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The Arrogance of Man

Updated on March 1, 2011
The Vast Universe
The Vast Universe
God is Vengeful and Jealous
God is Vengeful and Jealous
Do Aliens Believe in God?
Do Aliens Believe in God?

God Too?

The arrogance of our species is astounding.

First of all we believed that Earth was the center of the Universe. When it was shown not to be, we assumed that our Sun was the center of the Universe.

Now scientists have shown us that that is not the case.

Our arrogance still remains.

Many people on this planet believe that WE are the center of the Universe.

Why would God, in his infinite wisdom, only consider humans blessed on this planet? Do other animals believe in God?

Why, with the billions of Star systems in the Universe, would he only pick our planet to create life forms to praise him?

If God made man in his own image, it would only follow that God too, is arrogant. The Bible has shown us that he is both jealous and vengeful, both of which are human traits. So why if we are arrogant, wouldn’t he be?

If God was arrogant, then he certainly would not want just one species, on one planet, praising him. Not if he was capable of creating more.

So, let us assume that God created the heavens and the earth. Let us assume that God made man in his own image.

How many other worlds did he create? Did he also make species in his own image on them?

Would these other worlds have to be like earth? No, God is all powerful and could therefore create species that could survive in any conditions.

If religious people truly believe in God, that he is all powerful and we are made in his image. They should also believe that aliens exist and that it is possible that they could have visited the earth at some time. If they were created by God, then they too, may have a continuing struggle with good and evil. They too, may be arrogant and believe that they are the only species chosen to be blessed by God.

To speak of possible visits by aliens to our planet and of the possibility that they helped to mould who we are today, does not mean that we do not believe in God. I would say that the opposite would be the case. That we are truly aware of Gods greatness but use our God given ability to choose and opt, not to use arrogance in our search for the truth.


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    • profile image

      ronaldoh 6 years ago

      Nice hub, and i think we have a lot of searching to do