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Comparison of Firefox and Google Chrome

Updated on September 22, 2008

Firefox is released by Mozilla Foundation and is based on open source web browser. Firefox is an advanced browser with its root from the old Netscape browser. Firefox offers the same tabs browsing as other browsers do, and it also has live bookmarks, many search extensions with so many other extensions and toolbars. Now, Firefox is working on a new java engine which is supposed to be more faster than the V8 engine that drives Chrome. It is easy to customize this browser and to put many add-ons. In case of rendering RSS, Firefox is more powerful than Chrome. It feature supports auto-discovery of RSS and Atom and integrate in into your bookmarks.

Google Chrome is a clean interface web browser recently released by Google. Google Chrome provides some more speed around Firefox. As you can see through the picture, it provides you with the latest web tabs that you can click directly through. Chrome is very unlikely to be crashed like Firefox, because each tabs has it own separate process. If you open multiple tabs in Chrome, you will see so many Chrome in your Windows Task Manager, i.e. if one tab is crashed, it won't effect your other tabs. Each tabs in Chrome contain an "internal" address bar, while in Firefox, you can only see one address bar. What set Chrome apart from other browsers is in how it manages the resources. Chrome is in BETA, so you won't expect it to be so popular now if you compare it with Firefox.

So it's up all to you as the users to decide which default browser you're going to use with feature that you think suits you.


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