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Dreams Explanation: Flying

Updated on October 13, 2014 | Source


We all dream about flying in dreams and we all have curiosity to know what it means, well meanings can differ according to the exact details viewed in the dream.

I don't think you should ever ignore not getting an explanation for such dreams because dreams in general do have big messages to tell us about some hidden secrets in real life, dreams can give us many clues and solutions if we just focus on them and take them seriously.

In this Article,I will be mentioning some of the flying situations that would be seen in dreams along with their explanations, so let's start.

When You See You're Flying

When you see that you're just flying and you don't remember doing any extra thing in the dream it means you're having some kind of relaxation status, in the next day you will feel so much more relaxed than the previous day. | Source

Flying While Feeling Relaxed

If you've dreamed about flying along with the feeling relaxed it means you will be accomplishing a certain goal but in the long run and that's if the dream gets to be repeated more than once, also these pictures can point to many other explanations such as: The liberation of the dreamer from some constraints or maybe worries and depression.

If You Were With A Group Of People

If you were with a group of people and if you suddenly rise as if you're flying it means that you will be free from many worries and bad times, this image also means that you will succeed in a certain matter and get healed -(if you're experiencing sickness)- | Source

Flying Very High

If you dream you're flying very high then this indicates that you will accomplish a very big hope and succeed, it's also related to gaining power.

If you were from those who are talented and qualified then the dream indicates you will be taking a very important reputation and position.

When you fly in your dream with the feeling of happiness it means you're going to experience big happiness from a big and special accomplishment, you will shine. | Source

Flying After Jumping

If you fly after jumping with the associated feeling of contentment and happiness , it means: success and accomplishing a desirable intention.

Jumping As If You're Flying

If you dream that you're jumping as if like you're flying, it means: A special success and Traveling.

If You Feel You've Arisen After Jumping

It means you will achieve a very important goal and it indicates a very special success.

If You Fly Over Houses

If you dream about flying over houses while having fear it means: A big failure or a strong and harsh argument, it also indicates disappointments. | Source

If You Flied From Your House Into Another

If you see that you flied from your house to another house whose owners are unknown to you, it means: death..but you felt relaxed and safe in the unknown house then it means: death survival.

If the house you've entered is familiar to you: illusions and lost hopes or you're trusting a particular person or matter which is not worth your trust. | Source

If You Fall After Flying

If you dream about falling after flying it means:A painful accident and if you couldn't stand up it means: Sickness and bad things.

If you've fallen in a very harsh way, the dream may indicate death.

Trying To Fly

If you see that you tried to fly in the dream but couldn't then it means: A failing project or relationship.

Some Other Person Flying

If you see some other person flying then it means that you will hear some news about a certain patient. The news could be good or bad, other explanations depend on other factors and scenes in the dream.

The Status Of Swinging Between Flying And Jumping

If you see yourself swinging in a way of jumping and flying then resting on the floor, it means: You may pass into some unsettled and complicated situations and it also indicates getting certain fears.

In General - Other Dreams-

In general, your feelings inside a particular dream can specify and give the correct meaning of the dream. In most cases, the feeling of happiness in the dream means that you will get happiness about a certain subject that may or may not be related and the opposite applies the same meaning.

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Author: Rana Km.

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