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Degree Programs for a Career as a Saucier Chef

Updated on August 30, 2014

The food industry is one of the most sought after and successful business. The main attribute to the success of food business goes to the chef. A great chef can create wonders in the kitchen and attract food lovers. A professional kitchen will have different types of chefs specialize in different tasks. The team of chefs will be headed by the executive chef or the head chef. The sous chef is the second in command while the chef de partie is in charge of a specific area of production. Finally a number of chefs work under chef de partie. Different types of chefs working in the food industry based on their skills are saucier chef, fish chef, roast chef, grill chef, fry chef, vegetable chef, rounds man, pantry chef, butcher and pastry chef. As the name suggests, the primary job of a saucier chef is the preparation of the mainstay ingredient, which is the sauces.

A saucier chef holds a prominent position in the kitchen. The main responsibility is the making of sauces and plating of the dish. This is an important position as the expertise and focus on minor details by the saucier chef can result in customer satisfaction.

A saucier chef is mostly required in high end kitchen and a thorough training and education is crucial. Training can be hands on for at least six months. There are Certification courses available which can be completed from a reputed culinary institution offering cooking programs. Detailed training can be obtained by pursuing Cooking degrees like Associate’s degree in culinary arts programs. These cooking degrees are two year programs which cover the basics of all the facets of techniques and operations.

An associate degree offers the student to choose various electives which helps them to understand their subject of interest more deeply. With an Associate degree, a person can opt to work in kitchen operations or further continue to pursue a Bachelor’s degree. The Bachelor’s degree will generally be for four years or two years for a student with an Associate degree. The last two years in culinary arts degrees are when the student can choose a specific area in which they would want to pursue a career. Focused training will be provided for the chosen area of interest. A person interested to pursue a career as a saucier learns the in and out of the techniques and skills. Further in the culinary arts degrees, the courses can be further narrowed to study specific areas like basics of beef stews, pasta sauces and cream based sauces.

Additionally the student should complete an internship period with an experienced saucier to learn more techniques and tricks which can be practically applied in the kitchen. With a bachelor’s degree in culinary arts programs and hands on training, they can look out for a job in the food industry.


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