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Environmental Toxins & Business Interests

Updated on March 10, 2015

Chemical Safety

Date : March 10,2015

I urge you to reject the chemical industry’s backwards bill to further weaken our already broken chemical safety laws.

The legislation, championed by Sens. Udall and Vitter, would continue to allow unsafe chemicals in everyday products and would rob states of the ability to protect consumers.

Instead, I urge you to support real chemical safety reform that ensures that chemicals are safe.

Please reject the Udall-Vitter bill that would allow unsafe chemicals in our homes.

Asbestos is a well known Carcinogen that causes lung cancer and there are many people who now have lung cancer due to this toxin and are being sued for damages and winning. Is, this just a simple mistake on the part of the chemical Industry? Or, was the use of this Substance intentional for Economic as well as for other so called " Practical " reasons.

There are other examples of toxic chemicals we use all the time without knowing how damaging they can be to our health and our families health.

Flouride is a bi-product of the mining of the Phosphate fertilizer industry. They didn't know what to do with it .So, someone came up with the idea to hire some experts to find a use for this chemical whereby they could not only make a profit from selling it, but also ,to keep them from having to spend money storing it, somewhere or otherwise dispose of it.Well. They found what they were looking for. They discovered that it,could be used to harden tooth enamel. So, they sold Dentists on the idea of using it to treat their patients with it. Problem is ,it's a poison and could kill very young children if swallowed. They even warn us about this on the tube of toothpaste.Some dentists today have second thoughts about treating people with it because of that fact.Yet, the majority ignore the fact that putting Flouride in our water supply is medicating the children and everyone else who drink or cook with that water.

Flouride can cause Flouridosis or brittle bones and teeth. Further more the claim for flouridating our water was said to help prevent tooth decay which has sense been disproved by dental records that show that over the same period of time the cavity rate has been practically the same whether the water was flouridated or not by comparing records of cavities of children in other parts of the world. I grew up with flouridated water and I still got cavities due to eating too much hard candy. It,certainly didn't help me!

Aluminum is used extensively throughout the world by now I'm sure.We have been warned by some in the food industry not to leave certain foods in pots and pans for any length of time due to a chemical reaction with Aluminum.Even so, I would not personally use Aluminum cookware anyway.Why,should I? If, I decide not to use it, that doesn't mean everyone else can't. To me it's a no brainer! If,I don't use it ,I don't have to think about what kind of food I'm cooking and whether or not it could be contaminated with Aluminum.Today we still sell and buy Aluminum cookware and it's coated with " Teflon " .Yet another Chemical substance that was shown to breakdown under certain Instances . Overheating the cookware can cause it to release toxic gas even though It's advertised to be non -toxic! Beware of " GEEKS " bearing

"Gifts". Speaking of gifts. Now we can thank the Geeks for brain disease due to Aluminum toxicity as well! There is more to this story but, it would take a book to write it all.

Environmental Toxins

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