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EFL / ESL Game: Super Sentence Scramble

Updated on January 16, 2013

Level: pre-intermediate and above

This is a great team game for English classes which practises vocabulary and sentence structure. It takes about half an hour and requires minimal preparation.

First each student in the class writes a sentence. You may wish them to use recently studied vocabulary or grammatical structures.

Once you've checked each student's sentence have them write each word on a separate slip of paper. Collect the slips of paper and divide the class into 3-5 teams then explain the rules of the game.

Divide the slips of paper evenly between the teams. Their task is to make new sentences from the words they have been given. They score points for all words used in grammatically correct sentences. They can make as many sentences as they like and can swap words with other teams. They score 1 point for each of the first 3 words in a sentence and 2 points for each additional word. For example:

I love you. = 3 points

I love you very much. = 7 points

Give them 10 minutes to make their sentences and monitor to make sure they are using correct sentence structures. When time is up get each team to read out their sentences and award points accordingly.

This is a fun, dynamic game that never fails to get all students working together and applying new language.


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