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Drinking Recycled Sewage and Waste Water; Survival by Laurens Wright

Updated on October 18, 2016
Water is used and reused, over and over
Water is used and reused, over and over | Source


Without electricity, wastewater will flow into creeks, rivers and ponds. Could this happen?

Would you drink the sewage water from the toilets, sinks or bathtubs? Woud you drink the water from the sewage plant discharge? Would you drink the chemicals from a chemical plant or take the medicines from another person, without knowing the effects? How pure does your drinking water have to be for it to be safe enough to drink? The fact is, we recycle the water over and over! Have you ever thought about where the water that you drink comes from? Some cities still get their water from wells, some from springs, some from rivers, some from lakes and some from large reservoirs. Where ever it come from, there are contaminates and other matter in the water that is considered not pure water. With the instance of rivers, most likely there are cities, villages or houses up the rivers or streams that literally dump their treated or non-treated waste water back into the water for the consumption of those inhabitants down stream or river.

With the underground water, there are always the possibility of contamination of oil, gas, organic carbons, VOC's. aquaculture infiltration, dead animals, privies, fecal matter, nuclear seepage and other problem matter. Water that is underground is sometime from underground rivers that carry the contaminates miles and can endanger large areas of water.

There are tests that can tell if the water is contaminated with different kinds of wastes, chemicals or radiation. One of the most popular is the fecal coliform test, which a culture is grown in a petri dish and certain kinds of cultures that grow indicate that this is the waste of humans. Some of the other tests are COD, BOD, Dissolved oxygen, PH, nitrates, and phosphates. These tests indicate the amount of contamination, possibly where the contamination came from and what could be done to correct the problem. These tests also could suggest agricultural runoff from excessive use of fertilizers, out-houses that are not properly built, untreated raw sewage, or chemical burial.

One of the growing problems is that of medicine that are being flushed down the toilet or going through a person's body and being discharged. These medicines and chemicals would be treated in the waste treatment plant, but could be dissolved into the water and not be removed completely, then be discharged into the stream, river, lake or water source. These medicines and chemicals, in turn, would be absorbed into the plant system, the fish, the soil or remain dissolved in the water for drinking down stream. There are already indications of mutations of different fish from contamination and are genetically changed, which in turn, becomes part of our food chain.

Whether it be water from any source, even bottled water, it can be contaminated, in some form. This world is in a hydro cycle, which uses the water to clean the air, to cool the earth, to settle the dust, to grow life and to protect the delicate balance of nature. Nature does clean the water by oxidation over the course of the journey down stream, but some of the contaminates stay in the water until it reaches the ocean to be evaporated from where it began. On the long journey from the springs of the mountains or glaciers, there are many contaminates and we consume many of them even after the water has been treated at the water treatment plants.

We need to be very aware of our surroundings, our environment and the use of our land. Not only what is happening, but by who. I have worked for a waste treatment plant and also a chemical company from which I know from experience that the laws of right are not always followed. The waste treatment foreman, during high water and heavy rain, would flush the sludge out of the plant. The people in the chemical plant would also flush the system, sometimes leaving the blue tint of the chemical miles along the discharge. In the event of a power outage, the raw sewage runs into the treatment plant and out the discharge with no treatment. No matter how many laws we have, there are corruption, greed and dishonest people.and also we have disturbances that can not be helped.

The Earth now has almost 7 billion people and we are going to drink the sewage water over and over and over. To get clean, pure water is almost impossible in nature, but the use of water filters and evaporators would help. Educate yourself of the towns, cities and villages upstream from you, where your water comes from, have your water tested and check on the discharge or effluent of your city's sewage system.

Source of drinking water, possibly polluted and Contaminated and may Contain Drugs.
Source of drinking water, possibly polluted and Contaminated and may Contain Drugs. | Source


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