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Eternity, the End of Time As We Know It!! (7/22/2016, Message#25)

Updated on April 1, 2019

Time as Father God Created It, Will End!?!

The Shattering of a Constant Measurement!?
The Shattering of a Constant Measurement!? | Source

What is Time and How Is It Measured?

We all know time is constant or at least constant and it’s the one concept we all understand and grasp. We have 24 Hours in a Day, 7 Days a Week, 12 Months a Year and 365 Days in a Year. This is pretty much time as we use it and understand it. If Father God is outside or beyond Time, then how does He use Time?

According the Bible (Book of Instruction Before Leaving Earth), Father God measures time like this: “1 day is 1000 Years and 1000 Years is 1 Day.” Meaning this, to us 1000 Years has gone by, to Father God only 1 Day has gone by. Knowing and understanding this, could it help us have a better grasp of Eternity?

The Veil of Protection is Getting Very Thin Now!!

No More Tick-Tock!?!

A Timeless Eternity!!
A Timeless Eternity!! | Source

Why Does Time No Longer Matter in Eternity?

If we now understand how the Lord God of Heaven El Shaddai (God Almighty) measures time, what does this mean for being in Eternity? If Heaven is our Eternal Destination, then this means we will reap the blessings of Father God and live a life which will reflect His. This would also presuppose our Earthly understanding or grasp of time would no longer matter. Meaning as time goes on as we understand it, if 10,000 Years go by, it would only represent 10 Days by our current Worldly Understanding of "Time."

Eternity is everlasting, whether in Heaven or in Hell, it never ends! Eternity in Heaven is pleasure and unspeakable Peace, Love and Joy or Eternity in Hell, unspeakable torment, punishment and darkness. Both of which, time as we know it and grasp it do not matter in either place. The only difference, in Hell time is more than likely to be tracked. Why? There is no pleasure there in Hell, only torment after torment and more torment. Keeping track of time, is a form of torment, but a torment which never ends.

Think of it this way, if you go to a job or a school you hate or really can’t stand, it has an ending. At the end of the workday, that’s it for that day and you can kind of look forward to the end of the day. In Hell, there is no end, nor is there any hope of an ending. This is why Pulling People Out of the Fire is so important!!

The Bombardment of Youth?

Look Out Below!
Look Out Below! | Source

Why is Time So Important to This World?

Much like in Hell, this world and life use "Time" as a control mechanism or a means to keep the masses on some sort of schedule. What do you mean a schedule? Where to begin, ah here we go. Most children start pre-school at about 4 years of age, then go to Kindergarten by are 5 and 1st through 12th Grade, from ages 6 -18. Why is this important to note? The purpose of schooling our children used to be to teach them values and to be somewhat of a guide in their young lives. Have you ever thought about what the education system has become now?

By the time children reach the 3rd Grade, the Federal Government already knows how many new jails they will have to build and all based upon the testing score of children of the 3rd grade. The worse the test scores, the more jails and where they will be built is already ascertained. You thought the SOL tests were for preparation for College or the next grade level didn’t you? Don’t lie, yes you did.

Not only this, the education system is now being used to "program" or "re-program" our children. Ask yourself this, when did “Sex Education” normally start being taught in School? College, High School or Never? Depending on when you went through, it could be College or usually High School. In the good old days, after High School, many could find a job and start a family. Sex Education in High School became the norm and this was fine for this very reason. Do you know when they start teaching kids “Sex Education” now? In Elementary School!?!? Really and yes, this is very sad. Children, by no means need to know about this information. Their minds are still developing and this isn’t something they need to be bombarded with at such a young age.

This like time, is a form of control and even until adulthood, time isn’t our friend. We work 40 to 80 hours a week to provide for ourselves and/or a families. Plus we also must spend time with them to nurture the family unit, there just doesn’t seem to be enough time in each day. I guess this is why Eternity in Heaven is something to look forward to, free from the bondage of time being only 24 hours in one day, verses 1000 years is one day! You Decide?

Eternity is How Long?!?!

Can We Understand Eternity?!?

Time Has No Meaning?
Time Has No Meaning? | Source

What Does Eternity Really Mean?

Putting this as simple as possible, Eternity is everlasting to everlasting and I don’t think I can break this down any further. Eternity never ends, there is no end, and this lasts forever and ever. Eternity goes on for infinity and I don’t mean the Carmaker or the Vehicle Brand either! This is the point, Eternity does not end!! Once you die in this Life, the Life we are living, breathing, talking, working, playing, watching TV, going to the movies, whatever. This Life, once it ends when we die, we will wake up in Eternity or the next Life!! In the next Life, there are but two destinations! Is it possible for me to choose? The answer is Yes, but let’s continue on first.

Holding Onto Time Too Tightly!!

A Finite Concept!
A Finite Concept! | Source

How Come People Don’t Really Grasp the Concept of Eternity?

The answer is really simple because people are not willing to let go of “our” concept of “time.” We just love our 24 Hours in a Day, 7 Days a Week, 12 Months a Year and 365 Days in a Year. So much so, many refuse to let it go. However, in Eternity, “Our” concept of time has no meaning there. Eternity has no end, no finality, it is a reality! Eternity is more so a reality than our Earthly Realm. All it would take is a massive meteor or comet to hit the Earth and wham, life as we know it would be over! This is the reality of this Earthly Realm, nothing is permanent or infinite. “Our” realm is temporary, just like our lives, they are very finite.

Eternity is infinite and permanent, which makes the two destination of Eternity more so real than the Earthly Realm! Pulling People Out of the Fire and Now, “Today” Is The Day For Redemption are more important than ever! People need to be entering Eternity with Hope, Peace and Love. There is but one way to secure it!

How God Sees Time!

Understanding God's Timing!
Understanding God's Timing! | Source

I Think I missed This, the Lord God Measures Time How!?!

Again, Father God Elohim (I Am That I Am) measures time this way: “1 day is 1000 Years and 1000 Years is 1 Day.” In total 6000 years have gone by in Human History, to us this has been 6000 Years but only 6 days have gone by to Father God. True He created time and Father God, the Lord God of Heaven is very much aware of it, however he is beyond or outside the Realm of Time. Strange isn’t it, El Shaddai (God Almighty) created time and yet He is beyond it, how can this be? Father God is not limited like we are, He is far Greater than we could ever imagine! Yet “Time” is not the measurement the Lord God uses when He is planning something, even though He is fully aware of it. Remember: “1 day is 1000 Years and 1000 Years is 1 Day” to Father God. In Eternity if 15,000 Years have gone by, this only represents 15 Days. In the Earthly Realm, 15,000 Years is 15,000 years or 214.3 Generations of Humans.

Which would you prefer, 15,000 Years or 15 Days? Or does this depend on where you will spend Eternity?

This is Why Humanity Needs Jesus.

Let the Truth be Told!!

Jesus is Still the Way!!
Jesus is Still the Way!! | Source

When It Comes to Eternity, Jesus Christ is So Important!!

First off when we die or leave this Earthly Realm, our body returns to the Earth, dirt or ashes. All we are then left with in Eternity is our Soul and Spirit. If we never came to, nor did we ever acknowledge or accept the Sacrifice Jesus made for us. Our Spirit is dead and all we have is our soul. Much like our bodies or flesh, our soul can feel pain, emotions and even have thoughts. I mean it’s a part of us as we are living in this Earthly realm, but it’s our flesh which is the main driving force of our existence while we are alive. In Eternity, this will be our souls which are the driving force for our existence. Unlike our fleshly bodies, the soul doesn’t die and it feels pain or pleasure immensely more times than the flesh ever could or is able to!! Meaning what?

This is why Coming to Jesus and accepting His Plan of Salvation is extremely important! This is what it means to be saved by the Sacrifice Jesus Made for us, the plan Father God had in Redeeming Humanity back to Him! If we have accepted Jesus as our Lord and Savior, when we enter Eternity, we will go to Heaven and experience unspeakable Joy, Peace and Love! With our Souls, the glorified bodies and the Holy Spirit within us, this Peace, Love and Joy will be off the charts!! Far more pleasurable than anything we can currently experience in the Earthly Ream at present or at any point of this existence!

On the flip side, for those who end up in Hell, their feelings of pain, torment and torture is intense!! No matter what may be or will be causing the pain, the feeling of the pain will be off the chain!!! Any needles, pricking tools or any sharp object will be painful beyond measure! Why should you have to go through this and have this outcome as your Eternity? Why not be someone who Jesus Christ Pulled Out of the Fire?!

To make Heaven your Home and have Jesus Christ write your name into the Lamb’s Book of Life. You must confess with your mouth “Jesus is Lord,” believe with your heart Father God raised Jesus from the dead and you will be saved from Eternity separated from God!! Jesus is: “the Way, the Truth and the Life!” He is the only Promise we have in coming to Father God!

What Do You Think?

Have You Noticed How Fast "Time" is Moving?

See results

The Only Two Destinations.

Heaven or Hell!
Heaven or Hell! | Source

Where Will You Spend Eternity? The Choice is Yours.

In the Hub: Where Will You Call Home, there is an explanation of where will you call Home, This Life, Heaven or Hell? As far as Eternity goes, there is only two, Heaven or Hell. To get to Heaven, you must come to Jesus and accept Him as your Lord and Savior. To get to Hell, reject Jesus, Live as you see fit, when you die, Hell will become your Home and all the pain, suffering and torment forever that comes with it!

Father God has given Humanity Free Will and we can choose where we will call Home in Eternity. Father God will not force you to choose Jesus Christ, which is Life and Life more abundantly. You can also freely reject Him and never accept Jesus as Your Lord and Savior, which will lead you permanently separated from Father God in Hell. Strange, if we freely reject God in this Life, God has no other choice but to reject us in Eternity. Don’t let God reject you, come to Jesus and allow Him to become Lord and Savior of Your Life Today!

Time is Moving By!!!

It Won't Slow Down!!
It Won't Slow Down!! | Source

Why is Time Moving So Fast?

It has become very apparent that “Time” seems to be moving faster and faster. I know I am not the only one who has noticed this, take this month, July 2016. It seems like this month just started and many thought June 2016 went by very fast! Is would seem that after May 2016, “Time” has indeed sped up. It would also appear that each new month in which we see in 2016, might go by faster than the previous month.

It’s only been June and July 2016 thus far, this “Time” issue could only be the beginning. What usually happens before something “Big” takes place, everything seems to “Speed” towards it, like the “It” was expected and needed to happen! Whatever the “it” may be, something “Big” is indeed coming and “Time” is the proof something “Big” is indeed headed our way! How Much Time Is Left to Prepare? I have no idea, however, we need to be ready!

Time is Moving Too Fast!!!

The Only Way!

Jesus Christ is the Way!!
Jesus Christ is the Way!! | Source

Don’t Delay, The Future Isn’t Promised!

Get ready to meet Jesus now, don’t wait! People are entering Eternity each and every moment of each day. Which means you could be one of them, the question is; will you meet Jesus Christ when your time comes? This is all that matters, not is your mother going, your father, cousins, aunts, uncles or even nephews or nieces. This is about your Salvation in Jesus Christ! Mama and Papa may love you, they do not have the power to change your Eternal Destination. Only Jesus Christ has this power and He is the one you must call upon! Don’t delay, come to Him today!

Everlasting Eternity!

Eternity Has No End!!
Eternity Has No End!! | Source

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