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Facts You Have Never Known About Dreams

Updated on September 15, 2014

We All Dream

We all dream! What's more beautiful than dreaming? Dreaming helps us forget about reality for a while and explore some other world full of fantasy and adventures.

Some people claim that they don't dream but the truth is they actually do, it's just that they wouldn't be able to remember that they have even seen one due to the fact that when we sleep our nervous system blocks 90% of the memory and thus preventing us from remembering most of our dreams, this can differ from an individual to another.

Animals Can Dream Too!

Studies have shown that animals are capable of dreaming just like human beings, that's why sometimes you might find your pet making strange movements while asleep. | Source

Blind People Can dream

Blind people are able to dream and that's if they were not born naturally blind, the case would be different if the person was naturally born blind.

If a certain person got blind after being able to see some of the things that exist in life - even if the person couldn't see much out of it - things, images and colors can stick to people's minds and can mix to create new images and scenarios in dreams.

As for people who are born naturally blind before getting the chance to see life then they would never be able to see dreams and instead all they would see is a black image just like the image they usually see.

You Can Control Your Dreams

The dream that would be controlled is known as a lucid dream where you would be totally aware that you're dreaming.

A lot of people can experience such dreams.

Dreams as such can be remembered easily and by a majority of people due to the more consciousness that can be existing during such dreams than when having the other kind of dreams. | Source

Negative Emotions Are More Common In Dreams?

Most people claim that in most of their dreams they experience negative feelings and emotions so this has become more common,however, I personally have positive emotions in most of my dreams and I can remember almost all of my positive dreams.

Let's find out about you, what most of your dreams consist of?

What Most Of Your Dreams Consist Of?

See results | Source

You Would Only Dream About The Real-life Seen People

A lot of people see new persons in their dreams thinking they have never seen them in their entire lilives but that's actually untrue, we can only see the people that we have already seen in our lives before. We would just be tricked into thinking we've never seen these people before because these people would have just passed rapidly in our past, it could be that guy who came to fix the broken sink in your kitchen 4 years ago or that little girl you saw nagging to her mother in the grocery store.

Other dreams can tell about our future, some dreams do get repeated more than once or twice and I really think that you shouldn't skip on trying to find out what they mean because they would really have deep and real meaning to tell you something important.

Dreams can represent great signals and can tell us many hidden facts that we would never get the ability to explore and know in real life.

Also, a lot of inventions got inspired by dreaming! I guess that's the true meaning of " dreaming big" so let's start dreaming big!


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