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ESL - Teaching New Words and Expressions

Updated on April 8, 2015

ESL - Teaching New Words and Expressions


So, what's new?

Language is constantly changing and new words and expressions are continually being added to the dictionaries. Did you know the Oxford Dictionaries Online add about 1000 new entries every year?That's a lot of new vocabulary!

Teaching new words and expressions from a book can be quite boring, so that is why I have created this quiz. The words are very recent and your learners should be familiar with some of them if they use computers. If not, don't worry, they will have lots of fun learning this new vocabulary.

Answers at the bottom.

Digital detox






Geek chic

Girl crush


Death stare/death

New Words and Phrases Quiz

Instructions – Write these 20 words and phrases on the board. Then read out the definitions (x2). The students have to match the word to the definition as you call them out.


Food coma

Food baby





Me time




  1. The process of inhaling and exhaling vapour from an electronic cigarette.
  2. Will arouse the interest and attention of the public.
  3. Take your approval from a web page or social network site.
  4. When you stop using electrical devices such as computers, phones...etc. for a period of time.
  5. To stare at someone in a very hostile or contemptuous manner.
  6. When eating too much food makes you extremely lazy or sleepy.
  7. Fear of missing out. Anxiety that is caused by something exciting happening on social media sites that you might not be part of.
  8. The way fashionable and stylish computer technology enthusiasts dress or the culture of this industry.
  9. An expression used to show joy, enthusiasm or triumph.
  10. A blend of the words glamorous and camping. It is a form of camping that gives the holidaymaker a few more comforts and facilities than a traditional camping holiday.
  11. A photograph that you take of yourself with your own camera or smartphone.
  12. A stomach that protrudes from having eaten too much and resembles a pregnant woman.
  13. Time you spend relaxing instead of working or doing something for other people.
  14. A small camera that is attached to the wearers head or helmet to give their perspective of the world.
  15. A digital currency.
  16. When one woman or girl intensely likes another, but not in a sexual way. (Note – Man crush also exists.)
  17. Bring your own device. Allowing employees to bring their own device to work.
  18. Dance in a sexually provocative manner using hips and squatting.
  19. Father-in-law and Mother-in-law.
  20. Organisations or governments use computer networks to spy on people.

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New Words and Phrases Quiz

Call out these sentences to the class (x2). The students must place the correct word or phrase from the list into the gaps using the most suitable form.

  1. As a journalist for an online magazine, I need to find the most ___________ stories to keep my readers entertained.
  2. After seeing the disgusting behaviour of the Chelsea football fans in France I ___________ their website.
  3. The new i-Phones have become ___________ fashion accessories.
  4. The professor gave me a ___________ when my phone started ringing in class. It was very embarrassing.
  5. ____________ really stresses me out. I have to be connected to FB and Twitter constantly or else I started getting anxious.
  6. I had a ___________ on Angelina Jolie for years now. She's my hero!
  7. My eyes feel funny. I think I need to go on a _______________ for the rest of the weekend.
  8. I think you can pay for that dress online with ___________.
  9. It seems to me that __________ is a must for all the most popular music videos today. Remember Miley Cyrus at the Music Television awards?
  10. I'm worried that teenagers will now start __________ as a less harmful alternative to smoking.
  11. The boss said that I could go home early and all the others have to stay behind. __________!
  12. If we encourage our employees to __________, how will that impact the security of the company?
  13. Do you think that's a __________ or is she pregnant?
  14. The Korean, Chinese and American governments have all been involved in committing ___________. This information gives them personal, economic, political and military advantages.
  15. I couldn't have done it without them. My ______ cleaned the car and my ______ fed me.
  16. I need to get away from work and the family. Have some ___________ for at least 2 hours.
  17. He was wearing a __________ when he came down the ski slope, so he filmed the whole descent.
  18. After mom's Christmas dinner I was so full, I fell into a ____________.
  19. Our new ____________ sites provide you with air conditioning and heating units, furniture and private bathroom facilities.
  20. Since they started dating, their Facebook page is full of __________ that they took on their dates. They look really happy.



Gap Fill Answers

  1. Buzzworthy

  2. Unliked

  3. Geek-chic

  4. Death stare

  5. FOMO

  6. Girl crush

  7. Digital detox

  8. Bitcoins

  9. Twerking

  10. Vaping

  11. Woot!

  12. BYOD

  13. Food baby

  14. Cyberespionage.

  15. FIL MIL

  16. Me time

  17. Headcam

  18. Food coma

  19. Glamping

  20. Selfies

Teaching New Words and Expressions - The Answers

Answers to matching exercise

Cyberespionage - 20

Food coma - 6

Food baby -12

Glamping - 10

Selfie - 11

Headcam - 14

Buzzworthy - 2

Me time - 13

Bitcoin - 15

FIL & MIL - 19

Digital detox - 4

Twerking - 18

Unlike - 3

Vape - 1

FOMO - 7

BYOD - 17

Geek chic - 8

Girl crush - 16

Woot - 9

Death stare/death - 5

© 2015 Muttface


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