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Dreams Explanation: Hair - Long Hair - Cutting Hair

Updated on February 9, 2015 | Source

Dreams Explanation: Hair

Our dreams carry a lot of hidden messages to us, especially those ones that make you feel like you're in a deep need and urge into finding out what they mean.

In general, dreaming about hair has strong relations to passion, compassion, love and romance.

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Scenes & Situations : Hair ( Dreams Explanation )

- If you see your hair or someone else's hair brushed and beautiful, it means that you might be getting a good new friend or earning some money.

Seeing a hair not brushed or not beautiful means an argument is about to happen or is already happening.

- Seeing or having a curvy styled hair means that there will be some financial issues or relationship problems.

- Cutting hair in dream means separation, sorrow and disappointment.

- Seeing your hair or someone else's hair tied, means that you're trusting someone who's not worth it.

Seeing yourself tying your hair means that you might be confused about something or about a decision but you will be taking the decision anyway. | Source


- If you dream about seeing a tie or a hair accessory, it means that you might be getting some problems.

Seeing a hair accessory on hair has something related with coincidences - beautiful ones -

- If you see yourself incapable of tying or brushing your hair, it means that you will be so worried about things related to work or family.

- Seeing fake hair extensions or wigs means betrayal & a break up is about to happen - if you're in a new relationship -

- Seeing a very long hair in dreams indicates a long lifetime, wealth, winning money, financial success & new friendships & people.

- If a hair color attracts your eyes in a dream, it means that there will be a betrayal happening around your circles and it also means that you have a new enemy.

- Smelling or noticing a hair with a beautiful scent means that there will be a wedding happening - whether it's yours or someone else's wedding - it also means that you have a very truthful & loyal friend.

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