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Duties of a Good Student

Updated on October 5, 2015

Just imagine a human being without a backbone. Will you expect anything good from that particular human being? From a person who cannot just bear his own weight? The answer is obviously no! Same is the case for a society too. But the difference is that in case of a society, the back bone is its good students. A society’s progress largely depends on the student’s performance in different fields of education. Good students have differences with the normal ones in the aspect that they always keep in mind that they have to build themselves as positive characters for serving the society. A good student has many rights as well as duties towards the society. Here we will discuss about some the duties of a good student.

Disciplined and well Educated

Disciplined and well educated students are the wealth of a country
Disciplined and well educated students are the wealth of a country

Duty Towards Parents

First and foremost duty is towards parents. Parents brought up a child from his childhood to adult stage. They do many things for the child which no one in the world will do. Such is their impact in the life of a child. So it is important that a child must respect his parents and fulfill all the duties towards parents. For a good student, it is the most important thing. If he can respect the two persons that are most influential in his life, then he will be able to do that in case of others.

We should respect our teacher

A Teacher helping a her student to write
A Teacher helping a her student to write | Source

Respect the Teacher

Next a good student should respect his teachers. A teacher is the architect of a society, of a student in general. He plays the crucial role of giving all the necessary educations that are necessary for the development of a student. So teacher must get the deserved respect from a good student.

In the Classroom

Now let’s enter the classroom. Though we have already talked about the teacher, he is not always present in a classroom. That place is acquired by the classmates. A good student must be helpful towards his classmates. He should not differentiate any classmate with other. This differentiation rule can exist in case of normal students. But a real good student should be above all this type of behavior. By doing so, he will learn how to help people around him which will be beneficial for his future. He will then be able to mix up with people of his surroundings and as a result he will able to affect the people by his good qualities.

This is the attitude of the classroom. Also a good student has to be a lively character in his educational institute. He should not only concentrate on bookish studies, abut also take part in extracurricular activities. This will help him greatly. A good student must seek knowledge with full zeal and zest. That’s why important to get into extracurricular activities. This will keep the competitive edge within the students mind in a positive manner. He will be able to get a good going in his future life.

Teacher may be the best friend and guardian

A teacher is showing something important to his little student about disaster
A teacher is showing something important to his little student about disaster | Source

Avoid All Bad Habits

A good student must possess a very good character. He should avoid all the bad habits such as smoking, quarreling with others, abusing and many more. This will help him to become a role model for the other people of the society. His exemplary attitude will make many others try to become like him which will be beneficial for the society’s progress.

Serious About Studies

A good student should be serious regarding his studies. This is an important factor. Yes, it is stated that one should not be book warmish. But he needs to be serious about the studies so that he can maintain a level throughout his student life.

With these duties being fulfilled, a good student can indeed play his part in the progress of the society. If he and many others like him play their part, it is a very good thing for any society. They will be able to prosper at every stage and thus their life will be enlightened. So it is the best for a society to have more and more good students sop that they can prosper.

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Main Duties of a Good Student

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    • profile image

      Terri 6 months ago


    • breathing profile image

      Sajib 23 months ago from Bangladesh

      Yes, indeed interaction between the parents and a student is very much important. If parents are a bit cautious, they are enough in building up all or most of the qualities within the child that I mentioned in the hub. For that the relation between the parents and the children should a friendly and cooperative one.

    • profile image

      Cathrina Bathe 23 months ago

      Respecting our parents is a very important thing in our life. Parents play a key role in our life. They fulfil all our needs from the time when we are not even able to walk. So it is easily understandable what should be our attitude towards our parents. But even many good students nowadays seem to disrespect their parents. I’m greatly thankful to the author for bringing up such an important point. Respecting the elders used to be a common phenomenon in the old societies. But now things have changed drastically and the society is suffering for this. So good students should be reminded that they have to be good towards others too. That’s what everybody expects from them. And this phenomenon should start with parents. If a student learn to respect the parents, it will be easy to do the same with others. For that both the student and the parents have to play a interrelated role so that the process becomes successful.

    • profile image

      relationsolve 23 months ago

      The qualities mentioned in the post by the hub author really need to be thought modern with regards to the modern day societies. These qualities are fading away from the society day by day. That’s why we only consider those students as good who have good academic results or any special extra-curricular activity. But the qualities mentioned in this hub get unnoticed most of the time. This is indeed a big mistake we all make. We need to rectify this practice right from the root level. When we nurture our children, we must be very careful about teaching them these qualities. If the parents are conscious about this, they can make their child a better human being which will in turn benefit the society. Also the school teachers have a great role to play in this regard. Teachers are the architect of the society. If they can teach the children these things, then the society will be benefited from all aspects.

    • profile image

      basavaraj 2 years ago

      i was so happy to read this .it was good that we have to respect our parents.

    • profile image

      Geethanjali 2 years ago

      i read all your point related student duties towards society, parents, respect to teachers and elders. these are all very good points i relay liked your opinions. and every student must and should follow these helps to their future. thanking you

    • profile image

      Arvind 2 years ago

      Nice one...For a student, if he is able to respect towards his parents, it can be assured that he shall show respect to his country in future. If not, those cases are exceptional one.

    • breathing profile image

      Sajib 5 years ago from Bangladesh

      Family is the first and most important institution for a child and parent play a great role in the family. A good parent can give a good child for the society as well as for the nation. So, we should respect them for our glorious future. Thank you very much, Ruby for your nice comment.

    • always exploring profile image

      Ruby Jean Fuller 5 years ago from Southern Illinois

      I must say that i agree with all of your points. I was happy to read that honoring one's parents was uppermost on your list. Thank you for sharing. Enjoyed reading..