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Does Wealth Equal Arrogance?

Updated on December 24, 2012


Heaven or Hell?
Heaven or Hell? | Source


Why is it that many of the very wealthy are arrogant?

Now I can understand that when a person has enough money to be able to pay all their bills when they are due, can afford to travel and pay their own way, then they will, if they do not already have, acquire an air of confidence, self confidence.

Self confidence though is not arrogance.

Self confidence is the security of knowing that you can do the right thing, yet also understanding that you are personally responsible for your actions and are subject to the rules that others are subject to. You know that you may be accountable for your actions.

Arrogance is always THINKING that you do the right thing. You do not consider that you are or should be subject to rules that others are. You do not think that you should be held accountable for any mistake you may make.


Once again we seem to find ourselves bombarded by the media about a millionaire that arrogantly thinks that laws should not apply to him.

John McAfee was the creator of McAfee the “McAfee” computer security hardware.

He sold the company for millions of dollars and then apparently moved to Belize in Central America.

He lived in his house, on the beach of San Pedro, an island on the reef off the coast of Belize.

He owned seven dogs that supposedly made a lot of noise at night.

His neighbor, also an American ex-pat, complained to McAfee about the noise that his dogs made.

McAfee’s dogs were later poisoned.

The day after McAfee’s dogs were poisoned, his neighbor was murdered by a person unknown.

It is therefore perhaps reasonable for the Belize police to want to question McAfee. The police have stated that they do not consider McAfee a suspect at this point but refer to him as: “A person of Interest” in the case.


McAfee hid from the police when they came to question him.

He continued to elude the police.

Whilst in hiding, McAfee went on the internet to proclaim his innocence. He claimed that if the Belizean police caught him, they would kill him.

He then fled Belize along with two reporters.

It would now appear that he fled to Guatemala because they do not have an extradition treaty with Belize.

It would also now appear that he has been arrested by the Guatemalan police, not in connection with the Belize enquiry but for illegal entry into Guatemala.

This means he could be deported back to Belize or perhaps the United States.

It perhaps seems a little ironic that having made his millions on the security of communication devices, his location was discovered by the use of one of his accompanying reporter’s use of their communication device.


Is it because he is wealthy that he thinks that he should be held above the law by the Belizean police and not have to be subjected to questioning about an illegal act in a country with which he chose to live.

Is it because he is wealthy that he didn’t think that he would be subject to the immigration laws of Guatemala, a country to which he chose to flee.

There is no question that this man is obviously arrogant but was he this arrogant prior to becoming wealthy?

The truth of the matter is that he probably is innocent of the murder of his neighbor and so should have nothing to fear from the police. After all, his actions have now put the eyes of the world media on this case and so even if the Belize police had had some evil intentions; it is unlikely they will proceed with them under the scrutiny of the world.

It is more likely that for some reason he does not want the police to know about, he was really the intended victim and that is what he is running from.

If this was the case, then it would be interesting to find out just what he was involved in to become a target for murder, especially considering it would obviously be something that even his arrogance will not allow him to think that he will not be subject to police action.

If McAfee was not wealthy, would there be this media attention and assistance?


If McAfee had no money, there would be no media interest. If however there was, it would be in the form of an appeal to help find a wanted person.


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