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This "World", Let It Go!! (7/1/2016, Message#17)

Updated on September 29, 2020

Don't Believe the Illusions!!

Does the Matrix Have You?
Does the Matrix Have You? | Source

Now Is The Time!?!

This may or may not be the last HubPage I create. I have been hearing a constant zinging sound or frequency in my head since this Summer of 2016, and I am not sure why. This frequency seems to becoming from within, I can't see or sense what might be causing it. I share that to say this, I know time is short, this frequency has not stopped and seems to be getting louder or more connected to the source of the frequency. There isn't much time and why this could be my Final HubPage, in which I create.

Honestly, I am not sure who I am talking to or who I must reach. There is apparently someone or others out there waiting for a message from the Lord God of Heaven Elohim (I Am That I Am), El Shaddai (God Almighty), only because these articles are still coming to me to create or write, for the moment. I am also noticing the frequency of the inspiration to write has been slowing. Not to mention the amount of traffic has slowed as well. I could very easily stop writing or creating these HubPages. Like my Heavenly Father, I don’t do things whether people like them or not. The goal here isn’t to please mankind, but to do the Will of Father God Elohim!!.

It would seem that people overall have sealed their fate, deep down they know which master they are serving. Whether blindly or by decision, it would seem people really love this “World” and “All” of its craziness!? The Bible says: “I came in My Name (Jesus) and the world hated Me, one will come in his own name (the antichrist) and the world will love him.” It would seem the world will not have to wait long for the one they are currently serving and the one they will love… the devil, Lucifer, Satan or the antichrist and the false prophet.

They are already here in this world among us.

The invisible Are Already Becoming Visible!!! The Veil of Protection is Almost Gone!!!

The "Invisible"... Will Become "Visible"...!?!?!

Darkness Is Already Falling!!
Darkness Is Already Falling!! | Source

Darkness is Fast Approaching!

That’s right folks, the false prophet and the antichrist from the Book of Revelation are already here on Earth. Who they are might be a mystery to some and to others a known, proven fact. In either case, darkness is indeed on the horizon and the only thing holding them back is the Restrainer or the Holy Spirit. For those who are paying attention, the people who are about to fulfill the roles of the antichrist and the false prophet, have been indicating there future plans for the world they will rule and dominate.

Everything is falling into place and faster becoming the foretold future the Bible indicates. A Cashless Society, with a One World Government and One World Religion. All of which are very quickly taking shape. In fact, because of the distracted lives so many live, or enjoy rather, they are completely and totally unaware of the progressing “New World” changes.

Are Your Strings Being Pulled?

The god of this world and who he controls!
The god of this world and who he controls! | Source

The Plan of the Enemy!? The devil (Lucifer, Satan).

The distractions of the Modern world are a very clever way of keeping people in the dark and they actually work. People would rather play games on Facebook or on their cell phones, post personal information about their daily lives for the world to see, watch reality shows, comic book TV shows, movies and so forth. This can’t be all there is to Life, work all day, watch the local news, get on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat, or any other Social Media Site. Watch reality shows, go to bed, get up and do it all over again, each day, day end and day out. Am I the only one where this sounds like “Insanity?!?” Doing the same thing, over and over expecting different results!

Even the Bible states, “too much of anything isn’t good.” So How Can More and More Distractions, social media sites, more time on a mobile device or more time in front of the idiot box (TV); how could more of any of these be “good” for anyone? The more we are pulled or “sucked” into these arenas, the less “We” seem to care about the real World and the visible “Signs of the Times!!” Does Anyone Actually Think Having Our Faces Stuck or Glued to a device, the size of your hand, is really influencing “Your World” or Enriching “Your Life?” Could the reality of this device lead to something else entirely? Could This Be the Real Plan of the Enemy, the devil (Lucifer, Satan)?!

Love Not This World!!!

The Distractions and People Are Actually Dependent on Them?!?

The Clever Trap of the devil and his kingdom!
The Clever Trap of the devil and his kingdom! | Source

Where is All of This Technology Leading “Us”…?

With all of the “Latest Apps,” iPhone this, and Samsung that; we as a whole, have almost completely become dependent on technology to function in this world, has anyone else noticed? We wake to our cell phones, we work with our cell phones, we play with our cell phones, we can pay with our cell phones, we can sell with our cell phones, we can exercise with our cell phones and we can even read with our cell phones. Did you notice anything? You can buy and sell with your cell phone. Don’t tell me you missed this?

The mark of the beast of Revelation, you will be able to buy and sell with it?!? Our current cell phones, which we use with our hands, already allow us to buy and/or sell… Let this sink in… So how much closer are we to the mark, which will be cashless and allow people to buy and/or sell with it? Many of “Us” are already so attached to our cell phones, which have been incorporated into every facet of our lives. They can’t survive without our cell phones; it must be with them everywhere they go! Closer than any piece of clothing or shoes, they can’t leave home without it!

Could this be how many are already programed and will be willing to accept the mark of the beast of Revelation so readily? Like their cell phones, they must have them, so will the mark of the beast of Revelation become!

Having the Life, Sucked Out of You, One Face At a Time!!!

Ever Felt Like You Have No Energy, Now You May Know Why!?!
Ever Felt Like You Have No Energy, Now You May Know Why!?! | Source

Could It Be...?!

As of recent, people have been flocking to get the latest and greatest technologies. From the newest tablets, cellphones, iPods and even biochips. These are The Devices of the Enemy!! The masses actually think this is a great idea? The companies which make these items are very glad the masses are going for these "New" tools and toys, they are making plenty of profits!! Has anyone even asked... Wait a minute, is all of this new technology really necessary? Does this "New" Tech. have a hidden purpose or another agenda? Look at the New Craze "Pokémon Go!" Did hear about the two men who fell off a cliff? Read the link here! They literally "Fell" for The Devices of the Enemy.

Naturally, we trust most companies have our best interest in mind but do they really? How would you feel, if something you bought could steal something from you and never know it until sometime later? As time goes on, this "Smart" Technology is slowly but surely sucking our God Given Natural Traits away from us. The bad part is, we are allowing it!! I don't know about you, I like having my face where it is supposed to be, how about you?

I am not telling you what to do, all I am asking is take sometime to stop and think. Assess your time spent on your "Smart" devices, reduce the time spent on them and never forget to spend "Real" Face time with other people!! The small things are still what means the most, time spent in love and doing things you love is never wasted time! Let Go of This World, before it Will Really have a Hold on You!!

Let Go and Let God (El Shaddai (God Almighty), through Him, you can keep those God Given Traits He Blessed You With!!!

Could This Explain the Trap of Technology?

The Technology for the Tribulation is Already Here!!

Wearable Biochips?!
Wearable Biochips?! | Source

The Results of Humanity Because of Technology?!

The Human population as a whole is into the latest and greatest Technology, the New “Fad” or the Next Big thing! People don’t really care about people in general, everyone is just trying to make a buck or simply survive in many cases. With all of the distractions, people don’t care about others, until something happens or a disaster has taken place. Like the Bible says, “treat other as you want to be treated…” Whatever happened to this? We treat technology and even animals in some cases, better than our fellow man. This “New World Order” people keep talking about, which incorporates technology, religion and finance at the forefront of every aspect of life in the very near future. We, as a whole, can't handle technology now! What will make the future any different or better!?!

If people are being killed, burglaries, robberies, police brutality, lying politicians, rapes and plain lawlessness are all going on now. What will simply curb this from taking place in a world where darkness will rule!?!? Can you figure this one out? The mark of the beast will represent a cashless system, where the global economy will be a part, a Huge part in the “New World Order.” All of these are The Devices of the Enemy!! The Technology during this time will be at the forefront of everyone’s existence, where they go, who they talk to, whatever, whenever… Does this really sound like fun?!? This why The Tribulation Period is About to Begin!!

The Signs Are All Around, You Too Can See Them!

Let Go and Learn to Pay Attention!
Let Go and Learn to Pay Attention! | Source

Why Can’t I see the “Signs of the Times,” What is My Blockage?

“Signs” are all around us, some are blatantly obvious and others require a little discernment. Then there are other signs which a little finesse, some intelligence and most definitely prayer are required. For those who don’t know Jehovah God, prayer is useless, unless you are acknowledging Jesus Christ and His Sacrifice just for you. Outside of this, prayer from anyone who prays, meditates or chants are by default, praying to and worshipping Lucifer, Satan, the devil and his kingdom. Unless you are seriously serving the devil’s kingdom, don’t pray unless you are meeting God the Son, Jesus Christ for the first time. This is a fact; there is no other option in this case. Now this doesn’t mean that you can’t see the “Signs,” it will just be more difficult to do so.

I mean, the devil and his kingdom Does Not want anyone under his influence to become aware of the Saving Grace and Knowledge of Jesus Christ. The devil likes people to remain ignorant, dumbfounded, confused and confounded, this way he can control you and allow you to think you are doing “Your Will.” When actually, “Your Will” is the will of the devil, since you don’t know Jesus Christ! This is why so many people can’t or will not be able to see the obvious “Signs of the Times.”

They are simply too distracted by the “World,” since they don’t know God. They are trapped in a system which will cause them to burn for all Eternity. This is why "Letting Go" in today’s world is so important. The need to become free or literally “Unplugged” from the things in this Life is almost necessary. Loving the “world” and the things of it is a guaranteed trap, which was set up by the devil after he caused Adam or mankind to sin. So Let Go, there is hope for you still!

The Revelation of the Gog Magog War Is Revealed!!

Don't Become Tied Up, Be Loosed!

Only Jesus Can Set You Free!
Only Jesus Can Set You Free! | Source

How Can I Let Go?

Just as the Bible states, “too much of anything isn’t good.” The best method is to start slow, “Unplug Yourself” where you can easily accomplish and very early on, notice the difference. Maybe spend less time on Facebook or Twitter, or any other social media site. In the space of this time, try spending it with someone you care about or love. Maybe spend some time watching nature, listening to the birds chirp, yes they still do this! How about walk barefoot in the fresh cut lawns, or watch a sunrise or sunset. What about even reading the Bible (Book of Instruction Before Leaving Earth). All are very good steps in a new direction.

There are plenty of ways to “Let Go.” The important part is simply doing it! As I shared within my personal titled HubPages, it was difficult for me, however I had to and did so as well. It doesn’t mean it was easy. I would spend hours upon hours on Facebook and I did this daily, weekly and so forth. Now, I don’t have a Facebook account or any personal social media accounts. I do have a Twitter page, but only for the use of my HubPages and the Will of Father God. I share all this, so you too can learn to Let Go and see there is still "Life" after less time being distracted.

The deceiver and master of this Earthly Realm!

The angel of light, the devil.
The angel of light, the devil. | Source

The “World” and the master Thereof Doesn’t Love You, Even Together, They Never Did!!

If you do know or haven’t realized, the master and ruler of this Earthly Realm is Lucifer, Satan, the devil and his kingdom. When Lucifer desired to be greater than El Shaddai (God Almighty), caused a third of the Angels in Heaven to follow him and tried to ascend to the Throne of Heaven. This didn’t work well for Lucifer, he lost and was kicked out of Heaven and became Satan, the devil at the fall from Heaven, as did his followers. The fallen became demons and even now, are still serving their master, the devil. The Bible clearly talks about this and if you look carefully at this “World,” you will begin to see the damaged caused by this one created creation.

The whole goal of the devil is to destroy what El Shaddai (God Almighty) created, this means you! The ones who are reading this HubPage, that’s right you. The devil comes to Kill, Steal and Destroy, Why? Because the Lord God of Heaven El Shaddai so Loved you, He made you in His Image. You are cherished by Father God of Heaven, and not just created by Him. This simple fact is why the devil (Lucifer, Satan) and his kingdom (the Fallen Angels) Hates you. Father God of Heaven Loves "us" and you are Created in His Image. You are a constant reminders to the devil of how much God Loves us and who you also remind him of… the Creator, Father God, the Lord God of Heaven Elohim (I Am That I Am)! This why the master of this world, Lucifer, Satan, the devil Hates All of Humanity, including you and already is, destroying so many Human Lives!! This also includes those who foolishly, unwisely, faithfully and unfaithfully, knowingly and unknowingly serve him.

Can You Now see the Evidence of This cruel master!?!

All of these are the results of the devil.
All of these are the results of the devil. | Source

Father God is Warning Through Fires and Floods!!!

The Consequence of Those Who Serve the master of This “World!?!”

For the people who serve this master from magicians, politicians, government officials, teachers, pastors, celebrities, rap artists, any major music makers, CEOs of big companies, or anyone who has sold themselves to the devil or anyone else who thinks he gave them power to rule, knowingly or unknowingly serve this master. You are being used by him, just like toilet paper, except wiped, re-wiped and wiped again, over and over again. After your service is done, Eternity in Hell is this great reward you will receive, not 72 virgins, not a paradise, not a permanent vacation, but a one way trip to Hell!!!

Does this really sound like a loving master, who really cares for your well-being, has daily provisions for you and just wants the very best for you or spend close personal time with him? Love, the devil doesn’t know love or what it even is. He knows how to be sought after; this still isn’t love, that’s lust, desire and making himself look worthy of pursuit. Don’t be fooled, any one of El Shaddai’s Heavenly Angels will Never appear before you and Require or Ask you to Worship Them. The devil can still, for the moment, appear as angel of light. Unlike Father God's Holy Angels, in this form the devil will want you to worship him and do something which is on the contrary to the Bible and of Father God El Shaddai (God Almighty)!

Since so many people haven’t read the Bible or Know the Word of God, the devil can easily twist and turn the truth because you don’t know it!! Even still, no one needs to serve this master, the one who stole our dominion and rulership of this Earthly Realm from Adam and Humanity! Even with all of this darkness, fear, doubt, control and worry, there is still a way to escape and know the truth! It may hurt, it will still set you free!

Jesus Christ is the Answer to Mankind's Freedom!

Come to God Through Jesus Christ!
Come to God Through Jesus Christ! | Source

Truly Letting Go of This “World” and Letting God!?

The only hope for All of Humanity is to come to know the Will of the Lord God of Heaven Elohim (I Am That I Am), El Shaddai (God Almighty) for your life. Only He can Love you, set you free and begin to walk upright in this world. Without Him, there is no Hope, only destruction, more destruction and utter destruction on top of that. Either there’s Life, which is of Father God, the Lord Jesus and the Holy Spirit or destruction, which is of the devil. That’s it, there are no other options. If you worship Buddha, you worship the devil. If you worship Allah, you worship the devil. If you worship any idol, you worship the devil. If you believe there is "no God", you are serving the devil. There are just so many ways to worship the devil, maybe this is why the Bible says: “broad and wide is the pathway to Hell and many will find it…” The Bible proving it’s true as always, whether you like it or not.

There is Only One God and Only One Way to get to Him. This eliminates confusion, worry, doubt or any other excuse people can come up with. Father God is very simple, one way and one simple step. The alternative is many ways, do as you feel and believe; all with one tormented pathway to Eternal Damnation. This isn’t the way to Father God; the way to Him is through God the Son, Jesus Christ, God in the Flesh. There is no other way to make Heaven your Home or dwell in True Eternal Paradise! As we have already discussed, there is no Hope or Promise without the Lord Jesus Christ.

To Let Go and Let God, you must confess with our mouth “Jesus is Lord,” believe with your heart that the Lord God raised Him from the dead and you will be saved. This will begin your path to Heaven and the beginning of "Letting Go" of this World and Letting Father God direct your steps!

Want True Peace? Here's How!!

Give Everything to King Jesus Christ, He Can Handle It!!
Give Everything to King Jesus Christ, He Can Handle It!! | Source

Simply Let Go, and Let God!!

Unlike the devil, with Father God, you can cast all of your cares, worries, doubts, concerns, fears; you name it upon the Lord Jesus, God the Son, God in the Flesh. Even the Bible states, “None can come onto the Father, but by Me (Jesus).” This is why Jesus Christ is the "Only" Way, the Truth and the Life. So cast all which concerns you upon Him, He has the Power to do something about those concerns. The devil couldn't and will Never have this power or ability, he can’t give life only steal it. Choose the way, in which Humanity will have Life and have it more abundantly, this is through the acknowledgement of what Jesus Christ has done for us at the Cross. Jesus died, gave His Life so we would Never have to go into Eternal Damnation or Hell. This was the reason why He died, so Humankind would live and God could have His Creation. That’s right, you! So you could come back to Him, His Beloved and He can Bless you!!

To Do so, you can simple say: "Jesus Save Me" or "I Don't want to go to Hell, Lord Jesus Save Me!" He will hear you and be with you because He cares for you!!

The Rapture Will Happen, Whether You Are Ready or Not!! Just Be Ready Before It Does!

This Do, "We" (Humanity) Must!!

There Is but "One Way" to Do So!
There Is but "One Way" to Do So! | Source

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