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Deleting Cyber Bullying: A Solution

Updated on May 31, 2012

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Bullying is a behavioral issue. Cyberbullying is just an extension of that behavioral issue. When an individual bullies, it is because they do not know how to respond in a rational manner to stimulation. This in turn stimulates others in negative ways creating a cascade effect that can result in horrible things like school shootings and suicide. And those are worst case. The problem with cycberbullying is that it is so much harder to notice than regular bullying. This is the reason why cyberbullying needs to be deleted.

Behavioral analysis is the process of analyzing a behavior to find out why it takes place. Behavioral modification is the process of teaching an individual to change his or her behavior to those causes (antecedents) of negative behavior. The reality of the matter is that bullies are more often than not individuals who have experienced or are experiencing antecedents that they are responding poorly to. This then leads to bullying and cyberbullying. Which in turn creates antecedents for those students who are the target of the bullying. This also in turn leads to more negative behavior. The bullies and the bullied are both subjected to antecedents that result in further bad behavior.

The issue at hand is how to resolve this issue. Fortunately, there has been a lot of research done in the area of behavioral modification. The bullies and the bullied could be taught how to change their responses to these bad situations or events. In this way students are able to learn a lesson that takes many people a life time to learn. That no matter what life throws at you, you are the master of your own destiny. The problem with this is identifying those students who are dealing with behavioral problems. Sure, applying behavioral analysis is simple enough, but without identifying those students in need this is a moot point.

Fortunately, further research has shown that identification of students with behavioral disorders and needs. At the beginning of 2012, Kathleen Lane published a screening tool called the "Student Risk Screening Scale" which studies have proven the effectiveness it has in identifying those students who are in need. Lane has made it public domain so that teachers, administrators, and school psychologists can apply it towards helping their students. The best part is that this tool is free and so simple to use that anyone can apply it with minimal training. It takes very little time to apply it as well.

The Free Tool

To download a Excel Spread Sheet version of the Student Risk Screening Scale, click here. The spread sheet is set up to auto-calculate information you plug-in. The link will allow you to preview, download and even email it.

This scale is available due to the research of Kathleen Lynne Lane, Ph.D.

Cyberbullying is incredibly harmful. It harms more than just the bullied and perpetuates a chain of events that causes further damage. Cyberbullying needs to be deleted and here is how. The tools are on hand. The knowledge of how to resolve the issue is with us. Now all we need to do is apply this knowledge.


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    • ibbarkingmad profile image

      Brian 5 years ago from Utah

      It is true that some people never grow up Heather, but the purpose of school is to teach them how to. The issue isn't that bullies are bad but rather that they are responding to stimulation negatively. That doesn't remove personal responsibility, but if they can't figure out how to respond correctly to something like the loss of a family member or pet, or a parent being angry with them then someone needs to teach them how. Ideally it should be the parent who does this, but government cannot and should not force people to be good parents. That is societies job through social pressure and interaction. But when a teacher, administrator and even parents who don't know what to do to prevent such behavior we have an issue. The point of this article is to provide a real solution, not just say bullying is bad. Please tell the teachers you know about this article. The tool I share is free and VERY effective at identifying kids with behavioral disorders. Once identified the kids can be taught how to modify their behavior. There is no such thing as a bad kid. Just bad situations and bad responses.

    • heathermichelle12 profile image

      heathermichelle12 5 years ago

      This article is great. More people need to be aware of cyber bullying. Now to work on bullys in the work place.... It seems that some people never grow up.