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Coping with Failure

Updated on December 25, 2010

The Road to Success

Failure can be many things, we all define it in a different way. I haven't met one person in my life that has not seen failure in some way or another. Even the most successful people fail. There are many ways to cope with failure, we see these reactions everywhere we look today. Some people over eat, drink, take drugs and smoke to pretend they are coping with what they perceive as failure.

So many of us today have failed in our lives to live up to our own expectations. Many of us lived on the promise of a better life than our parents only to find out that they were really disillusioned. The better life came with a big price, you actually have to give up your life and give it to a corporation. Somehow materialism has become to symbolize success.

How can someone learn to deal with this, at times it seems like the only thing people can do is continue on the same path they are on. Its like they know what is happening but they do not take control of their lives. It reminds me of floating down a river sort of like being carried away and all you can do is float and not swim to shore. Well it could be time to think about swimming to shore and all it takes is a little effort.Truth is you can change your life any time you want to, its alright to fail as long as you learn from it. Thats right you can fail and become very successful in your life. Maybe we could measure success by how happy we are? Instead of measuring it by how much money we are making or how big our house is.

If you try to look at life more like a school and you are permitted to fail at somethings. Maybe you can try it again and you will succeed. Make better preparations this time. Take a look at your life, more than likely you have had many successes.

Coping with failure can be hard if you listen to your family ,friends and co-workers. You will realize that your can live you life for your self and your failures are taking you one step closer to success. Many times in life we can look to our so called unsuccessful endeavorers and say what was I thinking! But other times I know I needed the lesson and if I wouldn't have tried and failed I just would have never known.

For me I am the toughest on myself, I expect way to much of myself even if I wasn't prepared for the situation. Many times I haven't given myself enough credit for participating in a given event and I put to much value on winning. Just for the sake of winning. So try not to be to hard on yourself. But take responsibility for your actions. Be honest with yourself, you might be surprised to find that you do have the skills to cope. You will find a way to achieve your goals in life.

Try to remember we all have what it takes to be happy, because isn't happiness the success we are looking for?


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