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Updated on June 13, 2013 Screen Shot is a great educational website that I allow my middle school computer lab students to frequently visit. When the students have completed any projects that we have been working on or sometimes as a class reward, I allow the students some gaming time and is one of the approved safe sites that I let them go to. This website was started by an educator and has blossomed into one of the most popular educational websites on the internet.

Bloon's Tower Defense Three

Math Games are Fun

The main reason this site is popular with my students is the fact that it offers a wide range if mathematical based games to play. These games cover different genres like puzzle and action but all have some sort of math based and thinking type of game play associated with them. One of the students, and my favorites is the Bloon’s Tower Defense game. This site offers version three of the Bloon’s Tower Defense game. This game can be found on other sites as well and is framed into cool’s site. A lot of time and strategy can be devoted to popping the endless stream of balloons that come out are needed to be popped on the Bloon’s game. Just when you think you have got it covered it gets harder and harder and if you’re like me, you’ll have a “game over” show across the screen leaving you to wonder what went wrong.


Another favorite game at the website is called Bloxorz. This game involves using the keyboard arrows to manipulate your rectangular block across a maze of squares. The levels get progressively harder and have different little “bell and whistles” on the levels as you go making it more interesting and challenging. This game has some clever little sounds that go along with it that sound like bricks clicking together and is one that you can get lost in for quite a while.

Not just for kids- Parents and Teachers too!

There are pages devoted to help teachers and parents too. On the teachers page are links to informative pages on how to teach algebra and an offer for teachers to purchase a $5.oo pdf file. The maker of is a former educator herself with some strong convictions on how to teach math to students. The parents’ page has lots of useful things like how to make a rewards chart and how to help with homework. I’m certain that there will be something of use to you to help your own children. You’llalso find links to’s network of other related sites such as Financefreak, Sciencemonster and SpikesGameZone to name just a few.

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      zaria 6 years ago

      i like you web site a lot ots cool