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Rossi E-Cat, Future or Fake

Updated on October 29, 2011

Things of the Past

Energy Catalyzer

E-Cat for short is a device created by Andrea Rossi and his team of scientists in Italy.

Although some have called it cold fusion, Rossi has rejected this claim calling it LENR or Low-Energy Nuclear Reaction.

Rossi first submitted a patent application for the device in 2008 but as yet a full scale version has not been fully tested.

If this device proves to be credible, then it could change all our lives dramatically. It would mean that there was a source for relatively free energy.

This would certainly be hailed as one the greatest inventions in recent history and would cause changes in the way both countries and individuals go about their daily business.

Fact or Fiction

Some though are skeptical as to whether the device will actually work.

In January 2011, a demonstration was carried out with invited guests. Among the guests were Giuseppe Levi, a researcher in physics at the University of Bologna, an editorial team from Ny Teknik, a Swedish technology magazine and Discovery Channel analyst Benjamin Radford.

Of these people Levi said the demonstration was impressive, two thirds of the Ny Teknik team voted that they did not believe that the device worked and Radford said something seemed “fishy”.

Further tests were supposedly carried out in February but these were done in private.

In March another demonstration was held. One of the invited professors later stated that the demonstration was interesting and deserved further attention but was still uncertain about its validity.

In April and September, further demonstrations were undertaken. At both these Ny Teknik representatives were present and in both instances measured the energy input compared to the energy output. In both cases they confirmed that the energy output was greater than the energy input. However Ny Teknik currently concludes that this is one big scam.

The Future

The Future

Many of the skeptics hold their views because the physics behind this device seem impossible. Yet this would not be the first time that something, at first, has seemed impossible but later proved to have world changing affects. Nuclear Fission, Radio, Electricity and Antibiotics were all deemed incredible, then impossible miracles.

Is this a highly elaborate scam or a chemical process not yet understood by mainstream science?

The truth should soon be revealed, as later this month a further demonstration should take place with a larger version of the device. This time the demonstration is scheduled to create 1 Mega Watt of power. If it works then it will be impressive, especially considering that the device is no larger than a shipping container.

If this demonstration proves successful, will it relegate petroleum products to sources in manufacturing materials only, no longer being a source of energy?

Will the oil giants allow the politicians to switch to cheaper energy?

How would this affect the politics of the world?


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    • point2make profile image

      point2make 6 years ago

      E-Cat is cold fusion by another name. Cold fusion itself has been determined to be a non starter "literally". At best e-cat is an unknown chemical worse it's another cold fusion scam. I really hope it is the former and not the latter. We need new ideas and new sources of clean energy but we do not need more scams. Excellent hub I voted it up.