on August 6, 2018

Come Back to Jesus Christ!

Never Forget Your First Love!!
Never Forget Your First Love!! | Source

Now is the Time to Come Back to Jesus!

According to the Bible (Book of Instruction Before Leaving Earth), Father God even Loves the backslider and what He wants is for them to come back to Him! Just like in the story of the Prodigal Son, where the son of a wealthy man decides to leave home because he wants to go see the world.

As the story goes, his father allows him to do so and gives him his portion of the wealth. The son goes out to explore the world, has a good time, spends all of his wealth on whatever he wants and does whatever he wants. Eventually he runs out of money and ends up in a pig pen, where he spends most of his days. All of the friends he made while he had plenty of money, all left him and never knew him once the money was gone. All he had was the pigs, the pig pen and no clean clothes. After sometime living this way, the son realizes he doesn’t have to keep living like this, he can go home! So a far off, his father sees his son coming as he goes to meet him. When they saw each other they wept, his father kissed him, and put his ring onto his son and gave him his coat. His father made a celebration for his son. Because he was lost and now he is home or found!

What’s the moral of the story? Sure we want to go and see what this world is like or about, if we do and we get deep into things. Father God is there, waiting for us to realize we don’t have to stay this way. We can still come back to Him and Jesus is still our Answer!!!

The Prodigal Son Message, Part One!

Stay Focused on Jesus!!

Jesus is the Way!
Jesus is the Way! | Source

Don’t Let Anyone or Anything Keep You From Jesus!!

No matter how hard the world pulls and tugs at you, Jesus is far greater than any issue we could, would or are dealing with! Never forget, Jesus Christ rose with All Power and Authority given Him by Father God! This is who we have in our corner, because of Jesus Christ, we are more than conquerors!! With this said, there should be no one who can, will or even think they can separate us from Him!! How could they, Jesus Christ is the “Great I Am that I Am!” I mean, “Greater is He that is in me, than that which is in the world!” No one, no situation, nothing can or has the power to separate you from Jesus Christ, always remember this. What you may be going through, nothing is greater than Jesus Christ, He is you’re everything for He is your Answer! Come back to Him, especially while He is still calling for you, come back to Him now.

Don't Wait, Come Back and Hold On Now!

Do It for the Love of Jesus!!
Do It for the Love of Jesus!! | Source

The Time to Let Go and Hold Close to Jesus is Now!

More than anytime in Human History, we need to be as close to Jesus Christ as possible! Look at the state of the world? Do think there is hope or peace left? You already know the answer. Jesus is the Prince of Peace, meaning the world can’t give you what it doesn’t have! Don’t be distracted, the world is very good at this. How do you know this? Look at the elections in the U.S. and this should be so obvious! Both candidates are over the hill, there are no younger qualified candidates?!? This should be a major red flag or sign! The latest game craze or video interaction, Pokémon Go; people are being sucked into this!?! There are plenty of distractions and these are just a couple!

These and any distractions are means to keep you from leaning and gleaning upon Jesus Christ! This is the time when “We” need hope more than water and air themselves, and Jesus Christ is this Hope!! Don’t be so “Sucked” into this world, that you forget your First Love! This World, Let It Go for we must not lose sight of the Prize, spending Eternity with King Jesus!!

Where to Find True Peace!!

The Prince of Peace!
The Prince of Peace! | Source

Want Peace, Jesus is the Answer!

Remember, Jesus is the Prince of Peace or the source of True Peace and we will experience this Peace in Jesus! Don’t want Peace? Peace which surpasses all understanding, Jesus Christ is our “Only” Source; it will never be found or given by anyone else. Simply put, Jesus is the answer for everything, anyone and for any issue or situation we may be dealing with!! Remember just as the Bible says, “Greater is He that is in me, than that which is in the world!” The World doesn’t have our answers, it never did and nor will it ever! This is why we must Let Go of it! Jesus Christ is Forever and this World is Temporary!! Do You Get it Now?

The Prodigal Son, Part 2!!

There's Only One Way!!

Jesus is The Way!!
Jesus is The Way!! | Source

Don’t Turn Away, Turn Towards Him!

Just like in the Prodigal Son, don’t dwell in the world, unless a pig pen is where you want to remain? The pig pen in the story represents sin. How you ask? When we live in sin, our soul is dirty, fifthly and deep in stink. Doesn’t his describe a pig pen perfectly? Of course it does, the Bible is the greatest reference and does this so smoothly. Living in sin or darkness, away from Jesus is just like living in a Pig Pen! The only way to get out of the Pig Pen is to realize you don’t need to stay there, just like the Prodigal Son realized this. The question is, are you ready to leave the Pig Pen? Or does your Pig Pen really “Feel” so Good, you’re going to stay there? The choice is yours, Pig Pen or no Pig Pen, Live in Sin or Live without Sin in Jesus?

Jesus Christ Is Love!

The Purest Love There Is!!
The Purest Love There Is!! | Source

Need Love? God the Son, Jesus Christ is Love!

There are so many people who just want and greatly desire Love, so much so they will do almost anything to have it!! The world can’t give something it does have, for it doesn’t know what it is and it never did! This world can distract you, mislead you and misdirect you; it can do this very well! There is only One Source for Love and I mean True Love, better than the unconditional love a mother bestows upon her children! This source of Love has no end, never runs out, can never be depleted and has enough for all who must have it! Jesus Christ is the Source of this Love, a Love which surpasses all understanding and beyond any level of Unconditional Love a mother can give!! Do you Need some? Do you Want some? Now you know where to find it!!

You Can Still Come Back to Jesus!

Here's How!
Here's How! | Source

Won’t You Come; Jesus Desires That You Come to Him!

Turn away from the lies of this world and turn to Jesus Christ, the one who died for you. Turn to Him and renew your commitment to Him! Just Pray: “Father, I know my sins have separated me from you. I am truly sorry, and now I want to turn away from my past sinful life towards you. Please forgive me, and help me avoid sinning again. I believe that your son, Jesus Christ died for my sins, was resurrected from the dead, is alive, and hears my prayer. I invite Jesus to become the Lord of my life, to rule and reign in my heart from this day forward. Please send your Holy Spirit to help me obey You, and to do Your will for the rest of my life. In Jesus' name I pray, Amen.”

If you meant this with all of your heart and are willing to stand fast upon your faith, you have been restored with your First Love, Jesus! All He wants is for you to seek Him and come to know His Will for You. For you already know this World doesn’t love you nor can it provide true happiness, peace, love or joy!! You are well aware, that Jesus Christ is the “Only One” who can and does!! Stay in His Will and you will know True Happiness, Peace, Love and Joy!!

What Happened At The Cross in the Spirit Realm!!!

Love Not This World!

Let It Go, You Must!!
Let It Go, You Must!! | Source

Love Not This World, Jesus Christ is Still Your Answer!

As we have come to know by now, Jesus Christ is the answer Humanity has been looking for and Father God El Shaddai (God Almighty) has given to us! A Loving, Caring Eternal Father has always been looking out for our best interests and intentions! We owe more to Father God than we realize, for He has sacrificed so much to bring us back to Him. This is how important Humanity is to Him, Father God Elohim (I Am That I Am) desires us more than we know and this goes for “All” Humanity!! This is why He gave His Only Son, Jesus Christ to redeem “Us.” “We” meant that much to Him, that which is precious to Him, Father God gave it Willingly to Redeem “All” humanity! How Great is Father God El Shaddai? He is an Awesome God and this is Why Jesus is So Important to “Us” and Why Humanity Needs Jesus!!

If Father God never gave His Son, there would be no Hope for Humanity! Whether You Know It or Not, This is Elohim’s Story would have a very different ending. There would be no people in Heaven and more than likely, Creation would be either destroyed or remade. Thank Father God Jehovah, this isn’t the case and Jesus Christ is “Our” Hope and “Our” answer!! This is why the Bible says, “All Can Call Upon the Name of Jesus!” All by acknowledging the Plan of the Lord God of Heaven's Plan of Salvation through the sacrifice the Lord Jesus Christ did for “Us,” “We” can receive the many Blessings Father God has for us! Don’t you want these Blessings and Promises of Father God? Through Jesus Christ, “We” Can!

This is Why Humanity Needs Jesus!

Surrender All to Jesus, Let Go of the "World!"

Embrace the Promises of Jesus!
Embrace the Promises of Jesus! | Source

Turn Away From the World, Jesus is Bigger than Any Problem and Situations You Are Dealing With!!

This World is temporary and its foundation as of recent has become shaky or very unstable. The Bible already foretold this, which in the last days, there will be a cashless society. Something must happen to the “Cash” or paper money we carry around?! The financial market crashes or fails completely. Think of it, something has to happen for the “Old System” to be replace by a “New System,” can be implemented. Sadly, where do most people put their trust in this “World?” You got it, in Money or something of so-called value. Hold up, What? Yes exactly, to many people, money is so important because it has value to the world in which they live. They can buy, sell and do whatever they like, and all because of money, cash or the value of paper.

So what happens to them is a sudden market crash or total market failure takes place, where can they place their trust and value or worth? There isn’t anything, their faith, value and trust was on a “Worldly” measure. Something which is an illusion, something which appears to have value, in all actuality does not have any value. This is the greatest level of distraction this “World” has left and it is working so well of so many!!! This “World” is temporary and the things of it! If money is your value, it will fail you, just like anything else this “World” can so-called offer you!

For the Bible Warns, “don’t put your treasures of this world, where rust and moth can corrupt. Put your treasures in Heaven, where neither rust nor moth can corrupt.” Meaning what? This “World” will fail and fall short and if your value or treasure is in “It,” this World will fail you and will fall with “It”!! Jesus Christ is “Our” Hope and Always has been! Don’t put your trust, value or faith in anything or anyone else!! Jesus is Permanent and Forever, this “World” is temporary and will fall. Where Will You Be? Let Go of this World and Come Back to Jesus Christ, You’re First Love and the Only Love You Will Need!!

The Story of the Prodigal Son.

Did You Realize the "Pig Pen" Represented Living in Sin?

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Don't Give Up Now, We Are So Close!!!

Return To King Jesus, For He Is Permanent or Everlasting to Everlasting!

Jesus is Forever!
Jesus is Forever! | Source

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